Police Patrols 1940s North Queensland

Item ID 503381 Previous System Location SRS505/1/1637 Record Type Correspondence, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Patrols (R254 Box 265 File 1D/11) Description Administration - Protectorates - Patrols Departmental Numbers 1D/11 Access Category 65 years This bundle contains correspondence and copies of Police Patrol reports throughout Queensland Paul Mackett 1997 2. 1.1940 Cooktown Harry H-37, involved in attempt to catch Sambo. 25. 1.1940 Cooktown Harry H-37 Emily Johnny Crooked Foot Both in Cooktown Hospital. Both from Coen. 15. 3.1940 Iron Range Patrol to Wenlock. Mentions Albert Cottis H/C to accompany Protector 26. 5.1940 Charleville District, Cunnamulla Stn Refers to illegal employment of Aborigines in the Wooroorooka, Eulo and Wyandra Districts. Tinnenburra Stn Percy Rolfe H/C, exempt Charles Turner H/C, exempt Alfred McKellar H/C, exempt Charlie McKellar H/C, exempt Fred McKellar H/C, exempt, aged 19 years, keeps his mother Mary McKellar, an old identity of Tinnenburra and Eulo is the mother of Alfred, Charlie and Fred McKellar, Mirage Plains Stn James Orchard F/B, recently from NSW Boxer Widgell F/B Charlie Kelly F/B Warranella Stn Jack Turnbull, correct name Jack Mutton J-136, has a gin and children Pitherty Stn Jack from Hungerford 8. 4.1940 Mount Garnet Station Patrol to Wairuna Station. mentions Charlie Towers Dandy Atkinson Harry Quinn, former employee of Wairuna Tommy Cashmere, former employee of Wairuna Denny Hooligan Undated Tinnenburra Station Alfred McKellar Fred McKellar Percy Rolfe, exempt 26. 4.1939 Charles Turner, exempt 26. 4.1939 Charles McKellar, exempt 30. 3.1939 15. 7.1940 Cooktown Patrol to various parts of area. Mentions Harry Sykes H-37, at Shiptons Flat Jacky Sambo, wanted for removal to Palm Island Harry H-136 Podgy Noel H/C Corporal Curly 5. 9.1940 Cooktown Mentions Harry H-37 16.11.1940 About removal of Aboriginal Camp from Tinnenburra to Wooroorooka. Mentions at the Tinnenburra Aboriginal Camp Jimmy Triple F/B, about 70 years old Willie Widgell, wife and 5 children Kelly Been, and wife Annie Widgell, widow Burial ground is near the camp. Manager of Tinnenburra Stn is going to make Willie Widgell King of Tinnenburra. The previous two Kings are dead. 11. 2.1941 Cunnamulla Tinnenburra Station. Mentions Willie Widgell, to be made King of the Tinnenburra Camp. Kelly Bean, and his wife Annie Widgell, widow 28. 2.1941 Cunnamulla Station Tinnenburra Station. Mentions Willie Widgell, wife died recently at Tinnenburra Camp Kelly Bean, wide died last week at Cunnamulla Hospital 2. 6.1941 Coen 20.1.1940 Normanton Mentions Banjo B-231 14. 5.1941 Coen Mentions Scottie, held at Aurukun, to go to Palm Island Koppa, being used for immoral purposes at Merluna Undated 1941 telegram Coen or Aurukun Mentions Scottie alias Paddy, native name Korkitin, at Aurukun, on removal to Palm Island Rosie, native name Wintralmum, his wife, at Aurukun At Merluna are Mitoinkal Workwiya , his wife Inkia Schnapper Pincher Tom Murray 2. 