Police Cooktown - Ration Cash Book, Native Police 1894 - 1904

Police Department, Cooktown Ration Cash Book, Native Police 1. 5.1894 - .11.1904 Item ID 87382 Previous System Location POL13A/2; PRV10828/1/1 Queensland State Archives Access Category 30 years Copyright Paul Mackett 1992 . 3.1898 Mentions Toby Larry Sam Seymour . 4.1898 Mentions Larry Toby Seymour Pabalo Sam Jimmy Recruit Billy and gin Nellie arrived 28. 4.1898 . 5.1898 Mentions Troopers Seymour Larry Paddy Pabalo Bosun (Sambo) Sam Otho (recruit) Toby Felix Billy (recruit) and gin Nellie Jimmy Bedford (transferred to Laura) Jimmy (Transferred to Maytown) Gins Jemima Lucy Kitty Georgie Nellie Lynda . 6.1898 Mentions Troopers Gins Seymour Jemima Larry Lucy Paddy Rosie Arrived 19. 5 Pabalo Kitty Bosun Susan Arrived 26. 6 Sam Maggie Arrived 19. 6 Otho Topsy Arrived 19. 6 Toby Georgie Felix Billy Nellie . 7.1898 Felix transferred to Coen Beacon (Ponto) recruited . 9.1898 Susan crossed out .10.1898 Topsy discharged .12.1898 Mentions Troopers Gins Children Seymour Jemima Hector Larry Lucy Willie Paddy Rosie Pabalo Susan Sam Maggie Toby Georgie Billy Nellie Otho S Bosun S Ponto S Tracker Billy and gin Nellie transferred to Maytown . 1.1899 As before plus Mannering and Biddy . 4.1899 Rosie, Paddy's gin, deserted Toby discharged. . 7.1899 As before plus Albert and Nellie Paddy and Topsy . 9.1899 Mentions Paddy and Topsy transferred to Maytown Sam and Maggie absent .11.1899 Sam and gin at Laura .12.1899 Mentions Troopers Gins Children Seymour Jemima Hector Larry Lucy Willie Pabalo Susan Mannering Biddy Albert Nellie Sam Maggie Otho Kitty (on 12.12.1899) Bosun Ponto Costello . 1.1900 Mentions Mannering and Biddy transferred to Coen Albert and Nellie transferred to Coen . 2.1900 Mentions Also Tim . 5.1900 Mentions Monday Topsy Sam Lucy Tim Rosey Otho Baldie Pabalo Susan Warrie S . 8.1900 Mentions Warrie discharged Palmer and gin Polly recruited . 9.1900 Mentions Monday Topsy Tim Rosey Sam Lucy Pabalo Susan Palmer Polly . 1.1901 Mentions Jack and Nelly Nipper . 2.1901 Also Tommy . 3.1901 Jack and gin deserted . 6.1901 Tommy's gin is Lucy . 7.1901 Mentions Monday Topsy Palmer Polly Pabalo Susan Mannering S Deserted . 8.1901 Mentions Monday Topsy Palmer Polly Pabalo Susan .10.1901 Mentions Monday Topsy Pabalo Susan Bindee S .11.1901 Also mentions Gilbert, single . 1.1902 Also mentions Tiger and Kitty Billy and Jinny . 2.1902 Mentions Larry Lucy Billy Jinny Tiger Kitty Bindee Polly Pabalo Susan . 4.1902 Mentions Larry Lucy Tiger Kitty Bindee Toby Jack . 5.1902 Mentions Bindee Polly Toby Maggie Jack Sarah . 7.1902 Larry and Lucy have 2 children .10.1902 Mentions Larry Lucy Bindee Polly Toby Maggie Tim Rosey . 8.1903 Mentions Larry Lucy 2 children Bindee Polly Toby Maggie Tim Lucy .10.1903 Mentions Toby Maggie Bindee Polly Harry Rosey Larry Annie The old Larry deserted. This is a new one. . 4.1904 Mentions Harry Rosey Bindee Polly Larry Annie . 7.1904 Mentions also Rio and Maggie