Police Townsville - Register of Incoming Correspondence 1911 - 1912

Police Department, Townsville Register of Incoming Correspondence 15. 4.1911 - 13. 2.1912 Item ID 88013 Previous System Location POL11/B1; PRV11001/1/1 Access Category 30 years Queensland State Archives Copyright Paul Mackett 1996 15. 4.1911 - 13. 2.1912 POL 11/B1 22. 4.1911 Report No 141 about Const Brett of Plane Creek being assaulted by an Aborigine named Jimmy Captain while trying to arrest him. 24. 4.1911 Application by W Bell of Cerito Stn to employ Aborigines Mabel and Pincher. 24. 4.1911 Arthur Buck of Waterloo Stn, Barringha wants to employ Aborigines Earnest and Billy Buck. 8. 5.1911 Application to recruit another Blackboy as Tracker in place of Arthur. 17. 5.1911 Ayr. Application for permit to employ Aborigines Major and Jack Pain by Donald Stewart Cameron. 19. 5.1911 Lawn Hills has bank account at Hughenden. Wants to transfer it here. 22. 5.1911 Applications for permits attached for Aborigines Ted and Minnie to be employed by E Collings of Glendon. 22. 5.1911 Ayr. Application by Charles Harold Highfield to employ Aborigines Harry and Jack. 27. 5.1911 Rookwood Junction. application by John Joseph Balfe, Haughton Valley, to employ Aborigine Willie 27. 5.1911 Charters Towers. Harry Tierney, putative father of unborn child of Louie Campbell H/C. Louie is formerly of Xmas Creek Stn. 30. 5.1911 Ravenswood Junction. Mopo missing from Dotswood Stn. May have cleared out through disagreement with his gin Bella. 31. 5.1911 Ayr. Ching Do applied for permit to employ Aborigines Harry and Davey. 7. 6.1911 Ravenswood Junction. Application by Geo Peace & Sons of Ravenswood Junction to employ Jas Rutherford. 10. 6.1911 Notice of birth of illegitimate infant of Pigeon, Aboriginal at Woonoon Stn, Plane Creek on 6. 5.1911. Also death of infant, died 29. 5.1911. 12. 6.1910 Memo with order from Chief Protector of Aborigines for removal of Chalk from Mackay to Barambah. 12. 6.1911 Bowen. Attached agreements and recognizances for Jack, Arthur and Jimmy Kemp 17. 6.1911 Brandon. Application by James Appoo to employ Peter. 17. 6.1911 Ayr. Application by Ross Bros, Ayr Bluegate Farm to employ Andrew Charlie Tim Jack Brady Mary Ann 20. 6.1911 Brandon. Agreement between Murray and Cullen and Aborigine George. 17. 6.1911 Brandon. Agreements between Iseri Tongi (Gongi) and Aborigines George and Johnny. 24. 6.1911 Ayr. Fazil Abdul to employ Aborigines George and Johnny. 24. 6.1911 Townsville. Aborigine Bob found dead on Town Common. 24. 6.1911 Ayr. Application by Ross Bros to employ Joe. 27. 6.1911 Rookwood Junction. Meatworks wants to employ Jerry. 30. 6.1911 Cardwell. Arresting Aborigine Charlie Murrie for absenting himself from hired service at Cardwell. Remanded to Geraldton and escorted there. 5. 7.1911 Ayr. Application by Dugald Graham, Ivanhoe, Ayr to employ Aborigines Dakers and Jimmy 5. 7.1911 Ayr. Application by M A Coyns to renew agreement to employ Jimmy. 5. 7.1911 Ayr. Application by Cameron and Irving to employ Aborigines Colin and Pluto. 21. 7.1911 Ayr. Death of female Aborigine Nellie Coutts, found dead outside her humpy. 24. 7.1911 Removal of Aborigine Albert from Stewarts Creek to Taroom 24. 7.1911 Bowen. Agreement for Toby and Charlie at Sonoma Stn have expired. They would prefer to work somewhere else. Do not want to return to their country at Coen. 28. 7.1911 Warrant from Chief Protector Brisbane for removal of Jimmy Martin from Stewarts Creek to Taroom. 21. 