Protectorates Relief Burketown

Protectorates Relief Burketown Item ITM506777 Dates 24/06/1935 (exact) to 28/05/1953 (exact) Access Status Summary Open Previous System Identifiers SRS505/1/5033; A1 Item ID 506777 Agency Control Number 7A/6 Queensland State Archives Sandy S.219 Ned N.12 Maggie M.273 (born at Point Parker in 1871) wife of Jimmy (J.28). Jimmy sent to Doomadgee Mission 26.5.1938 also has another wife by the name of Maggie. Nim (N.17) and Rosie (R.10) given relief, 1936. Barney II, Paddy, Big Jimmy to be granted relief. All to old to work (1936)