Police Forsayth - Letterbook 1918 - 1967

       Police Station, Forsayth
       9. 7.1918 - 11. 8.1919 A/35095 Queensland State Archives
       1. 1.1923 -  1. 9.1924 A/35096 Queensland State Archives
       1. 5.1926 -  1. 6.1927 A/35097 Queensland State Archives
      25. 5.1927 - 20. 3.1928 A/35098 Queensland State Archives
      21. 3.1928 - 30. 6.1929 A/35099 Queensland State Archives
      25. 6.1929 - 26. 6.1930 A/35100 Queensland State Archives
       3. 7.1930 - 30.12.1931 A/35101 Queensland State Archives
       1. 1.1932 -  3. 5.1932 A/35102 Queensland State Archives
       1. 2.1933 - 15. 2.1935 A/35103 Queensland State Archives
       7. 1.1934 - 30.12.1934 A/35104 Queensland State Archives
       1. 1.1935 -  1. 7.1940 A/35105 Queensland State Archives
       1. 7.1940 - 18. 5.1942 A/35106 Queensland State Archives
      21. 5.1942 - 24.10.1944 A/35107 Queensland State Archives
       1.11.1944 - 22.12.1946 A/35108 Queensland State Archives
       1. 1.1947 -  1.12.1948 A/35109 Queensland State Archives
       4.12.1948 - 28.12.1950 A/35110 Queensland State Archives
       1. 1.1951 - 28.12.1951 A/35111 Queensland State Archives
       1. 1.1952 - 30.12.1952 A/35112 Queensland State Archives
       1. 1.1953 - 29.12.1952 A/35113 Queensland State Archives
       1. 1.1954 - 29.12.1954 A/35114 Queensland State Archives
       1. 1.1955 - 31.12.1955 A/35115 Queensland State Archives
       1. 1.1956 - 31.12.1956 A/35116 Queensland State Archives
       1. 1.1957 - 27.12.1957 A/35117 Queensland State Archives
       1. 1.1958 - 29.12.1958 A/35118 Queensland State Archives
       1. 1.1959 -  8. 7.1959 A/35119 Queensland State Archives
       8. 7.1959 - 30.12.1959 A/35120 Queensland State Archives
       1. 1.1960 - 21.12.1960 A/35121 Queensland State Archives
       1. 1.1961 - 28.12.1961 A/35122 Queensland State Archives
       1. 1.1962 - 24.12.1962 A/35123 Queensland State Archives
       1. 1.1963 - 21.10.1963 A/35124 Queensland State Archives
       4. 1.1966 - 17. 7.1967 A/35125 Queensland State Archives
       Copyright  Paul Mackett 2018
       3. 7.1930 - 30.12.1931 A/35101

       1. 9.1919 Tracker Rob

       3. 9.1919 Billy, about 60 - 70 years old, died in the Camp 
      near Havelock 3. 9.1919 and was buried the same day by other

       5. 9.1919 Mentions Agreements for
      Pickwick, male

      30. 7.1918 Tracker Harry

      25. 9.1918 Mentions Jack

      27.10.1918 Jack (Big Eye Jack) has left employment

      16. 1.1919 Biddy, about 70 years old, died in the Camp near
      Havelock on 14. 1.1919 and was buried on 15. 1.1919 by other

      27. 2.1919 Tracker Harry wants to leave. His gin is Nellie.
      She has gone to Abingdon Downs Station.

      21. 7.1919 Tracker Harry discharged.
      Rob and his wife Annie now Tracker

       1. 1.1923 -  1. 9.1924 A/35096      

       6. 4.1923 Removal of two young children from Green Hills, namely
      Gertie, aged 6 years
      Mannie, aged 5 years
      Parents are Fred, ex-Tracker, and Dora, about 30 years old.
      Police expect a fight when they attempt to take the children.

      19. 6.1923 Tracker Burke wants a transfer. His wife Maggie wont 
      go if he goes.

       1. 5.1926 -  1. 6.1927 A/35097     

      30. 9.1926 Native Tracker
      Maggie, his gin

      25. 5.1927 - 20. 3.1928 A/35098      

      30. 9.1927 Native Tracker
      Maggie, his gin

       1. 1.1928 Policeman's wife makes clothes for Maggie.

      21. 3.1928 - 30. 6.1929 A/35099      

      At the front of this Register is the following loose correspondence

      Memorandum of Agreement for Mick O'Brien to work as Tracker
      dated November 1928

      31. 3.1928 Tracker
      Maggie, his gin

       6. 5.1928 Tracker Burke wants leave. Last taken 1922.

