Peel Island Leprosy Register 1903 - 1926

My original QSA reference in 1997 Peel Island Leper Lazaret Register of Inmates 1930 - 1974 Health Department QS 440/1 Item 1 Closed Access Queensland State Archives Current QSA reference Queensland State Archives Item ID 489428 Previous System Location SRS440/1/1 Description Register of Inmates [patient register] - Peel Island Lazaret Start Date 23/3/1903 End Date 6/12/1926 Copyright P J Mackett 1997 1. Number in Register Leper Relations This heading appears to have been used for ordinary relations as well as those who have had leprosy. This register, although described as a Fantome Island Register of Inmates is actually a Peel Island Leper Lazaret Register of Inmates from 1930 - 1940. Item 2 of QS 440/1 is the Fantome Island Register of Admissions. Where Lazaret is mentioned the reference is to Peel Island unless otherwise stated. 42. Billy Moss H/C Admitted 8. 8.1908 from Barambah aged about 23 years Died 12. 8.1918 90. Harry Tanner Admitted 27. 4.1913 from Townsville aged about 25 years Father Deceased Mother Maggie Tanner Born Tully River North Queensland. Worked on Murray Stn and nowhere else. 94. Bosun Admitted 10.12.1908 from Archer River North Queensland aged about 25 years Worked for Mr Richter, Minister of Archer River Mission, 2 years. I was taken from my work there and sent to Thursday Island, remained there about one month then came to the Lazaret, Peel Island. Has relatives living at Archer River mission. Discharged 1.10.1913 96. John Pilot Admitted 10.12.1908 from Townsville aged 18 years Discharged 6. 7.1923 98. Pablo Admitted 10.12.1908 from Cairns Died 6. 4.1915 100. Sam, the Native Admitted 10.12.1908 from Townsville aged 38 years Died 7.12.1916 106. Alick Little H/C Admitted April 1910 from Eidsvold aged 25 years Has son Fergus Little (see 214.) Discharged 1.10.1913 108. Tom Morton H/C Admitted 3.10.1904 from Stradbroke Island aged 24 years Discharged January 1912 Readmitted 7.10.1912 Escaped 23.12.1918 112. William Parker Admitted 1910 from Cairns aged 25 years He worked a long time at Rothersham Park Station near Chillagoe, was examined at Cairns and sent to Peel Island Lazaret. Died 23. 3.1918 114. Topsy Admitted 10.12.1908 aged 45 years Died 26. 5.1918 buried at lazaret Cemetery 26. 5.1918 116. Polly Admitted 10.12.1908 Died 24. 6.1915 118. Maggie Admitted 10.12.1908 Negative smears 16. 7.1923 124. Lewis Admitted 10.12.1913 from Townsville aged about 20 years Died 14. 1.1913 (probably should be 14. 1.1914) 130. Frank Graham H/C Admitted 13. 2.1914 from Southport aged 15 years Discharged 22.12.1919 Father still alive, mother died two years ago, but cannot say what was the cause of her death. He states that he has an uncle Thomas Moreton an inmate of the Lazaret, and he himself (Frank) was an inmate of the Lazaret previously, and was discharged from there two years ago. 132. Albert Graham H/C Admitted 13. 2.1914 from Southport aged 15 years Discharged 22.12.1919 Father still alive, mother died two years ago, but cannot say what was the cause of her death. He states that he has an uncle Thomas Moreton an inmate of the Lazaret, and he himself (Albert) was an inmate of the Lazaret previously, and was discharged from there two years ago. 140. Willie Mitchell Admitted 7.11.1914 from Eidsvold aged 60 years States born at Jimbour Stn, Darling Downs and worked at Jimbour and other Stations doing general station work. In 1907 drifted to Auburn Stn and was employed there. Afterwards employed at Hawkwood Stn 22 miles from Auburn. In 1913 engaged in other persuits on own account shooting marsupials. It was while thus engaged that the right ear became sore. In August 1914 consulted medico at Eidsvold who took serum from ear and then ordered patient to Leper Station, Peel Island. 142. Badger Admitted 7.11.1914 from Eidsvold aged about 65 years Died 13. 8.1916 States born at Dykaar Stn situated 15 miles from Hawkwood Stn. Was employed many years at Hawkwood doing general station work viz ringbarking, marsupial hunting, etc. Was married to Aborigine who died in 1912. No children. Rest description about medical conditions. 144. Dido Admitted 7. 