POA Croydon - Memoranda of Agreement 1958 - 1961

      Protector of Aborigines, Croydon
      Memoranda of Agreement 1958 - 1961
      Item ID 310891 
      Previous System Location A/69179; RSI5282/1/1 
      Access Category 30 years
      Queensland State Archives
      Copyright  Paul Mackett 1995

      Names mentioned in these records are

      Georgie Charlie G-164
      Henry Douglas H-128
      Vera Douglas V-48
      Redgie Douglas R-28
      Alfred Douglas A-567
      Topsy T-211
      Tommy Heineman T-234
      Charlie A C-55
      Charlie A jnr C-476
      Neddie A N-411
      Norman A N-428
      Nicholas Heineman N-414
      Jackie Sergeant J-132
      Herbert Douglas H-43
      Eileen Heineman E-258
      Charlie Busch
      Unnamed C-55