      23.10.1928 Burke wants to go to Cairns for 2 months. Place can be
      taken by Mick O'Brien.

       2. 1.1929 No longer want Mick O'Brien as replacement Tracker.
      Tiger, currently on holiday at Mareeba would be a good Tracker.
      Due back in Forsayth.

       1. 2.1929 Tracker Tiger commenced duty
      25. 6.1929 - 26. 6.1930 A/35100       
      18. 2.1930  Mentions Tracker Tiger

      17. 3.1930  Myrtle came to Forsayth
      Also mentions Maudie at Croydon

      15. 4.1930  Myrtle is aged about 13 years

      19. 8.1930 Maud, half-caste, was employed by the Police at 

       6.11.1930 Trooper Tiger wants to leave.
      Recommend Toby takes his place. Toby is married to Biddy and
      has a child Doris aged about 8 years. Was a Trooper at Normanton.

      20.11.1930 Toby is 40 - 50 years old.

      14. 2.1931 Account for Chism was transferred to Georgetown.

      25. 2.1931 Tiger discharged and Toby recruited.

      10. 4.1931 Chism, about 25 years old, in the Forsayth district
      could be Tracker in place of Toby.

      30. 4.1931 Supplying meals to the following en route to
      Palm Island

      Undated    Mentions Toby, Biddy and Doris

       1. 1.1932 -  3. 5.1932 A/35102

       1. 2.1932 Mentions rations for
      Toby, Tracker
      Doris, Toby's child 
      Biddy, Toby's wife, died 28. 1.1932 at Georgetown Hospital after
      giving birth to stillborn twins on 5. 1.1932.

       1. 2.1932 Tracker Toby discharged.
      Tommy Tiger employed as Tracker

      29. 2.1932 Toby and child Doris returned to Croydon, 130 miles away.

      10. 3.1932 Expenses for Biddy at Georgetown. Mentions Toby.

       1. 2.1933 - 15. 2.1935 A/35103

       1. 2.1933 Tracker Tommy Tiger

       8. 8.1933 Joe, half-caste, broke his leg at North Heads Station.
      Also known as Joe Sparks.

       3. 9.1933 Mentions
      Tommy Tiger @ Tommy
      Joe @ Joe Sparks
      Jacky @ Jacky Fraser

       4. 9.1933 Mentions 
      Tommy Tiger
      Joe Sparks
      Jacky Fraser
      14. 9.1933 Joe Sparks

       3.10.1933 Mentions
      Jacky Fraser

      29.10.1933 Jacky Fraser

       6.12.1933 Jacky Fraser, single, about 22 years old

      31.12.1933 Telephone calls
      To Georgetown     Re Sanko going to Cairns for medical attention

       7. 1.1934 - 30.12.1934 A/35104

      21. 1.1934 Jacky Fraser needs Workers Compensation Insurance.

       4. 2.1934 Tracker Tommy Tiger sick.

      14. 2.1933 Payment of Tommy Tiger's account.

       9. 3.1934 Rationing of Tommy Tiger whilst Constable is on leave

      20. 4.1934 Protector at Gordonvale states Roddy Clark has returned
      to his home at Charters Towers. Aged about 40 years.

      22. 4.1934 Sanko supplied with two meals

      26. 5.1934 Albert F/B died 17. 5.1934 at the Charleston District
      Hospital, Forsayth. Buried on the same date. Belonged to the
      Mt Surprise Protectorate.

      19. 6.1934 Jacky Fraser getting goods from Georgetown

       1. 7.1934 Telephone calls
      To Einasleigh     Re George Daniels @ George Douglas H/C wanted
                        for murder
      To Mt Surprise    Re death and burial of Albert
      To Mt Surprise    Re death and burial of Albert
                        Tribal wife is Annie.

      27. 7.1934 Tommy Tiger

      13. 9.1934 Jacky Fraser 60 - 70 years old.

      13. 9.1934 Stations in the district are
      Lahy Brothers
      Silver Hill
      North Heads
      Sydney Heads
      Robin Hood
      Only one Aborigine employed at North Heads.

      17.10.1934 Tracker Tommy Tiger to go to Hospital

      10.10.1934 Agreement for Jacky Fraser

      12.12.1934 Tracker Tommy Tiger resumed duty

      16.12.1934 Tracker Henry Surgeon returned to Einasleigh

       1. 1.1935 -  1. 7.1940 A/35105

      10. 6.1935 Paddy P-60, who has a bank account with the Protector
      at Croydon, is not in the district

      11.11.1935 No trace of Charlie Tetelow, deceased, here. Possibly
      had bank account at Georgetown or Croydon or Gilbert River.

