POA Herberton - Circulars 1910 - 1944

Protector of Aborigines, Herberton Circulars 1910 - 1936 Item ID 282688 Previous System Location A/38093; RSI2853/1/2 1937 - 1944 A/38094 Item ID 282689 Previous System Location A/38094; RSI2853/1/3 Access Category 30 years Queensland State Archives Copyright Paul Mackett 1996 1910 - 1936 A/38093 25. 1.1912 Joe Ah Quay wants to employ an Aborigine 5. 3.1912 Fanny has an illegitimate child. She is employed by Mr Atkinson of Gunnawarra Stn. Quote from the letter "It is not the practice to register the children of Aboriginals". 24. 4.1912 Maggie married J F Gonsalves on 11. 5.1912 at Atherton 10. 3.1914 Maudie Santo should be sent to Barambah. If not she should be allowed to remain in Atherton. 24.11.1919 Mentions Jack Munro Nellie Munro, his wife Dick Doyle, his father is alive 18. 8.1921 Mentions Dinah Biddy Ezzy Bella Topsey May Ezzy Ruby Jensen 3. 3.1922 Trial of Billy May @ Willie Egan ----- Coen 29. 6.1922 Mentions Thomas Cross 6. 2.1923 Whereabouts of One Hand Brumby requested by the Protector, Georgetown. Undated Protector Mareeba asks whereabouts of Jack Crowley 8. 1.1933 Maggie Muckani and husband Johnnie Muckani deserve releif at Watsonville. 22. 3.1933 George Ross is in Herberton Hospital with TB 3. 5.1933 Removal Order for George Ross from Herberton to Palm Island 16. 8.1933 Whereabouts of Ebu of Murray Island 5. 7.1933 Ebu was removed from Murray Island to Palm Island in May 1921 together with several other Murray Islanders. He is married to a H/C girl and has 4 to 5 children. 1. 9.1933 Rations for Maggie Muckani 13. 9.1933 Mentions Herbert 13. 9.1933 Mrs Molly Haines was born at Woodleigh, Herberton in 1911 and was married on 9. 2.1931 to Johnnie Haines 17. 1.1934 Tracker Herbert 15. 5.1934 Willie Simmonds of Mt Garnet 22. 6.1934 Legal assistance for Sambo 10.10.1933 Lizzie Ross 25. 7.1934 Sambo Gardiner, wife and 2 children 12. 9.1934 Mentions Jessie Herbert 16. 8.1934 The following are on trial for the murder of Alick Brown Sambo Hooligan Wild Jimmy Dave McLean Jacob They are all in Stewart's Creek Gaol 12.10.1934 Toby Wangalee 17.12.1934 Albey Broad 26.11.1934 Mentions George Bimrose G-59 Willie Simmonds W-59 Albey Broad A-80 29. 3.1935 Mentions Mary Todd George Bimrose Albey Broad Willie Simmonds Johnnie Haines Joe Haines 14. 5.1935 Account from Ravenshoe for Mary Todd M-214 20. 5.1935 Tommy Walker 14. 6.1935 Tommy Nimber recently removed to Fantome Island. Also mentions Mary, originally from Herberton 14. 6.1935 Johnnie Watsonville J-165 Undated Willie Woods is now in Herberton. Tommy Reid left Cairns and whereabouts unknown Woree not known in Herberton 18. 6.1935 Whereabouts of Eva Robinson 24. 7.1935 Whereabouts of Minnie Peter Walters Accounts are at Mungana 24. 7.1935 Inoperative accounts at Atherton Dinah Maud Merra Nellie 25. 7.1935 Inoperative account at Millaa Millaa Minnie Moran M-14 4.10.1935 Archie Perrott applied for exemption. He is legally married to a F/B. Not eligible for exemption. Now at Atherton. 5. 8.1935 Marriages at the Methodist Church at Herberton Archie Perrott and Mary Todd on 22. 9.1935 Jimmy Airey and Bella on 22. 9.1935 18.10.1935 Removal Order for George Sibley from Herberton to Palm Island. His wife lives there. 18.10.1935 Jimmy Airey 29.10.1935 Tommy Walker .11.1935 Mentions Joe Haines Johnnie Haines Willie Simmonds Undated Mentions Toby Wangalee T-98, very old Tommy Walker T-216, wife is Bessie Walker Willie Simmonds . 1.1937 Johnnie Haines and family 21.10.1936 Johnnie Haines 4. 4.1937 Mentions Jimmy Jacob, Mt Garnet George Bonning, at Gunnawarra Gregory Brodie, at Palm Island Willie Simmonds, at Gunnawarra 22. 2.1937 Mentions G Bimrose Johnnie Haines Joe Haines George Bonning 21. 5.1937 Identification Cards Albey Broad A-80 Dick Gordon D-80 George Bimrose G-59 George Bonning G-71 Herbert H-53 Jessie J-162 Jimmy Airey J-207 Joe Haines J-163 Johnnie Haines Johnny Watsonville Lucy Maggie ----- M-113 Mary Todd M-214 Polly Haines P-71 Toby Wangalee T-98 21. 7.1937 Mentions Joe Haines Johnnie Haines George Bonning 1937 - 1944 A/38094 12. 