6.1941 Coen Investigation into the alleged immoral relations between native women and white inhabitants at Merluna Stn in the Coen Protectorate. Peter Boyd P-46, about 50 years old Polly Boyd, wife of Peter Boyd, about 25 years old About 2 years ago Polly had an infant which died at birth. Peter and Polly state the deceased child was a full blood. Police state child was a half-caste and lived a few days before it died. Winnie Keppel (otherwise known as Walter), wife of Boxer Keppel B-67, with a twelve month old infant F/B girl and pregnant Eileen, about 16 years old, sister of Winnie Keppel. Eileen is to be married to Johnny Ahlers J-97 on the occasion of the Races at Coen at the end of July this year. Nancy Keppel, wife of Wampoo Keppel W-146, with a F/B infant daughter about three months old named Ella Maggie Thompson, aged mother of Nancy Keppel, about 65 years old, and generally lives on the lower reaches of the Archer River where she was born Georgina, wife of the late Mickie Boyd, about 45 years old. Scottie, idenmtical with Paddy whose wife is Rosie (Big-eyed Rosie) of the Archer River. Koppa, appears to be the Native name for Rosie. When not on the Archer River they live at the junction of the Archer and Coen Rivers near Rokeby Station. Have not been at Merluna for about 12 months. Schnapper, single, not at Merluna for many months Pincher, passed away about 3 years ago on Kokialah Creek. Since he died Paddy took his gin Rosie. Pincher worked at lot at Merluna. F H Keppel is the owner of Merluna Station and is believed to be the father of Jack J-431 H/C Jack Ross H/C of Rokeby Stn Undated handwritten page Mentions Peter Boyd P-46, Coen Polly, wife of Peter Boyd Winnie and infant, wife of Boxer Keppel Boxer Keppel B-67, Coen Nancy and infant, wife of Wampoo Keppel Wampoo Keppel W-146, Coen Eileen, aged 16 years, sister of Winnie Maggie Thompson, aged Maggie M-332, Coen, not part of group Johnny Ahlers J-97, Coen, to be married to Eileen Georgina G-43, Coen, widow Scottie, known as Paddy, of Archer River Rosie, wife of Scottie, of Archer River paddy keppel P-214, Coen, not part of group Paddy P-240, Coen, aged 13 years, not part of group Rosie R-138, Coen Schnapper Jack J-431, Coen, father believed to be Keppel manager of Merluna Stn Jack Ross, Rokeby Stn 28.10.1941 Normanton Patrol report for northern portion of Normanton Protectorate. Maggieville Stn ( Outstation of Delta Downs Stn) Peter Campbell Smiler II Both signed on to Delta Downs. No sign of VD. Myravale Stn Natives sighted were Bumble B-161, signed on Millie M-196, wife of Bumble Beasley B-241, signed on, son of Bumble Stella, daughter of Bumble Noel, son of Bumble Royal R-99, signed on Bob Burns B-240, signed on Rainbow R-64, signed on Tommy Burns T-161, signed on Diamond, Mitchell River Mission, signed on Dolly D-201, not signed on, adult Judy Burns, wife of Tommy Burns, not signed on Katie Burns K-62, 17 years old, not signed on, has been given to Royal and they intend to marry Don Burns, 10 years old, not signed on Clarine Burns, 9 years old, H/C, not signed on Joan Burns, 7 years old, not signed on Noble Burns, 5 years old, not signed on Nardoo Burns, 3 years old, not signed on Nellie N-139, not signed on, very old Daisy D-164, about 19 years old, not signed on, until recently a nomad Angie, not signed on No sign of VD. Delta Downs Stn Natives sighted were Jubilee C J-293, signed on Mickey M-192, signed on Stewart, signed on Johnnie Casey J-288, signed on Comet C-128, signed on Paddy Walsh P-185, signed on Midlan M-195, signed on George F G-83, signed on Walker