      29. 7.1936 Expenditure for removal of Aborigines year ended 
      30. 6.1936 mentions
      Peter, insane patient
      Tommy Onion, to Palm Island
      Charles Towers, Native Policeman
      Christmas, to Palm Island
      Ray, to Palm Island

       6. 2.1937 Wages for Joe

       3. 3.1937 Tracker Tommy Tiger wants leave

       5. 5.1937 Tommy Tiger

       5. 6.1937 Tracker Tommy Tiger wants to leave. Been here since 1932

      20. 7.1937 Joe going to Cairns on holidays

      10. 8.1937 Jacky Fraser, very old

      27. 9.1937 Henry Abingdon of Georgetown, aged about 25 years
      suitable tracker.

       4.10.1937 Frank missing from Strathleven Stn, Laura.
      Well known in Mungana district as his mother used to work on
      Wrotham Park Stn. Also mentions Tommy Tiger.

      10.10.1937 Tommy Tiger going to Palm Island for a holiday

      11.10.1937 Henry Abingdon engaged as Tracker

      25.11.1937 Agreements for Jacky Fraser

      18. 4.1938 There are only four Aborigines in the Forsayth
      Protectorate, namely
      Henry Abingdon, Tracker
      Jack Fraser J-368
      Joe J-369
      Tommy Tiger T-207

      26. 4.1938 Mentions expenses at Forsayth for
      Bynoe B

       6. 5.1938 Mentions Tommy Tiger T-207, likely to stay at Chillagoe

       4. 7.1938 Expenses for Peter Ross, Native Policeman Palm Island,
      and gin Louie en route to Fantome Island whilst detained at 
      Forsayth as witnesses in the case Police versus McGilvray (Aborigine),
      wilful murder.
      19. 7.1938 Expenses in connection with removal of McGilvray and
      child Callaghan from Normanton to Palm Island. Also mentions 
      Peter Ross, Native Trooper.

      18.10.1938 Tommy Tiger at Chillagoe

      22. 1.1939 Jacky Fraser J-368 has gone to Georgetown to live

       1. 8.1939 Wages for the following
      Harry Wix

      11. 8.1939 Archie Shaw H/C wanted for Service of Summons of
      Maintenance. Now at Einasleigh.

       1. 2.1940 Meals supplied to George Prior, Native Policeman,
      and gin Edie with two children on removal from Palm Island
      to Yarrabah

      14. 3.1940 Henry Abingdon wants leave

      28. 4.1940 Henry Abingdon wants to get married. Will look for a 
      wife at Palm Island

       1. 7.1940 - 18. 5.1942 A/35106

       1. 7.1940 Tracker Henry Abingdon wants to go to Palm Island to get
      a wife.

       7. 8.1940 Expenses for Nimble who arrived en route Normanton
      to Palm Island

      17. 9.1940 Alf Barjack wants a rail pass from Forsayth to Cairns.
      Says he came from Cunnamulla.

       3. 4.1941 Henry Abingdon wants leave

      23. 9.1941 Expenses in connection with Riley Webber, absconder
      from Fantome Island, being sent to Doomadgee Mission.

       1.10.1941 Henry Abingdon of Forsayth married Maggie Free of
      Palm Island on 29. 9.1941 .

       2.10.1941 Expenses in connextion with removal of following
      from Normanton to Palm Island
      Charlie T
      Billie Flowers
      Santom (Sam Tom?)

      22. 1.1942 Want to get rid of Henry Abingdon. Assault of wife.
      Recommend they be sent to Palm Island
      Mentions Sandfly of Einasleigh could take his place

      14. 5.1942 Henry Abingdon and Maggie Abingdon.
      Recommend Maggie be sent back to Palm Island.

      21. 5.1942 - 24.10.1944 A/35107

      23. 6.1942 Expenses in removal of Maggie Abingdon from Forsayth 
      to Palm Island. Left Forsayth 22. 6.1942

      23. 6.19422 Arthur East, ex-Tracker of Gilbert River, does not
      want to be Tracker at Einasleigh.

      20. 8.1942 Jacky Sargeant of the Georgetown Protectorate is willing
      to be the Tracker at Forsayth. He is single and about 21 years old.
      Present Tracker is Henry Abingdon whose wife was recently sent to 
      Palm Island.