1.1915 from Emerald aged 27 years Died 3.12.1925 Patient states he was born at Consuela Stn which is situated about 60 miles from Springsure. Married to Aborigine who deserted him leaving him with their only child, a girl aged 9 years, at present living at Amelia Downs Stn. Then follows medical discussion. When questioned patient stated he had contracted disease from an Aboriginal woman named Lily, he having been first intimate with her on Christmas Day 1912. 148. George McLean Admitted 15. 3.1915 from Maytown aged 30 years Died 16. 8.1919 Patient states he was born at Maytown North Queensland and worked at Bilboon Stn stockriding for 5 years then went to Chillagoe Stn and worked there 2 years. While at work at Chillagoe Stn disease broke out on both ears, feet, hands and nose. In June 1914 patient states he left Chillagoe Stn and went to live at an Aboriginal Camp at Carbine which is situated about 40 miles from Mareeba. Stopped at this camp for 4 months then left for Maytown where Police secured him and took him to Cooktown where he was examined by a Doctor who took serum and ordered him to Lazaret, Peel Island, arriving 15. 3.1915. 184. Billy Keaton Admitted 27. 2.1918 aged 40 years Died 14. 9.1918 186. Donga Admitted 13. 4.1918 from Duaringa aged 21 years Mrs Hayes states that about 17 years ago Donga then a boy of 4 years of age frequently came to her place as his mother worked close by. He worked on various stations and came into Duaringa often and Mrs Hayes saw him at various times. She would shake hands with him and if he got refreshments they were served to him in his billy-can. His grandmother and others in the Camp were chiefly fed by Mrs Hayes. A Kanaka boy died in a tent in the vicinity from an unknown disease 3 years or so ago and was not attended by a Doctor. Donga's grandmother was said to have suffered from dropsy. 208. Teddy Helrin? alias Teddy Postmaster Admitted 29. 5.1919 from Ilfracombe aged 25 years. Born at Isisford, mother Aborigine, father white. Has one step-brother. Occupation Horse-driveing. To his knowledge has never come in contact with anyone suffering from leprosy. Baptised 10. 6.1922 at Lazaret 214. Fergus Little H/C Admitted 16. 9.1919 from Gayndah aged 12 years See 106. for his father. Father Alec Little (page 120) was an inmate of this Lazaret and discharged as cured. Boy has been a suspect for some years, his serum being examined, but found negative till 5. 9.1919 220. Edgar Murry Admitted 16.12.1919 aged 16 years 222. Frank Harrihu (Smith) Admitted 22. 5.1920 from Cairns aged about 30 years Born of Aboriginal parents. Worked on a sugar plantation (Babinda Creek Station) until about 5 months ago. 224. Charles Ferguson H/C Admitted 22. 5.1920 from Cairns aged 18 years Died 22. 1.1933 Born Wrotham Park Station of Aboriginal mother and white father. At the age of 5 years was removed to Yarrabah Mission station and remained there for 8 years. Afterwards worked on sugar plantations in the vicinity of Cairns. 228. Alexander Massing H/C (Mother Aborigine, father South sea Islander) Admitted 30. 7.1920 aged 28 years. Born in Bundaberg and lived in Queensland 24 years, lived in NSW for 4 years. Has been employed as stockman in Bowen and Proserpine also cutting cane in the Bundaberg district, for 6 months was employed by the Moreton Bay Oyster Company. 242. Emma Williams Admitted 24. 4.1921 from Duaringa aged about 50 years Dorn in Duaringa of Aboriginal parents and has lived in that district the greater part of her life. For a short time was employed on Arcadia Stn near Springsure then came back to Duaringa and was employed by Mrs Hayes. Her mother was also employed by Mrs Hayes. This patient has been married three times, has one son Donga who was a patient in this institution and escaped the 12.10.1918. 248. Bob Admitted 8.10.1921 from Innisfail aged about 60 years. Baptised 10. 6.1922 at Lazaret Died 11. 9.1931 This patient, an Aboriginal aged about 60 years, came from Innisfail where he was employed as a sugarcane farmer. He has worked there at least 19 years he says. 282. Ivy Boulter (probably Ivy Booter) H/C Admitted 24. 9.1923 from Toowoomba aged 15 years Mother, Stepfather (Booter), 2 sisters and 4 brothers living at Hawkwood near Chinchilla. Stepfather works at Hawkwood Stn. Two others at Hawkwood Stn also had disease. Loose page dated 28.10.1925 stating Archie (Archie Fingal) has leprosy and should be moved to Peel Island.