W-92, signed on Lily A, wife of Jubilee C, not signed on. Lily was at Miranda Downs until recently, and married Jubilee C at Race Week. She has a young H/C boy about 4 to 5 years old. Melba Casey, wife of Johnnie Casey, and small child about 1 year old, not signed on, tribally married. Ida Campbell, wife of Peter Campbell, signed on Judy Midlan, wife of Midlan, and 3 small children, not signed on Trixie, wife of George F, and 2 small children, not signed on Lucy, wife of Walker, not signed on, old gin Judy Midlan and her 3 children and Trixie and her 2 children live at "The Fish Hole". At this camp are also Alma, a cripple Minnie, a young gin Normally at the camp but away on walkabout were Gilbert Gypsy, his wife Marjorie, about 12 years old, their child Graham, about 4 years old, their child Lotus Vale Stn Robin Brangle R-109, signed on Dick D-210, signed on Dolly Brangle, wife of Robin Brangle Alma A-174, H/C, exempt Lilly A L-146, exempt Dunbar Stn Natives sighted were Jerry J-270, signed on Jimmy A J-276, signed on Brissey B-159, signed on Smiler S-109, signed on Johnson J-455, signed on Sloper S-108, signed on Possum P-138, wife of Jerry, not signed on Bella B-236, wife of Jimmy A, not signed on Nellie, wife of Smiler, not signed on Maggie, wife of Sloper, not signed on These are all Normanton natives. Also seen were 14 male natives from Mitchell River Mission, including the following who want to transfer back to Normanton Protectorate Sweat, has wife Elsie Lawrence, has wife Doris and 2 children The following were found at a camp about 1 1/2 miles from the homestead and are described as Nomadic Blacks and others Staaten Joe, about 50 years old, appears to be head man Mud, about 70 years old Maggie Vanrook, mother of Rory (Rory Vanrook) of Koolatah Polly, no relations, very ancient Maggie, aunt of Brissey, very old and thin Kitty, mother of Sloper, very old The following are at the camp to visit an old Aborigine named Friday who is at the AIM Hospital. Bobella Dick Daisy Ther are nomads normally running between Mitchell River Mission, Edward River and Dunbar. Koolatah Stn Rory R-69 Dorothy, his wife Also a number of Mitchell River Mission boys. Rutland Plains The only Normanton natives here are Nipper A N-142 Barbara, wife of Nipper A Bully, wife of Mitchell A (deceased) Mission girl No evidence of VD. Vanrook Stn Normanton natives are Wogga W-96 Paddy B P-125 Bowyang B-158 Delta Paddy D-117 Frankie F-101 Nellie Queenie, at present in Normanton with baby Also 7 Mitchell River Mission natives No sign of VD Stirling Paddy B Maggie, his wife Dolly, old Corncob, old Dolly and Corncob camp about a mile from the Station. Macaroni Stn Delta Paddy Nellie, his wife Ivy, aged 19 years, their daughter, has H/C baby about 12 months old At time of visit Nellie, Ivy and baby were on walkabout with Waterloo Jimmy Kitty Ivy is allegedly tribally married to Bowyang at Vanrook. Gumholes Stn Saltwater Jack S-101, signed on, old Nellie Saltwater, not signed on, old Ned N-158, signed on The following are walkabout natives Sheila, about 40 years old Stumpy Ben, very old Susie, old Sunshine, Mitchell River Mission boy No sign of VD. Inkerman Stn Signed on from Normanton are Adam A-109 Inkerman Alfie I-17 Banjo B-231 There are also three mission boys. Also mentioned are Doris, wife of Adam