POA Register of General Correspondence 1906 - 1907

  Protector of Aborigines
  Register of General Correspondence 1906 - 1907
  Some Extracts
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  A. Cooktown

  20. 2.1906  Report on death of Aboriginal Jimmy from shark
              bite, on the "Thistle".

  10. 3.1906  Rosie and Jennie in Arrawatta for Yarrabah.

  B. Rockhampton

  21. 2.1906  G H Black married Aboriginal Rose Ann on 20. 2.1906

  28. 3.1906  John Farquher married Aboriginal Lucy on 15. 3.1906

  23. 4.1906  Asks for the removal of Aboriginal Tommy Lord
              from Rolleston to a reserve.

  16. 4.1906  Aboriginal Maud with venereal. Suggests her removal
              and also removal of two half-castes Bob and Mandie to a reserve.

  15. 6.1906  Half-caste children Bob and Mandie have been
              committed to Barambah Independent School.

  27. 6.1906  Recognizance for removal of Aboriginal W Martin to Cairns

  14. 7.1906  Seeks advice about Section 14 for
              Sam Mudlap and Kitty
              Jimmy Oaba and Nellie
              Jack Oaba and Mary

  18. 9.1906  Aboriginal Billy has returned to Banana

   5.11.1906  Billy Bean and Alice were married on 2.11.1906

  27.12.1906  Asks for removal of half-caste girl Dinah Cumlbai,
              aged 9 years, and living with kanakas at Boyne River near Geraldton.

  14. 1.1907  Half-caste Dinah has been committed to Barambah for four years

  18. 1.1907  Report on the death of Aborigine Lizzie at Echo hills near Springsure

  19. 2.1907  Toby and Banana Jacky wish to die at Banana

  C. Cooktown

   5. 4.1906  Report on the death of Aboriginal Charley from shark
              bite, received while employed by Japanese Hiro on the Ketch "Miro".

  12. 7.1906  Recommend removal of Kitty and two children to a Mission Station.

   6. 8.1906  Kitty and children at Cape Bedford. Then to Yarrabah.

  22.10.1906  Kitty and two half-caste children to Yarrabah.

  D. Georgetown

   9. 3.1906  Application of A E Chambers to marry Maud

  25. 2.1906  Application of A E Chambers to marry half-caste Maud Harvey.

  11. 5.1907  Recommend marriage of Eulatio de Cosrujio to Aboriginal Topsy.

  11. 5.1907  Application Eulatio de Cosrujio to marry Aboriginal Topsy.

  E. Ingham

  25. 7.1906  Application of John Cass to marry Aboriginal Polly Wallyarramba.

  25. 7.1906  Application of Jack Robinson to marry Aboriginal Nelly Wing.

  25. 7.1906  Application of John Lifu to marry Aboriginal Nellie Genyarra.

  18.12.1906  Application of Charley Malbasan, South Sea Islander, to Aboriginal Katie.

  19. 1.1907  Tony died yesterday.

  21. 1.1907  About marriage of Katie to Charley Malbascan.

  13. 2.1907  About deaths of Aboriginals Tony and Billy.

  11. 2.1907  About applications of Jack Robinson, John Lifu
              and John Cass to marry three Aboriginal women.

  26. 2.1907  Aboriginal Billy has been committed for trial for unlawfully killing Tony.

  F. Home Office

   7. 3.1906  Kitty and Spider to be returned to Barambah.

   2. 3.1906  Application for Exemption Certificate for Lilly and
              Mowra of Redcliffe Station.

  16. 4.1906  Tommy Tomahawk and Tommy Norrigee removed to Cairns for Police enquiry.

  24. 4.1906  Remove Tommy Lovell from Rockhampton to Barambah.

  12. 7.1906  Tommy Norrigie to be sent to Cairns if he wants to go.

  16.11.1906 Sally Woods, Exemption.

   1. 2.1907  Sentences of Paddy, Jacky, Chloey and Niney of Deebing Creek.