POA Mt Molloy Aboriginal Circulars and Memoranda 1935 - 1941

Protector of Aborigines, Mount Molloy Aboriginal Circulars and Memoranda 1. 5.1935 - 14. 7.1941 Item ID 290772 Previous System Location A/43200; RSI2974/1/1 Access Category 30 years Queensland State Archives Copyright Paul Mackett 1992 Lists of Aborigines in the Mount Molloy District on probably 30. 6.1938 or 30. 6.1939. There are two lists. The first stops at Fred Keating and has no crossing out. The second has crossing out and continues after Fred Keating. Dick, Curraghmora Stn (crossed out) Davie, Curraghmora Stn Freddie Cook, Brooklyn Stn Nicholas Wallace, Brooklyn Stn Harry McNamara, Brooklyn Stn Topsy, H/C female, Brooklyn Stn Podge and daughter Alice, Southedge Stn (crossed out) Charlie Roberts and wife Dolly, Mt Carbine Charlie Archer and wife Jessie Jimmy Douglas and wife Maggie Nellie Jackson and husband Peter Jackson Tommy Scheikowski and wife Lizzie (crossed out) Tommy Mitchell Jack Lawyer and wife Dolly and three children, one half-caste Toby Dandy and wife Laura Old Maggie Barry Billy Lorney and wife Biddy Polly Billy Maher (crossed out) Ted Palmer (or Cook) Billy Snider and three children Johnny Hammond (crossed out) Mick Richards Dave Crowley and wife Barbara Dunbar Palmer, tracker (crossed out) Monty, Palm Island boy, Brooklyn Stn Fred Keating, Brooklyn Stn (crossed out) Harvey Freddie Cookie Rupert wife 1. 8.1938 Details about certain Aborigines Name Age Id Residence Status Spouse Billy Anderson 46 B-258 Daintree Widower Billy Tracker 59 B-112 Mt Carbine Widower Maria (Maria died 7.12.1936) Charlie Roberts 73 C-110 Mt Carbine Married Dolly George G-73 Unknown Single Jimmy Douglas 44 J-246 Mt Carbine Married Maggie Peter Jackson 38 P-113 Mt Carbine Married Nellie Jackson Norman 27 N-79 Mt Carbine Single Tommy Scheikowski 63 T-137 Mt Carbine Married Lizzie Mick Mitchell 52 M-157 Mossman Widower Barbara Dunbar 41 B-133 Mt Molloy Married Davie Climber 51 C-111 Laura ? Married Minnie Johnny Hammond 56 J-249 Mt Carbine Married Jenny Laura 58 L-78 Mt Carbine Married Toby Dandy Rupert 33 R-60 Unknown Single (Removal Order in force for Palm Island)