Anzac, aged 4 years, child of Doris Nora, aged about 18 months, child of Doris Mollie, from Mitchell River Mission, wife of Inkerman Alfie Dora D-122, wife of Eric, usually works at Inkerman, has 2 children No sign of VD. Miranda Downs Stn The following belong to Normanton Sandy Gordon, signed on Barney B, signed on Logan, signed on Lena Gordon, wife of Sandy Gordon, not signed on Doris, wife of Barney, not signed on Hilda and baby, wife of Logan, not signed on There are also 13 natives from Mitchell River Mission. No sign of VD. 20. 7.1942 Report on Patrol of the North-Eastern portion of the Normanton Protectorate Lotus Vale Stn Dick D-210 Robin Brangle R-109, away droving Dolly Brangle, wife of Robin Brangle Alma A-174, H/C, exempt Delta Stn There are 11 Aborigines under Agreement to this Station. A number are absent mustering. Toby T-156, signed on Walker W-92, signed on Judy Midlan J-539, not signed on, wife of Midlan M-995. Judy has four children. She resides in a camp a few miles from the Station homestead. Ida I-12, signed on Lily, not signed on, wife of Jubilee C J-293, has one child Lucy, not signed on, wife of Walker Sheila S-207, from Galbraith Stn on walkabout Melba M-283, wife of Johnnie Casey, with 2 children. She resides in a camp a few miles from the Station homestead. Myravale Stn Seven natives are signed on at this Station. The males are absent mustering. Dolly D-201, aged, not signed on Millie M-196, wife of Bumble, has two children Stella and Noel Judy Burns J-538, wife of Tommy Burns, has eight children namely Noble Burns Nardoo Burns Betty Burns Joan Burns Clara Burns Don Burns Bob Burns, over 16 years old Katie Burns, over 16 years old Biddy A B-153, wife of Rainbow, has two children Sandy and Rachel Nellie N-139, and two children Angy and Daisy, Daisy being over 16 years Galbraith Stn Ned N-158 Ned Vanrook N-88, visiting from Riverview, Gilbert River via Georgetown Inkerman Stn Adam A-109, signed on Doris D-280, signed on, wife of Adam, with 3 children. Gave birth to the third child a few days before Patrol arrived. Inkerman Alfie I-17, signed on Molly, wife of Inkerman Alfie Nomads also seen on the property were Jemima, and child Frenchy about 5 years old Inkerman Nellie or Waterloo Nellie Both females are fairly old and state Inkerman is their home. Dunbar Stn Brissey B-159, signed on Jessie, wife of Brissey, not signed on Jerry J-270, signed on Possum, wife of Jerry, signed on Jimmy A J-276, signed on Bella, wife of Jimmy A, not signed on Johnson J-455, a youth, signed on Sloper S-108, signed on Maggie, wife of Sloper, signed on Smiler S-109, signed on Nellie, wife of Smiler, not signed on Possum and Maggie had been on a walkabout. Also present were a number of Mitchell River Mission Aborigines. Koolatah Stn Rory R-69 Dorothy, wife of Rory Both have left and gone bush. Vanrook Stn Most were absent but the following were seen Nellie N-183, single, signed on Queenie Q-8, single, signed on, has 2 children Biddy and Florence Dick D-207, single, aged, signed on Wogga W-96, single, signed on Stirling This is an Outstation of Vanrook. Ivy I-54, signed on, single, has infant son Ned Kelly Maggie, wife of Paddy B P-125, not signed on Two old Aboriginal females reside on the banks of the Smithburne River near the homestead, namely Corncob C-212 Warrigee, mother of Dick Stirling They live a nomadic life Miranda Downs Stn Sandy Gordon S-104, signed on Lena Gordon L-91, wife of Sandy Gordon, signed on Muriel Gordon M-472, daughter of Sandy and Lena, signed on Three of Sandy and Lena's children are at Mitchell River Mission to receive schooling Number of Mitchell River boys present. 