8.1937 Return of unemployed Aborigines Bella B-174, 43 yrs, resides Herberton Camp Husband is Jimmy Airey Jessie J-162, 30 yrs, resides Herberton Camp Husband is George Bimrose Jimmy Airey J-207, 64 yrs, resides Herberton Camp Wife is Bella Joe Haines J-163, 44 yrs, resides Herberton Camp Wife is Polly Haines Lucy L-55, 36 yrs, resides Herberton Camp Husband is Herbert Maggie Belson M-113, 32 yrs, resides Herberton Camp Husband is Jerry Anning Mary Todd M-214, 22 yrs, resides Herberton Camp Husband is Archie Perrott Polly Haines P-71, 45 yrs, resides Herberton Camp Husband is Joe Haines 16. 8.1937 George Bimrose G-59 30.12.1937 Peter Airey and Maggie Airey 8. 2.1938 Renie R-117 24. 2.1938 Mutt M-216 23. 2.1938 Peter Airey 10. 3.1938 Mutt M-216 and wife Nellie 19. 3.1938 Peter Airey and wife Maggie Airey are at Woodleigh Station, Mt Garnet 21. 3.1938 The following accounts are at Ingham Maggie Anderson Rene Cassidy Raymond Cassidy Victor Cassidy Doreen Cassidy All shared in the estate of Rody Cassidy 14. 2.1938 Mentions Mary Todd Lucy Johnny Watsonville Johnnie Haines 18. 5.1938 Johnnie Haines and wife 26. 5.1938 Henry, H/C infant of Lizzie Tooth, was buried on 26. 6.1937, probably at Irvinebank. 7. 6.1938 Mentions Aboriginal infant died on 12. 5.1938 at Herberton Hospital and was buried on 13. 5.1938. Aboriginal infant died on 19. 5.1938 at Herberton Camp and was buried on 20. 5.1938. Aged 11 months. They were brother and sister, children of Herbert. 27. 6.1938 Whereabouts of Lizzie Tooth, exempt H/C 24. 6.1938 Albert Williams A-15 29. 6.1938 Nellie N-107, wife of Mutt, originally came from Ravenshoe. 15. 7.1938 Jack Fettick left the Mt Garnet district 27. 7.1938 Herberton people Bella B-174, 44 yrs, resides Herberton Camp Husband is Jimmy Airey Dick Gordon D-80, 72 yrs, resides Herberton Police Station Single Herbert H-53, 30 yrs, resides Herberton Camp Wife is Lucy Jessie J-162, 31 yrs, resides Herberton Camp Husband is George Bimrose Jimmy Airey J-207, 65 yrs, resides Herberton Camp Wife is Bella Johnnie Watsonville J-165, 67 yrs, resides Watsonville Camp Wife is Maggie Logan L-23, 40 yrs, resides Dry River via Herberton, single Lucy L-55, 37 yrs, resides Herberton Camp Husband is Herbert Mary Todd M-214, 23 yrs, resides Herberton Camp (now Evelyn Scrub) Husband is Archie Perrott Molly Williams M-114, 32 yrs, resides Herberton Camp Husband is Johnnie Haines Nellie N-107, 72 yrs, resides Wondecla via Herberton Husband is Mutt Polly Haines P-71, 46 yrs, resides Herberton Camp Husband is Joe Haines Tommy Walker T-216, 32 yrs, resides Herberton Camp Wife is Bessie Walker 16. 7.1946 Loose page mentions Joe Haines Polly Haines, his wife 3. 8.1938 Bob Brown died on 28. 6.1938 at Yarrabah. His step-daughter is Ada Freeman of Herberton 26. 8.1938 Mentions Lullah L-169 Johnnie Haines 30. 8.1938 The following are under 35 yrs and should be working Herbert Jessie, married Mary Todd Molly Williams, married Tommy Walker Also mentions Polly Haines, married 9.11.1938 Whereabouts of Toby Rifle T-250 also known as Toby Innisfail who was employed at Malanda. 9.11.1938 Should the following be removed to Fantome Is Rosie Johnnie Haines Tommy Miller 22.11.1938 The following were found at Cardwell Jimmy Julian Roy Tippo The absconded from Palm Island with Mitchell Robert Percy Campbell Jerry Doolan 23.11.1938 Essy Woods E-115 3. 1.1939 Billy Herberton B-264 was at Tully 23. 1.1939 Jessie Kelly J-307 is employed at Yungaburra. Was at Ravenshoe in 1938. 24. 2.1939 Essy Woods E-115 13. 4.1939 Herbert, Lucy his wife, and their child are to go to Palm Island 12. 4.1939 Nellie, wife of Reuben 14. 4.1939 Thomas Miller 17. 4.1939 Billy Herberton B-262, employed at Freshwater 27. 4.1939 Whereabouts of Hector who used to work at Mungana 10. 5.1939 Johnny Go Sam was killed in a motor accident His mother was Polly Haines His brother was Bob Go Sam 5. 6.1939 Mentions death of Johnny Go Sam. His mother is Polly Haines, wife of Joe Haines His brother is Robert Go Sam 6. 6.1939 Jessie J-162 16. 6.1939 Peter Airey 24. 5.1939 Renie R-117 9. 5.1939 Nellie N-3, wife of Reuben R-49 24. 7.1939 The following are at Cashmere Stn, Mt Garnet Chloe Simmonds C-210 Lizzie Simmonds L-77 Maimie Simmonds M-286 Willie Simmonds W-86 11. 8.1939 Jackie Cattlecamp is at Millaa Millaa 4. 9.1941 Rations for Cara and his wife Minnie 16. 9.1941 Child endowment claims Nellie Parkinson Maggie Cross Bessie Walker William Joseph Congoo Maggie Cross has 5 children namely Victor Cross, aged 15 yrs Maggie Cross Clem Cross Tony Cross Linda Cross