Police Fossilbrook - Letterbook 1931 - 1933

Police Station, Fossilbrook Letterbook Jun 1931 - Sep 1933 Item ID 281506 Previous System Location A/35006; RSI2534/1/1 Access Category 30 years Copyright Paul Mackett 1989 17. 8.1931 Fossilbrook Mentions: Willie Barney ) Cecil Sundown ) Palm Island deserters Jack Olville or Gunnawarra ) Ernie Mummons ) Tracker Pegus Half-caste Joe Dosetta, also a deserter from Palm Island. Wild aboriginal Charlie Fox 7. 5.1932 Fossilbrook Mentions: Half-caste Joe Dosetta, deserter from Palm Island. Robert Chong married to an aboriginal. Rosie Biddle was married to a white man, and has a son aged 20 years. She no longer lives with her husband. 17. 5.1932 Fossilbrook Mentions Tracker George Pegus. 23. 5.1932 Almaden Rosie Biddle's son is named Percy. 21. 7.1933 Fossilbrook Mentions: Maude Bristow, half-caste Oscar James, half-caste Billie Thomas, aboriginal