Relief Coen 1944

Protectorates Relief Coen Item ITM506781 Dates 09/02/1933 (exact) to 06/03/1952 (exact) Access Status Summary Open Previous System Identifiers SRS505/1/5037; A1 Item ID 506781 Agency Control Number 7A/10, PART 1 Queensland State Archives List of Aboriginal receiving indigent rations at Coen, 1944 Cameron C.197 Peter P.225 Nellie Jenkins Nellie Romeo Minnie Short Joe M.469 Short Joe S.221 Biddy B.333 Wally Batavia Mary Anne M.452 Rosie Lockhardt Jimmy Lochardt Toby Rokeby Blind William Maggie Moonie Margaret Old Jack O.19 Jack Douglas Rosie (Jack's wife) Charlie Pandamus Possum Jack Alligator Jumbo Jinny Jumbo Rosie Jack J.466 Jimmy Giblet Maggie Banan Bob Robertson Tommy Tin Rosie Albert Rosie Tim Jinny Tommy Wantaka Mr. Robertson Left Hand Wild Jimmie Minnie Jimmy Kathleen Jimmy Polly Corporal Jack Kenny