       1. 9.1942 Arthur East will not go to Einasleigh

       8. 9.1942 Jacky Sargeant of Forest Home Station to be recruited
      as the Forsayth tracker.

      29. 9.1942 More about recruitment of Jacky Sargeant of Forest
      Home Station. Also mentions Mannie of that Station.

       5.12.1942 Edie Madagan who absconded from employment in 
      Townsville is not known in the district.

       5.12.1942 Correspondence about Henry Abingdon, ex-Tracker at

      17.12.1942 Expenses incurred in the removal of the following from
      Normanton to Palm Island
      Toby Kilpatrick
      Gertie Kilpatrick

      22.12.1942 George Corbett G-58, previously of Robin Hood Stn,
      wants to be Tracker at Forsayth. Born at Green Hills Stn via
      Forsayth in 1919, single and a full blood.

       1. 1.1943 George Corbett G-58

       1. 1.1943 Georgetown Police want Henry Abingdon H-51 as Tracker.

       5. 1.1943 Employment available in Forsayth for Ex-Tracker
      Willie Gibson.

      14. 1.1943 Expenses incurred in the removal of the following
      from Normanton to Palm Island

      19. 1.1943 Sanko S-44 far too old to be Tracker at Forsayth.

      15. 2.1943 Tracker Henry Abingdon leaving for Georgetown

      15. 2.1943 George Corbett starting as Tracker

       1. 5.1943 Expenses incurred in the removal of the following
      from Normanton to Palm Island
      Nipper B
      Clem Bernard

      18. 2.1944 George Corbett G-58 wants leave

      26. 2.1944 Expenses incurred in the removal of Julia McPherson
      to Palm Island and Harold H-86 to Cairns for medical treatment.

      22. 3.1944 George Corbett

      10. 5.1944 Expenses incurred in the removal of Julia McPherson 
      from Normanton to Palm Island

      10. 5.1944 Fred Priestley P-139 employed by Lahy of Big Reef,
      Forsayth. Giving trouble

       1. 6.1944 Expenses incurred in the removal of Fred Priestley
      from Forsayth to Palm Island. Also mentions Native Policeman
      Joe Dossetto.

      23. 8.1944 George Corbett G-58 wants to leave. Would like
      Billy Boyle who is at Almaden to be employed.

       2. 9.1944 Billy Boyle is about 47 years old and was married.

      24.10.1944 George Corbett

       1.11.1944 - 22.12.1946 A/35108 

       1.11.1944 Property of Leah Minyalk of Mitchell River Mission
      being returned.

       4.11.1944 George Corbett

      19.12.1944 Henry Abingdon was sent to Palm Island in February 1944
      for refusing to work. Has been on good behaviour and no objection
      to him working at Forsayth

      10. 1.1945 Tracker George Corbett

      14. 1.1945 Maurice English not suitable as Tracker. George Corbett
      will stay till new Tracker hired.

      17. 2.1945 Expenses incurred in the removal of Stanley Victor 
      from Normanton to Palm Island

      17. 2.1945 Maurice English and George Corbett

      13. 7.1945 Expenses incurred in the removal of the following
      Gilbert, from Normanton to Palm Island
      Lizzy, his wife, from Croydon to Palm Island

      22. 9.1945 Henry Abingdon suitable as Tracker at Forsayth

      Undated    Mentions
      George Corbett G-58
      Henry Abingdon, 29 years old, married and living apart from his
      wife, previously Tracker at Forsayth and Georgetown

      11.11.1945 Expenses incurred in the removal of the following
      from Normanton to Palm Island
      Nellie, suspected leper patient
      Delta Paddy, her husband
      Barney Koolatah, V.D. suspect

       1.12.1945 Tracker George Corbett discharged 18.11.1945
       Henry Abingdon recruited as Tracker.

      24. 1.1946 George Corbett at Robin Hood Station

       6. 4.1946 Henry Abingdon

      12. 6.1946 Mentions
      Jacky Fraser J-368
      George Corbett, works about 14 miles from Forsayth
      Harry Wix, works about 14 miles from Forsayth

       7. 6.1946 Henry Abingdon H-51

      15. 6.1946 Tottie Morris arrived at Forsayth on 13. 4.1946 on the
      train from Einasleigh on the way to Georgeton. Went to Georgetown
      on the 14th and arrived back on the 15th. Says she is going to
      her mother, Judy, at Kingston. Aged about 15 years.

