POA Birdsville - Protector of Aborigines Letterbook 1911 - 1921

Police Station, Birdsville Protector of Aborigines Letterbook 23. 9.1911 - 20. 3.1921 Item ID 86874 Previous System Location POL9A/G6; PRV10781/1/1 Access Category Refused s.18(3)(a) Queensland State Archives This Letterbook was on Open Access in 1992 and my extract of Aboriginal references appeared in Volume 33 of the Queensland Aboriginal Notes Series. This series is available in the National Library of Australia and in some Family History libraries in Australia and Overseas. There is nothing in the extract that is any different to the other Protector of Aborigines Letterbooks. [29. 1.2021 This item no longer appears in the Queensland State Archives Catalogue.]