30. 7.1943 Report on a Patrol to Inverleigh and Wernadinga Stations Inverleigh Stn Rosie Bynoe R-72 Topsy T-164 Kitty K-31 Nellie Inverleigh N-90 Conky C-129 Priestley P-139 Arthur Sherrin A-47 Bynoe B-163 Jock J-282 Podgie P-186 Robbie R-133 Thulkermurray T-153 Wernadinga Stn Blue Bob B-195 Leslie Gilbert L-95 Nicholl N-92 Podge P-134 Toby T-156 7. 8.1943 Patrol to Iffley Station Iffley Stn Limpy Lily L-102, and her 2 children Hazel and Myra Linda L-152, and her child Philip Paddy D P-126 Farlane Kawane (Mitchell River Mission) Henry B H-88 Glenore Stn Albert Macaroni A-113, and wife Archie A-124 Robin R-216, wife and 2 children Sandy McPherson S-105 Jock B J-284 Leslie McGilvary L-96 Logan L-122 Queenie, wife of Robin Elsie Macaroni 16. 8.1943 Report on Patrol to Magoura Station Magoura Stn Alfie A-115, signed on Cyril C-213, signed on Dolly D-201, signed on Halo H-84, signed on Johnnie J-398, signed on Maggie Trimble M-185, signed on Norman Jackson N-99, signed on Pluto P-242, signed on Sandy S-129, signed on Thelma T-292, signed on, pregnant. Permit to marry Henry B H-88 given on 14. 1.1943 but he did not marry her. Father of child unknown. Henry B was on Glenore Stn but now at Iffley Stn. William Richards W-94 Louie Richards L-155, wife of William Richards Una Richards, daughter of Louie and William Richards, about 14 or 15 years old Bynoe B B-165, signed on Sarah Bynoe S-158, wife of Bynoe B Miriam Bynoe, child of Sarah and Bynoe B Stanley Bynoe, child of Sarah and Bynoe B Betty Bynoe, child of Sarah and Bynoe B Jimmy Trimble J-280, signed on Gypsy A G-88, wife of Jimmy Trimble 10. 5.1944 Cooktown Patrol in general area. Mentions Harry Christensen, of Laura 23. 9.1944 Report on Patrol to Delta and Myravale Stations Myravale Stn Bumble B-161, signed on Millie Bumble M-196, wife of Bumble, not signed on Stella Bumble, born 22. 9.1939, child of Millie and Bumble Noel Bumble, born 25.12.1940, child of Millie and Bumble Charlie Bumble, born 11. 5.1943, child of Millie and Bumble Tommy Burns T-161, signed on, at Dorunda Judy Burns J-538, wife of Tommy Burns, not signed on Don Burns, born March 1931, son of Judy Burns Clarina Burns, born 8. 9.1932, daughter of Judy Burns Joan Burns, born 15.10.1934, daughter of Judy Burns Noble Burns. born 5.12.1936, son of Judy Burns Nardoo Burns, born 31.10.1938, son of Judy Burns Betty Burns, born 1.11.1941, daughter of Judy Burns Royal R-99, signed on Katie Burns K-62, wife of Royal, not signed on Beasley B-241, signed on, at Dorunda Daisy D-164, wife of Beasley, not signed on Roy Daisy, born 3. 3.1943, son of Daisy and Beasley Bob Burns B-240, signed on, at Dorunda Diamond, signed on, from Aurukun, at Dorunda Lotus Vale Stn Robin Brangle R-109 Dolly Brangle, wife of Robin Brangle Dick D-210 Alma A-174, H/C, exempt Delta Stn Comet C-128 George F G-83 Peter Campbell P-137 Ida Campbell, wife of Peter Campbell I-12 Johnnie Casey J-288 Mickey M-192 Paddy Walsh P-185 Saltwater Jack S-101 Walker W-92 Midlan M-195 Jubilee C J-293 Lily L-145, wife of Jubilee C Unnamed male child, aged about 8 years, son of Lily and Jubilee C Fish Hole (18. 