Protectorates Relief Boulia

Protectorates Relief Boulia Item ITM506776 Dates 02/04/1931 (exact) to 16/07/1945 (exact) Access Status Summary Open Previous System Identifiers SRS505/1/5032; A1 Item ID 506776 Agency Control Number 7A/5 Queensland State Archives Billy Fleming - B.13 Fatty F.76 Nugget N.11 her husband Bob B.16 Momas M.122 at Chatsworth Station his wife Ruby (died 13 July 1940) he is given as 75 years old in 1936. Mick Dennis M.11 Doris D.88 aged 13 in 1935 Dolly D.184 aged 13 in 1936 Bobby B.110 aged 68 in 1938 wife Lardi (L.184) both at Chatsworth Station. He died 22 April 1940. Lardie's children, Doris, Dolly, Topsy (aged about 12 in 1941), Cecil (aged about 10 in 1941). Lardie lived with Moonlight following Bobby's death. Polly Aboriginals in need of Relief, March 1935 Lizzie Handbag Jack Frank Two picanninies owned by Larrikin or Dolly who get some food at the Glenormiston Station Also mentioned - Queen Ginny