      17. 7.1946 Aboriginal correspondence attended to at Forsayth 
      up to 17. 7.1946
      Agreement for Larry Edwards L-311.
      Larry Edwards L-311
      George Corbett G-58 and Henry Abingdon
      George Corbett and Peter Rutland P-305. Peter works about 50 miles
        from Forsayth.
      Vera Edwards. Husband works 60 miles from Forsayth.
      Henry Edwards H-49
      Tottie Morris sent to Kidston

      23. 7.1946 Discrepancies in the Aboriginal ledger at Forsayth
      Albert Edward
      Arthur East
      Henry Abingdon
      Henry Edwards
      Norman Paul
      Vera Edwards, child endowment account

       8. 8.1946 Mentions the following
      Vera Edwards
      Norman Paul returned to Weipa
      Tottie Morris

      10. 8.1946 Henry Abingdon would like a transfer

      13. 8.1946 Aboriginal correspondence mentions
      Peter Rutland P-305
      Vera Edwards
      Larry Edwards L-311
      George Corbett G-58
      Letter dated 5. 6.1946 attached to above mentions Harry Wix.

      22. 8.1946 Henry Abingdon wants to go to Einasleigh. 
      Ben Woomera B-100 of Georgetown would be a suitable replacement.
      He is about 46 years old and single. Has been a tracker at
      Einasleigh and Kidston.

       5.10.1946 Arthur East A-66 and Ivy Lacey I-58 want to get
      married. Ivy Lacey is the mother of an illegitimate child.
      Arthur is not the father.

      17.10.1946 Tracker Ben Woomera of Forsayth

       1.11.1946 Meals supplied to the following as they passed through
      Forsayth on the way to Normanton
      Dorrie Brennan D-123

       6.11.1946 Arthur East and Ivy Lacey wish to be tribally married
      at Georgetown in December.

      16.11.1946 Ben Woomera B-100

      30.11.1946 The following passed through Forsayth on return to 
      employment at Strathfield Station, Mt Surprise area
      Darwin Flower D-399
      Charlie Charlie C-347

      11.12.1946 Jacky Fraser J-48 is very old and should be sent to
      a mission

      18.12.1946 Ben Woomera B-100

       1. 1.1947 -  1.12.1948 A/35109

      16. 1.1947 Ben Woomera B-100

      25. 1.1947 Tracker Ben Woomera B-100 wants to marry 
      Hilda Clark H-204 of the Georgetown Protectorate.

       4. 2.1947 Harold H-118 proceeding from Normanton to Croydon
      to take up work at Lyndhurst Stn. Attached letterdated 13. 2.1947
      mentions Banjo going to Lyndhurst Station via Einasleigh.

       2. 3.1947 Ben Woomera and Hilda Clark tribally married 
      on 28. 2.1947 at Forsayth. Hilda is under 21 years of age and
      was given permission by her mother who is currently in Forsayth,
      to marry.

      16. 3.1947 Expenses incurred in removal of Enoch Tranby to Cairns.

      20. 3.1947 Mother of Hilda Clark is Clara Clark of Abingdon Stn
      via Georgetown. Hilda's account transferred from Georgetown to

       1. 4.1947 Expenses incurred in removal of Enoch Tranby to Cairns.

      26. 5.1947 Ration cards for
      Fay J Edwards
      Rosaleen East

      26. 5.1947 George Corbett G-58

      31. 5.1947 Mentions
      Albert Edwards
      Vera Edwards, his wife
      They have children

      23. 6.1947 Mentions
      Larry Edwards
      Albert Edwards
      ------  East

      29. 6.1947 Expenses incurred in the removal of Topsy Strathmore
      T-92 to Mareeba Hospital.

      30. 6.1947 Agreements for
      Larry Edwards L-311, gone from Robin Hood Stn to Georgetown
      Albert Edwards A-112, Robin Hood Stn

       5. 7.1947 Beatrice Ah Gum of Forsayth gave birth to an
      illegitimate male child on 25. 4.1947 at the Normanton District
      Hospital. Father of child is Jack Mackey of Almaden. After birth of
      child Beatrice went to Croydon to work. Her mother lives there.
      Beatrice was born 24. 1.1925 and her grandfather was Chinese and
      her grandmother a F/B Aborigine. Beatrice's father is Tom Ah Gum,
      Chinese and deceased. 