9.1944) Melba Casey M-283, wife of Johnnie Casey who is a Delta Stn employee Sid Casey, born 13, 4,1940, son of Melba and Johnnie Paul Casey, born 5. 3.1942, son of Melba and Johnnie Edith Casey, born 4. 7.1944, daughter of Melba and Johnnie Trixie, wife of George F who is a Delta Stn employee Alma, aged about 20 years, daughter of Trixie and George F Mary Ann, born about 1930, daughter of Trixie and George F Oscar, born about 1937, son of Trixie and George F Gilbert G-157 Gypsy B G-158, wife of Gilbert Marjorie, born about 1930, daughter of Gypsy B and Gilbert Graham, born about 1932, son of Gypsy B and Gilbert Judy Midlan J-539, wife of Midlan who is a Delta Stn employee Leila Midlan, born about 1933, daughter of Judy and Midlan Lorna Midlan, born about 1935, daughter of Judy and Midlan Vera Midlan, born 1939, daughter of Judy and Midlan Fred Midlan, born 7. 1.1942, son of Judy and Midlan Flora Midlan, born 26. 7.1944, daughter of Judy and Midlan Saltwater Jack S-101 Nellie N-91, wife of Saltwater Jack Minnie, an old nomad, mother of Judy Burns J-538 4.12.1944 Aboriginals at Fish Hole, Delta Bynoe B, married to one of the Fish Hole Aborigines. The following Fish Hole people came into Normanton for a holiday Trixie, wife of George F Alma, daughter of Trixie Mary Ann, daughter of Trixie Oscar, son of Trixie Marjorie, daughter of Gilbert and Gypsy B Judy Midlan Leila Midlan Lorna Midlan Vera Midlan Fred Midlan Flora Midlan Nellie Saltwater Minnie, mother of Sarah Bynoe B Peter Campbell 11.12.1944 Cairns Mentions Long Joe Rokeby, wanted on removal 2.12.1945 Patrol to Bloomfield Bloomfield No 1 Camp These are the people met or enquired about on the Patrol Toby Bloomfield T-69 Annie Sycamore, his wife, gets child endowment Billy Mapoon B-286 Ida Mapoon I-55, his wife, and two children Oscar Olbar, Topsy Olbar T-322, gets child endowment Left Bloomfield and camping on coast past Cape Tribulation Jimmy Alma, his wife Alice, their child, aged about 5 years Bloomfield No 2 Camp These are the people met or enquired about on the Patrol Gil Gil Womagee Nellie Yerry N-229, gets child endowment Yerri Y-27, her husband Matty, son of Gil Gil Elsie, wife of Matty Barbara Dolly Yougie, wife of Young Yougie, and two children Bloomfield No 3 Camp These are the people met or enquired about on the Patrol Marcellie Alma Topsy Yanbun Bamboo Toby Big Jack Lizzie, wife of Big Jack Corporal Rosie, wife of Corporal Charlie Ball Ivy Ball, his wife Charlie Ball jnr Tommy Ball, son Jimmy Ball Louisa, daughter of Charlie Norah, aged 7 or 8 months, daughter of Louisa Bloomfield No 4 Camp These are the people met or enquired about on the Patrol Ginabudgee Numbungee, his wife Jenny Bamboo Nellie Antonio George Doughboy, King of this camp Annie Doughboy, his wife, and four children Jimmy Rossville Nellie, his wife Stumpy, of Cooktown Lena, his wife Frank Campbell Alick Dick 21. 