8.1911 Ukalunda. Bertie, 15 yrs old, not receiving correct wages as per agreement with W Wharton. 31. 8.1911 Ayr. Black boy Wobby died at the Blacks Camp, Ayr on 1. 4.1911. 5. 9.1911 Mrs Harvey of Hermit Park, Townsville asks that an Aboriginal boy named Jimmie Edwards at Barambah come to Townsville to her employ. he wants to come. 11. 9.1911 H Fryer states Tommy has absconded from employment. 10.10.1911 Ayr. Agreement for Tommy with Frederick Payard 13.10.1911 Coen. Tommy sent from Coen for Mr South by Inspector Malone. 16.10.1911 Ukalunda. Tommy King, employed by Constable Wilson, spreading reports Mt Wharton illegally branding calf. Suggest Tommy King be sent to a Mission. 20.10.1911 Ayr. Sam refuses to renew agreement with Fryer of Ayr. Went Bowen. 27.10.1911 Ayr. Johnny died in Townsville Hospital. Was under agreement to W Craig of Ayr. 27.10.1911 Ingham. Tracker Flanaghan is getting a gin. 27.10.1911 Brandon. Fred Johnson is employed by Messrs Murray and Cullen but is not under agreement. 30.10.1911 Proserpine. Waite Bros want to employ Aborigines Norman and Herbert. 6.11.1911 Ayr. Paddy wants to withdraw some money. 17.11.1911 Ravenswood Junction. Willie told to leave his employment. Was under agreement to John Joseph Balfe of haughton Valley. Now staying in Police Station Ravenswood Junction. 31.10.1911 Merinda. Henry Fisher of Rosevale near Bowen employing Dicky Allen without a permit. 21.11.1911 Merinda. Attaching application by Henry Fisher and E G Lascells to employ Dicky Allen. 27.11.1911 Proserpine. Jerry, 17 yrs, handed to Police by Mr Emmerson with request he be sent to a Mission. 27.11.1911 Merinda. Juan being employed by William Sinclair without a permit. 6.12.1911 Brandon. H/C girl Jessie Joyce taken to Townsville Hospital with appendicitis. 11.12.1911 Ayr. Money owed by Paddy. 23.12.1911 Halifax. Nellie died 16.12.1911 from heart failure. 30.12.1911 Halifax. Death of Joe King H/C at Macknade Sugar Mill on 24.12.1911. 5. 1.1912 Ravenswood Junction. Application to employ Willie by William Quinn. 8. 1.1912 Ukalunda. Application to employ Sandy and Lily by by John Earl of Heidelberg Stn. 10. 1.1912 Merinda. Agreement between Albert Smith of Koomanda and Nellie. 10. 1.1912 Brandon. Application to employ Jessie Joyce H/C by Mr Galloway. 17. 1.1912 Bowen. Application to employ Juan by William Sinclair. 17. 1.1912 Bowen. Application to employ Harry by J A Page. 17. 1.1912 Bowen. Application to employ Bulbery by D Wharton. 17. 1.1912 Bowen. Application to employ Jimmy Larry by D Wharton. 17. 1.1912 Bowen. Application to employ Eileen by Annie Gatfredsen. 17. 1.1912 Bowen. Application to employ Cissy by J A Page. 17. 1.1912 Bowen. Application to employ Bertie by D Wharton. 18. 1.1912 Charters Towers. Application to discharge Tracker Gilbert and employ Tracker Toby. 23. 1.1912 Pentland. Tracker Willie wants leave. 30. 1.1912 Bowen. Application to employ Jerry by John Andrews. 30. 1.1912 Brandon. Application to employ Victor by James Appoo 30. 1.1912 Ayr. Application to employ Tommy and Charlie by Peter Chapman. 31. 1.1912 Proserpine. Billy Emmerson is temporary Tracker. 31. 1.1912 Ayr. application to employ Bob Robin and Cora by Edward C Lamb. 5. 2.1912 North Ward. Supposed employment of Alick without agreement by Fred Hannaford. 10. 2.1912 Proserpine. Application to employ Billy Emmerson by Edward McKenzie of Proserpine. 13. 2.1912 Bowen. Application to employ Daisy by W J Andrews 13. 2.1912 Halifax. King Toby of Halifax, old Aborigine, wants rations.