Police Cloncurry - Copies of Letters to Normanton 1896 - 1899

  Police Department, Cloncurry Station
  Copies of Letters & Reports sent to Inspector at Normanton
   6. 7.1896 - 10. 6.1899
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  Queensland State Archives
  Copyright  Paul Mackett 1995

  13. 9.1896  Remains of a half-caste child found at Cloncurry
  on this date. Child stillborn last friday.

  22. 5.1897  Aboriginals Jack and Nellie committed for trial at
  Cloncurry on 10th instant for the murder of John Cole, a white man.

  29. 5.1897  About Jack and Nellie. Mentions intelligent Aboriginal
  Tommy at Cloncurry.

  23.10.1897  Cloncurry Tracker Billy has a gin.

  18. 2.1898  About cause of death of Aboriginal Billy who died
  after being wounded by Cloncurry Tracker Billy in the Leichhardt
  Range on the 5th instant.

   9. 4.1898  Death of Aboriginal Johnny.

  24. 9.1898  About Tracker Jack.