       8. 7.1947 Hilda Clark H-204

       8. 7.1947 Ben Woomera B-100

       3.12.1947 Vera Edwards

      10. 1.1948 George Corbett G-58

      13. 1.1948 Tracker Ben Woomera wants leave

      12. 4.1948 Henry Edwards

      29. 6.1948 George Corbett G-58, F/B, about 30 years old does 
      not want employment at Kidston or Einasleigh as Tracker.

      29. 6.1948 Wogga W-96, inquired for by the Protector of 
      Aborigines Normanton is not in the district.

       6. 7.1948 Leslie Walker died and his wife and daughter were
      injured when they jumped from a moving truck near Mossman
      on 17. 6.1948.

      24. 8.1948 Wogga lost a saddle between Chillagoe and Almaden.

      20. 9.1948 Mannie Fred, wife and three children arrived at 
      Forsayth en route to Kidston. Mannie is to become the Police 
      Tracker there.

      21. 9.1948 Wogga 

      11.10.1948 Tracker Ben Woomera going to Mareeba Hospital

      25.10.1948 Tracker Ben Woomera back

       4.12.1948 - 28.12.1950 A/35110

       8. 1.1949 Transfer of account of Nelson Brumby from Georgetown 
      to Forsayth

      10. 1.1949 Money for account of Peter (Surprise) Rutland at
      Mitchell River Mission.

      13. 1.1949 Child endowment card for Ivy East, wife of Arthur East

      17. 1.1949 Nelson Brumby N-258

      20. 1.1949 Mentions
      Ivy East of Robin Hood Station
      Jacky Fraser J-48, indigent rations

       1. 2.1949 Rations for Tracker Ben Woomera and his gin Hilda

      14. 2.1949 Arthur East

      18. 2.1949 George Corbett

       1. 3.1949 Peter Rutland and his mother at Mitchell River Mission

       4. 5.1949 Ben Woomera B-100 wants leave

       6. 5.1949 Expenditure in connection with removal of Daniel Charlie
      from Normanton to Palm Island on Removal Order 69/48 by Native
      Policeman Buller McIvor.

      21. 6.1949 Details of Tracker
      Ben Woomera B-100, about 44 years old
      Hilda Clark H-204, his wife
      They have no children

      18. 9.1949 Nelson Brumby, 21 years old, single, employed at Long
      Gully, Forsayth, accidentally shot himself in the left hand.

       3.11.1949 Nelson Brumby

      11. 1.1950 Loose letter from Mitchell River Mission mentions
      the following going to Forsayth
      Peter Rutland (Surprise)
      Kunjin Dick K-108
      Sam Tom

       4. 1.1950 Tracker Ben Woomera wants leave

       9. 2.1950 Ben Woomera B-100 wants to leave.
      George Corbett G-58 of Forsayth would like the job. He is F/B,
      25 years old and single. Was previously a tracker at Forsayth.
      Born in the Division.

      19. 2.1950 George Corbett G-58

       6. 3.1950 Ben Woomera B-100 discharged. George Corbett G-58
      takes his place.

       5. 9.1950 Gilbert Hall, wife and 2 small children arrived
      en route to Einasleigh.

       1. 1.1951 - 28.12.1951 A/35111

       1. 1.1951  Tracker George Corbett G-58

       4. 1.1951 Mentions
      Harry Wix H-42
      Peter Rutland P-305

      26. 2.1951 Tracker George Corbett G-58 wants leave

      16. 5.1951 Expenses incurred with the removal of the following 
      from Croydon to Palm Island
      Leo Corello
      Charlie Keeler
      Lefthand Charlie
      Dulcie Charlie
      Hannah Charlie
      Gregory Charlie, child
      Sidney Charlie, child
      Betty Charlie, child

       1.10.1951 Tracker George Corbett G-58

      22.12.1951 Deputy Director of Native Affairs inquiring for
      Reggie Gibson. Not known in district.

       1. 1.1952 - 30.12.1952 A/35112

       1. 1.1952 Tracker George Corbett G-58

       3. 1.1952 Tracker George Corbett wants to leave. Possible
      replacement is Matthew Gilbert M-568, F/B, aged 23 years,
      from the Georgetown Protectorate, born at Mitchell River.

      26. 1.1952 Henry Abingdon (Plate) H-51 employed at Robin Hood

      28. 1.1952 George Corbett G-58 discharged. Matthew Gilbert to
      take his place.

      19. 2.1952 Tracker Matthew Gilbert is married.

