POA Millaa Millaa - Wages Registers 1934 - 1954

      Protector of Aborigines, Millaa Millaa
      Wages Registers
      (1) 1934 - 1938
          Item ID 310906 
          Previous System Location A/69209; RSI5298/1/1 
      (2) 1938 - 1941
          Item ID 310907 
          Previous System Location A/69210; RSI5298/1/2 
      (3) 1941 - 1945
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          Previous System Location A/69211; RSI5298/1/3 
      (4) 1949 - 1954
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          Previous System Location A/69212; RSI5298/1/4 
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      Queensland State Archives
      Copyright  Paul Mackett 1995

      1934 - 1938 A/69209

      Annie Weare, wife of Willie Weare

      Billy Deegan, died 30.12.1933

      Biddy, died 3. 1.1934


      Carlo, dead, account transferred to Kitty Moran

      Charlie Mattock, single

      Dick, account transferred to Palm Island

      Dick Maunder, single

      Elsie Wallace, married to Willie Ninger

      Emily Purcell, married to Frank
        Account transferred to Palm Island

      Frank, married to Emily Purcell
        Account transferred to Palm Island

      Frank Mears, married

      Harry Tickler, single

      Jackie Watson, widower

      Jerry Farlow

      Jimmy Cargill, old boy, no nose, married with two children

      Jimmy Cassowary, dead

      Jessie, single, young

      Jacky Cyclone, single, also mentions Jimmy Cargill

      Jimmy Moran, married

      Jimmy Warri, old, single

      Jumbo, old, married

      Judy Mears, married to Frank Mears

      Kitty Moran, married

      Lizzie Vindle, H/C, transferred to Yungaburra

      Lucy Moran, married
      Matcho Brooks, single


      Minnie Moran M-142, whereabouts unknown

      Molly Christmas M-143, died 14. 8.1937
        Account to husband Willie Costigan at South Johnstone.
        Note dated 1934 states Molly is single, aged about 20 years
        and mother of a H/C boy named Tommy who is about 4 yrs old.

      Gracie G-143

      Paddy Briggs, married with 3 children, dead.
        Account to his widow

      Sandy Deegan S-65, account from Ravenshoe

      Peter Moran, widower

      Sandy Farlow, whereabouts unknown
        Page now refers to Little Toby L-108 who is married and
        whose account was transferred from Herberton.

      Rosie Ah Sack R-54, account from Mareeba
        Account to Atherton. Mentions money from Mick Lawson
        of Mossman.

      Tommy Purcell, single, account transferred to Palm Island

      Topsy, single

      William Bow, single

      Willie Briggs, single

      Willie Ninger, husband of Elsie Wallace

      Willie Toolban, single. Also mentions Jacky Cyclone

      Willie Weare, married

      Nellie, old, widow, son was Billy McHugh (dec)

      Nellie, wife of Jimmy Cargill

      Leisha, at Atherton Hospital in 1935

      Millie Weare M-264

      1938 - 1941 A/69210

      Annie Weare A-86, wife of Willie Weare W-77

      Biddy B-235

      Charlie Mattock C-96, account transferred to Yungaburra

      Dick Maunder D-95, account transferred to Palm Island

      Elsie Wallace E-44, dead
        Account transferred to Willie Ninger
      Frank Mears F-46

      Gracie G-143

      Harry Tickler H-62

      Jacky Cyclone J-418

      Jacky Watson J-213

      Jerry Farlow J-214

      Jessie (Jessie Major) J-388, account transferred to Ravenshoe

      Jimmy Cargill, dead
        Account transferred to his wife Nellie N-127

      Jimmy Moran J-219

      Jimmy Warri J-220, possibly dead. Was very old and lived 
        on the Johnstone River

      Judy J-221

      Jumbo J-222

      Kitty Moran K-23, died about 28. 4.1941 on the Range near
        the Johnstone River

      Leisha (Leisha Cargo) L-124, letter dated 1941 mentions 
        her son Sydney at Yarrabah

      Little Toby L-108

      Lucy Moran L-72, her brother is Ned Brooks who died at 
        Palm Island (letter dated 1940)

      Matcho Brooks M-140

      Millie Weare M-264, married to Chillagoe

      Minnie M-141, old Jerry -----'s missus

      Minnie Moran M-142

      Nellie N-121, old

      Nellie N-127, died Atherton Hospital 16. 7.1939
        Her children are
        Leisha L-134
        Tommy T-262
        Joe J-491
        Nellie was the wife of Jimmy Cargill (dec)

      Peter Moran P-92, in Stewarts Creek Gaol 1939

      Sandy Deegan S-65, dead

      Topsy T-130, Little Toby's wife

      William Bow W-73

      Willie Ninger W-75

      Willie Briggs W-74, died 12. 7.1939

      Willie Toolban, account transferred to Woorabinda

      Willie Weare W-77

      Letter dated 1940 mentions
        Dick Briggs D-205
        Biddy B-235
        Ruby Weare R-139
        Willie Weare W-77

      Letter dated 1941 mentions
        Annie Weare
        Willie Costigan
        Willie Weare

