POA Herberton - Circulars Received 1909 - 1925

      Herberton, Protector of Aborigines
      Circulars Received 1909 - 1925
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      19. 4.1921  To P of A Irvinebank
      Female Half-caste Edie Carter was employed by Mrs Annie Carter
      at Maytown. Present whereabouts unknown.

      23. 7.1921  The following are at Irvinebank
      Nellie Casino
      Laura Casino

      16. 8.1921  To P of A Irvinebank
      Dina, also known as Dina Saville, is the daughter of a half-caste
      Aboriginal woman known as Jessie Saville. Her father is white.
      Jessie Saville is Exempt and now at Cloncurry.

      27. 6.1921  To P of A Irvinebank
      The following have left the Mareeba district and present
      whereabouts are unknown.
      Billy Bradley
      Mick Peter
      T Betchel
      Tommy ?Hallam
      Tom Monbringi