       1. 4.1952 Tracker Matthew Gilbert and his gin Angeline Gilbert

      12. 6.1952 Annie Doherty, an inhabitant of Yarrabah Mission,
      arrived on the night of 7. 6.1952. To be employed by Mrs Edith Pozzi
      of Forsayth.
      Elsie Burns also arrived with Annie. Elsie travelled to Georgetown 
      thence to her employment at Abingdon Downs.

      11. 7.1952 Angeline Gilbert, gin of Tracker Matthew Gilbert has
      left for Mareeba. She is pregnant and due to give birth around
      middle of August 1952.

      20. 8.1952 Tracker Matthew Gilbert M-568 wants leave. Wife,
      Angeline Gilbert in Mareeba Hospital, about to give birth.
      Matthew going to Mareeba.

      28. 8.1952 Angeline Gilbert had a caesarian birth on 20. 8.1952.

      27. 9.1952 The child of Matthew and Angeline Gilbert who was
      born on 20. 8.1952 is named Gabriel Gilbert.

       4.10.1952 Annie Doherty arrived from Cairns. Going back to 
      employment with Mrs E M Pozzi of Forsayth.      

       1.1.1952 Expenses incurred in the removal of the following from
      Abingdon Downs Station, Georgetown to Woorabinda Mission
      Norma Clark
      Jack Clark
      Joyce Clark
      Jean Clark, baby
      Also mentions Robert Nehow, Native Policeman

       1. 1.1953 - 29.12.1952 A/35113 

      15. 1.1953 The following arrived at Forsayth 8. 1.1953, going to
      employment at Robin Hood Station
      Johnny Bidgee
      Alf Ludwick
      Hugh Warren

       1. 2.1953 The following arrived at Forsayth
      Harry Gordon, to employment at Forest Home Station via Georgetown
      George Corbett, to Robin Hood Station

       5. 2.1953 Gladys Logan arrived on way to employment at
      Magoura Station, Normanton

      20. 2.1953 The following arrived at Forsayth on way to employment
      at North Heads Station
      Harry Wix
      Wendell Lefoe

      19. 5.1953 Matthew Gilbert M-568 to be discharged as Tracker.
      Harry Wix H-42, about 50 years old, F/B, single could take his
      place. Harry was born at Mitchell River.

       1. 6.1953 Matthew Gilbert and his gin Angeline Gilbert have
      left Forsayth for employment at Abingdon Downsm Station,

       6. 6.1953 Harry Wix H-42 is Tracker at Forsayth

       1. 1.1954 - 29.12.1954 A/35114

       1. 1.1954 Tracker Harry Wix H-42

       6. 5.1954 Harry Wix H-42 wants leave

       1. 1.1955 - 31.12.1955 A/35115

       1. 1.1955 Tracker Harry Wix H-42

       8. 2.1955 No information about Raimus

       9. 6.1955 Harry Wix H-42 wants leave

       1. 1.1956 - 31.12.1956 A/35116      

       1. 1.1956 Tracker Harry Wix H-42

      25. 6.1956 Tracker Harry Wix H-42 wants leave

      18.12.1956 Mentions the following removals
      Buller Mitchell from Georgetown to Woorabinda, with Native
        Escort Bertie Duncan
      Ivy East from Georgetown to Palm Island with Native Escort
        Biddy Shadford

       1. 1.1957 - 27.12.1957 A/35117     

       1. 1.1957 Meals for Tracker Orphias Callope of the Croydon

       1. 1.1957 Tracker Harry Wix H-42

      24. 6.1957 Tracker Harry Wix H-42 wants leave

       1. 1.1958 - 29.12.1958 A/35118      

       1. 2.1958 Tracker Harry Wix H-42

       5. 2.1958 Mentions Victor Koolatah, from Robin Hood Stn
      giving evidence at Cairns

      14. 3.1958 Agreement for George Corbett G-58 at Georgetown

      23. 6.1958 Tracker Harry Wix H-42 wants leave

       4.10.1958 Harry Wix

      22.10.1958 George Corbett G-58

      20.11.1958 Harry Wix H-42

       1. 1.1959 -  8. 7.1959 A/35119      

       1. 1.1959 Harry Wix H-42

       3. 1.1959 Agreement for George Corbett G-58 at Robin Hood Stn

       4. 2.1059 Mentions Bonny Lacey from Mareeba was at Forsayth at
      Christmas time

      28. 2.1959 Sick leave for Harry Wix H-42

      29. 6.1959 Harry Wix H-42 no longer fit to be Tracker. He is 
      about 68 years old. Possible replacement is Little Henry L-61
      at Robin Hood Stn.