      Jerry Kidner J-306, account transferred to Yungaburra

      Willie Costigan W-102

      Dick Briggs D-205, sent to Palm Island 15. 8.1940

      Ruby Weare R-139

      Maggie Briggs M-348, sent to Palm Island with her children
        on 15. 8.1940

      Winnie Brook W-160

      George Watson G-156, account transferred to Tully

      Marney Watson M-350, account transferred to Tully

      Paddy (Paddy One Hand) P-226

      Willie Brooks W-163, transferred to Palm Island
        Wife is Millie M-264


      Joe J-491

      Paddy Briggs P-90

      Paddy Moran P-220

      Toby Deegan T-58

      Page is divided into two parts
      (a) Maggie M-3373
      (b) Tommy T-262, his mother was Nellie N-127, deceased

      Willie Kelly W-166, account transferred to Palm Island

      Biddy Kelly B-291, whereabouts unknown

      Dick @ Dick Maunder D-95, at Palm Island

      Paddy Deegan P-220
      Banyalla B-293

      1941 - 1945 A/69211 

      Leisha L-131, account transferred to Yarrabah

      Willie Weare W-77

      Frank Mears F-46

      Harry Tickler H-62

      Little Toby L-108

      Annie Weare A-86

      Banyalla B-293

      Biddy B-235

      Dick Briggs D-205

      Gracie G-143, account transferred to Jennie Broad J-490
        at Mona Mona

      Jacky Cyclone J-418, account transferred to South Johnstone

      Jacky Watson J-213

      Jerry Farlow J-214

      Jessie Major J-388

      Jimmy Moran J-219

      Judy J-221

      Joe J-491, account transferred to Joe Davis, Innisfail

      Jumbo J-222, transferred to Palm Island

      Kitty Moran K-23, account transferred to Lucy Moran
        and Matcho Brooks

      Lucy Moran L-72

      Maggie M-373

      Maggie Briggs M-348, account transferred to Palm Island

      Matcho Brooks M-140

      Minnie Moran M-142, account transferred to Minnie Brooks M-378
        at Yarrabah

      Nellie (dec) N-121, account transferred to Matcho Brooks 
        and Lucy Moran

      Paddy P-226

      Paddy Briggs P-90, account to Maggie Briggs at Palm Island
      Paddy Moran P-220

      Ruby Weare R-139, account transferred to Cairns

      Toby Deagon T-58, account transferred to Annie Weare

      Tommy T-262, account transferred to Les Davis, Innisfail

      Topsy T-130

      William Bow W-73

      Willie Brooks W-163

      Willie Costigan W-102, account transferred to South Johnstone

      Willie Ninger W-75, account transferred to South Johnstone

      Winnie Brook W-160, account transferred to Yarrabah

      Millie Brooks M-427

      Judy J-221, endowment account

      Lucy Moran L-72, endowment account

      Topsy T-130, endowment account

      Barney Brooks B-349, account transferred to South Johnstone

      Fanny F-42, account transferred to Malanda

      William Weare W-199, account transferred to South Johnstone

      Tommy Costigan T-332, schoolboy in the care of G E Brotherton

      Leslie Mears

      Banyalla B-293

      Lucy Moran L-72, endowment account

      Topsy T-130, endowment account

      Little Toby L-108

      Judy J-221, endowment account

      Barney Brooks B-349

      Willie Weare W-77

      Harry Tickler

      Paddy P-226

      Maggie M-373

      1949 - 1954 A/69212

      Adelene Bounghi A-325

      Annie Weare A-86, exempt

      Biddy B-235

      Elsie Bounghi E-219

      Frank Mears F-46

      Harry Tickler H-62

      Ida Mears I-101, exempt 1952

      Jack Guilino J-178, account transferred to Cairns

      Jacky Cyclone J-418, account transferred to South Johnstone

      Jessie Major (Wallace) J-388, account transferred to Malanda

      Jimmy Moran J-219

      Judy Mears J-221

      Leisha Cargo L-134

      Leslie Mears L-273, exempt 1952

      Linda Moran L-337

      Lucy Moran L-72

      Maggie Brooks M-373, exempt

      Matcho Brooks M-140, account transferred to Townsville

      Paddy P-226, died 5. 9.1951

      Paddy Moran P-220, account transferred to Woorabinda

      Rene Parkinson R-187, married name is Rene Weare, exempt

      Sandy Diggins S-231

      Tommy Brook T-407, exempt

      Tommy Costigan T-332, exempt

      William Weare W-199, exempt

      Willie Weare W-77, account transferred to Palm Isalnd

      Winnie Brooks W-160

      Len Parkinson L-344, account transferred to Woorabinda

      Bob Moran B-473, account transferred to Woorabinda

      John Moran J-878

      Harry Tickler H-62

      Marjorie Brook (Mitchell crossed out) M-331, exempt, account
        transferred to Innisfail
      Annie Weare A-86, exempt

      Bessie Moran B-543

      Jimmy Moran J-219

      Frank Mears F-46

      Lucy Moran L-72

      Winnie Brooks W-160

      Jessie Major (Wallace) J-388

      Leisha Harry L-134

      Lucy Moran L-72

      There are numerous credit notes stuck in the back 
      of this register.