3.1946 Patrol to Bloomfield and Cape Tribulation Cape Tribulation Billy Mapoon Ida Mapoon, his wife, and children Doboy D-196, of Mossman Harry Bloomfield H-160, of Cooktown Toby Bloomfield T-69 Annie Bloomfield, his wife Marie Doughboy, daughter of George Doughboy, niece of Toby and Annie Bloomfield Bloomfield No 1 Camp Oscar Olbar Topsy Olbar, wife of Oscar Olbar, and five children Jimmy, brother of Oscar Alma, wife of Jimmy, and daughter Little Alick, brother of Oscar Wife of Johnny Johnston J-595 is the mother of Oscar, Jimmy and Little Alick. Johnny Johnston is the step-father of Oscar, Jimmy, Little Alick and Billy Mapoon. Bloomfield No 2 Camp Yerri Nellie Yerri N-229, his wife Queenie, child of Yerri and Nellie Yerri Ivy, child of Yerri and Nellie Yerri Bobbie, child of Yerri and Nellie Yerri Mary Ann, child of Yerri and Nellie Yerri King George K-14 Friday, his wife Billy, their son Jimmy, their son Jimmy Ball Nancy Ball, his wife Doreen Ball, born 7. 2.1946, their daufghter Benny Mary, his wife Mattie (Matty) Boatboy Elsie Boatboy, his wife Eileen Boatboy, their child Jimmy Winkle Clara Winkle, his wife Gil Gil Bamboo Numbundgee Womadgee Bloomfield No 3 Camp George Doughboy Annie Doughboy, his wife Lorleen Doughboy, their daughter Jackie Ernie Stumpy S-291 Diana, his wife Ginabudgee Numbudgee, his wife Jinny Nordgee Nellie Antonio Nipper Bloomfield No 4 Camp Big Jack Lizzie, his wife Yanbun Marcelli, his wife Topsy Pinkie, old man Robert Beard Corporal Rosie, his wife Johnnie Beard Miletta, his wife Charlie Ball C-101 Ivy Ball, his wife Tommy Ball, their son Louisa Ball, their daughter, with her baby Sambo, old man, father of Jackie Sambo who is wanted on Removal Order. Over a period of three months the following had died from a cold Charlie Ball Alma Toby 9. 8.1946 Coen Report of Ned murdering Noble at Strathleven on 13. 7.1946 14.10.1946 Patrol to Bloomfield Mentions Tommy Ball Harry Smith Jimmy (Keiry) Jack Yanbun, from Mossman Nandy N-42 Johnny Flinders J-596 Molly Yanbun, and two children. Has made application to marry Tommy Ball. Louisa Ball, and her baby. Wants to marry Harry Smith. Lena Togan, wife of Johnny Johnston, and children Wilma Baird died 23. 9.1946 at Bloomfield. 9. 4.1947 Dajarra Mentions Charlie, Buckingham Downs Mickey Caldwell, Buckingham Downs Carbine, Buckingham Downs Maggie, his gin, Buckingham Downs 16. 4.1947 Coen Locating the following Jerry Musgrave J-90 Molly, his wife They are absconders. Located at Coleman River. 16. 7.1947 Lockhart River Dinah Black. No intention of removing her to Hammond Island. 11. 7.1947 Pascoe River Natives at Portland Roads Kitty Frank Annie Pascoe, wife of Peter Pascoe Ada Lancaster Mary Ann Pitt (Titt), old, wife of Alick Pitt Blind Rosie Blind Nellie 10. 5.1948 Patrol to investigate Death of Wikkatukkin Ngoryoi at the former Aurukun Mission on 13.10.1947 Missing Aborigine Johnnie Knight 28. 6.1948 Patrol from Coen to Aurukun and Edward River Missions Mentions Johnson Upton, Tracker Rosie banjo, wife of Banjo B-61, has VD, at Rokeby Stn Wikkatukkin Ngoryoi Johnnie Knight 26.11.1948 Rokeby Stn Mentions Bob Holroyd George Lowdown Tommy Eileen Nellie, wife of Nipper Maggie, wife of Moses Annie Possum, wife of Possum Massey Short Joe 2. 7.1949 Strathgordon Stn Mentions Tommy Eileen Eileen, his wife, VD suspect Johnson Upton, Tracker Nipper N-41 Nellie Nipper, his wife Long Joe Rokeby Norman Jinny, his wife 13.10.1949 Coen Mentions VD suspects Tamahookla Kitty Nancy Old William Duncan 17.10.1949 Coen Mentions Tamahookla Kitty Nancy Old William Duncan Kendalman Jimmy Mary All VD suspects