      16. 3.1959 Robin Hood Stn homestead destroyed by fire. Mentions
      Annie Bidgee, F/B, wife of Johnny Bidgee
      Johnny Bidgee, F/B, husband of Annie Bidgee

      19. 3.1959 Annie Bidgee, about 50 years old, missing from Robin
      Hood Stn. Later found.

      20. 4.1959 Little Henry

      14. 4.1959 Mentions
      Little Henry
      Peter Rutland

       1. 7.1959 Tracker Harry Wix H-42
       8. 7.1959 - 30.12.1959 A/35120

      18. 7.1959 George Corbett G-58, 35 years old, F/B, single, 
      previously Tracker at Forsayth 1945 and 1950 - 1952, currently
      employed at Ronin Hood Station, would be a suitable replacement
      for Harry Wix who is soon to be medically discharged.

       6. 8.1959 George Corbett G-58 is now Tracker

      25. 7.1959 Harry Wix medically discharged. Aged about 68 years.

      22.11.1959 Wages due to Harry Wix H-42

       4. 1.1960 Tracker Geoge Corbett G-58 discharged.
      Tracker Teddy Morris T-350 of Einasleigh will replace him

       1. 1.1960 - 21.12.1960 A/35121

      16. 1.1960 Antecedents of Melpal Tapim also known as Melpal Marou,
      Torres Straits Islander, charged with an offence at Thursday

      19. 2.1960 Parky Atkinson of Hillgrove Station, Charters Towers,
      complains two of his horses stolen by Alfred James Marshall of
      Lyndhurst Station via Kidston

      26.10.1960 Dudley D-371, 32 years, F/B, single, of Mitchell River,
      currently employed at Ironhurst Georgetown, would be a replacement
      for Teddy Morris T-360. Teddy could go and work at Ironhurst.

      21.11.1960 Teddy Morris T-360 discharged and Dudley D-371

       1. 1.1961 - 28.12.1961 A/35122

       1. 1.1961 Mentions
      Teddy Morris T-360
      Dudley D-371

      17. 1.1961 Death of Aboriginal child Colin Clark aged 6 months
      at Abingdon Downs Station on 17. 1.1961.

       4. 3.1961 Expenses incurred in removal of Oscar Thompson from
      Georgetown to Palm Island. 
      Mentions Diamond Bell, Native Escort.

      10. 4.1961 Cost of meals for the following going to Palm Island
      Jim Stanley, Native Policeman
      Alex Sailor, Removee

      10. 7.1961 Request to discharge Dudley D-371

      26. 7.1961 Katherina Winkle of the Aboriginal Settlement Mareeba
      and Edmund Eric of Robin Hood Station each state they caught their 
      disease from the other.

      31. 7.1961 Tracker Dudley D-371 discharged.

      10.10.1961 George Ryan jnr reported as a missing person by the
      Superintendent of the Aboriginal Hostel Aitkenvale.

       5.12.1961 Eddie Dabah new Tracker at Forsayth. He is married.

      19.12.1961 Tracker Eddie Dabah terminated his duty 18.12.1961.
      He and his wife Dorothy Dabah went to Yarrabah.
       1. 1.1962 - 24.12.1962 A/35123 

       1. 1.1962 Rations for Tracker and his wife, namely
      Eddie Dabah and Dorothy Dabah. Was discharged December 1961.

      17. 8.1962 Teddy Morris approved to be Tracker if not otherwise

      13.11.1962 Wages for Tracker Teddy Morris

       1. 1.1963 - 21.10.1963 A/35124
       8. 4.1963 Mentions Tracker Teddy Morris

       1.10.1963 Teddy Morris wants leave to visit Normanton and 
      Mitchell River Mission

       4. 1.1966 - 17. 7.1967 A/35125
       5. 1.1966 Tracker Noel Lacey N-319 wants leave.

       6. 1.1966 Pauline Lacey, gin of Tracker Noel Lacey, going to
      Mareeba to have a baby.

      13. 2.1967 Pauline Lacey gave birth to a female child 
      on 30. 1.1967. She is the wife of Tracker Noel Lacey.

      13. 7.1967 George Skeene and May Parker re unpaid monies ordered
      by the childrens Court Mareeba. George Skeene lives at Cairns.
      Last known address of May Parker was that she was living with
      a man by the name of Russian Jack at Yorkey's Knob via Cairns.
      George Skeene is married.

      This is the last of the currently available Forsayth Letterbooks.