POA Croydon - Memoranda and Circulars 1923 - 1933

      Protector of Aborigines, Croydon
      Memoranda and Circulars 1923 - 1933 
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       2. 7.1923  Lucy

      25. 7.1923  Polly

      16. 8.1923  Booby

       5.10.1923  Account of deceased Topsy transferred to her
      daughter Mitty.

      10. 2.1923  Mentions Henry who was removed from Gilbert 
      River to Palm Island

       7. 3.1923  Account of deceased Billy Dalby to be transferred
      to his brother Charlie Kelleher

       4. 5.1923  Account of Cinderella transferred to her sister

      25. 5.1923  Account of deceased Charley Bell to be transferred
      to his brother Echo
      Account of deceased Dalby Young to be transferred to his
      brother Charley Tafe

       6. 2.1924  Ned, H/C, not given exemption

      25. 3.1924  Sam employed at Strathmore Station

      26. 5.1924  Jimmy Muldoon to be removed to Palm Island      
      17.11.1926  Polly Pigeon and Cooktown Charlie to remain
      in Hospital for treatment

      11.11.1926  Interview Jack Haymen about the paternity of the
      child of deceased Aborigine May

      15.11.1926  Ned Parkins wants exemption

      19. 1.1927  Cooktown Charlie died November 1926. Also mentions
      Lefthand Charlie
      Arthur East

      15. 3.1927  Ethel, H/C, aged 15 years

      16. 6.1927  Polly died in Cairns Hospital on 23. 5.1927
      en route to Palm Island. Also mentions

      13. 4.1927  Billy

       4. 7.1927  Harry Wix

       9. 5.1927  Is Alice pregnant

      16. 6.1927  Frenchey      29. 6.1927  Billy is too young to work

      21. 6.1927  Dolly, H/C at Yarrabah, says she has an account
      at Croydon. There is an account for a Dolly at Croydon. This
      Dolly was sent to Normanton.
      19. 7.1927  Permit for the marriage of Alice, H/C of Croydon,
      and Daniel John Lucas

      20. 8.1927  Ned Parker, aged 21 years on 13. 8.1927, wants
      an exemption. His eldest brother is Victor Parker, exempt.
      His sister Lily Parker is exempt and married to Stanley Clements
      at Pretty Plains Stn, Pentland.

      25.11.1927  Bully, male aged 11-12 years, is on Oakland Park
      Dolly, young girl, is on Oakland Park

       6.12.1927  About Billy East, deceased. His son is Arthur East
      of Clareville Stn, Croydon
      Willie Easter (Billy East) died at Chillagoe Hospital 
      on . 6.1923.His gin was Jennie who then took up with an old
      Aborigine named Noble and they stayed around Chillagoe until 
      recently when they went to Fossilbrook or Mt Surprise.
      Willie Easter is the same as Billy East.

       7. 3.1929  Flora and Albert want to transfer their accounts
      from Croydon to Georgetown

       5. 9.1929  Paddy

      26. 9.1929  Death of Johnny Anderson. Also mentions
      Short Charlie

      13.11.1929  Edith Sargent was pregnant

      21.11.1929  Removal of the following to Palm Island
      Short Charley

       7. 3.1930  Mentions Hospital expenses for
      Lefthand Charlie
      Daisy Anderson
      Jimmy Anderson

       3. 4.1930  Estate of Johnny Anderson to Edith Sargent.
      Also mentions Maryanne, wife of Short Charlie

      11. 4.1930  Echo

      19. 4.1930  Mentions at Esmerelda Stn
      Mitchell, legally married to Boobie

      18. 8.1930  Maudy was born at Croydon on 17. 4.1912

       3.10.1930  Mentions Short Charlie, wife Maryanne and 

       5.12.1930  Edith Sargent's children are
      Alice Sargent
      Leslie Sargent
      Vena Sargent
      Edward Sargent
      Also mentions
      Mitty, H/C orphan
      Maudie, H/C aged 18 years
      Correspondence about removing all the above to Mornington Island

       5. 2.1931  Permission refused for the marriage of Maudie
      and George F Lucas. Steps are being taken to remove Maudie
      and her children to a settlement

      16. 6.1931  Removal of Foot and Friday from Normanton to
      Palm Island

      11. 8.1931  Frank at Van Rook Pastoral Company

       1.10.1931  Ethel applies for exemption. Her father was Chinese
      and is dead. Her mother was a full blood.
      Ethel was born at Croydon on . 9.1910

      30.10.1931  Vena is pregnant. Norman is the father

       6.11.1931  About Maud's employment at Esmerelda Stn

       6.11.1931  Approval for exemption for Ethel Thompson
      not given yet

      22. 7.1932  Billy is deceased. Wife was Rosie

      17. 5.1932  Dorothy G Ah Tie was born on 5.10.1911 at Croydon.
      Her mother was a H/C Aborigine / Chinese

      14. 7.1932  Echo, wife and 3 children

      23. 8.1932  Ida, H/C, wants exemption

      29. 8.1932  About the death of Jackie.
      Is his natural father Lefthand Charlie

      10.10.1932  Deductions for the Aboriginal Provident Fund
      Herbert Douglas
      Lefthand Charlie
      Charlie Kelliher
      Charlie A
      Arthur East
      Jackie Sargent
      Harry Wix
      Norman Henry
      Norman A
      Billy Morton
      George 2      

       5.10.1932  Maryanne

       1. 3.1933  Lefthand Charlie is the son of Jackie (dec)

      23. 2.1933  Frank Douglas
       9. 5.1933  Edie is to get a payment from the estate of
      Jack Hayman

      27. 4.1933  Colin Bell also known as Charlie Bell died in
      an accident on 18. 3.1933. His father is Charles Bell of 
      Croydon.  Polly Daylight of Cherbourg claims she is the 
      mother of Colin

      30. 6.1933  Mentions
      Mary Ann