Removal Correspondence ERM, MRM and Aurukun 1940s

Director of Native Affairs Office Health and Home Affairs Batch Files 1939 - 1966 Item ID 511480 Previous System Location A/69465; SRS505/3/110 Access Category 0 years Queensland State Archives Copyright Paul Mackett 1996 File 1E/3 Administration Missions - Removals Mitchell River Mission, Edward River Mission and Aurukun Mission Natives, 1941 - 1942 This correspondence covers removals of various Natives from the above districts. I have simply extracted the names mentioned without detailing individual letters. Bruce, absconder from Fantome Island Tommy Pitcombe, absconder from Fantome Island, 20 yrs, mother taken by crocodile at ERM Gilbert, absconder from Fantome Island, belongs to Coen district Jack Bruno Willie Duck Ned Minnie, wife of Ned Harry, 17 yrs, son of Minnie Jum, 5 yrs, son of Minnie Maggie, wife of Ned Rosie, 6 yrs, son of Maggie Katie, 4 yrs, daughter of Maggie Fitztom Bessie Wombie Charlie T Billy Flowers Black Dog Fred Billy Mangoe Nancy Bruce, wife of Bruce Olive Bruce, daughter, 13 yrs Jessie Bruce, daughter, 9 yrs Mary Ann Bruce, 6 yrs Susie, wife of Billy Flowers Nellie Samton, wife of Samtom Frances Samton, daughter, 6 yrs Alfred Samton, son, 3 yrs Noah Gaigai, Native Policeman Jeffrey, tracker Andrew, tracker Joe Koolatah, tracker Tommy Koolatah, tracker Jack Aligator Jumbo Jack Ewan Monday Harry, son of Ned Minnie, wife of Ned Minnie, wife of Joe Harry Elsie, wife of Harry Sandy Rosie Albert Joe Old Mary Ann Maggie, second wife of Ned Rosie, wife of Rosie Albert Jinny, wife of Jumbo Nipper File 1E/27 Administration Missions - Removal Indigent and Unemployed Wenlock Etc People to Lockhart River Mission 1943 Names mentioned in this file are as follows Bob Robertson Monkey Edna Gough, illegitimate child of Charlotte, wife of Tommy Larsen Dolly Sammy Normanton Hughie, son of Sammy Normanton Peter Pascoe George Wilson Georgina Wilson, wife of George Wilson Hughie Temple Ida Temple Diana Black Letter dated 12.10.1944 mentions the following arriving at Lockhart River Mission from Wenlock Bob Robertson and wife Monkey and wife Tommy Tin Henry Batavia George Boko Maggie Horseboy Old Polly Old Annie Tommy Larsen and family Edna H/C Letter dated 17.10.1944 mentions the following being removed from Blue Mountains, Wenlock and Iron Range to Lockhart River Mission. Tommy Larsen Charlotte Larsen, his wife, and their 3 children Monkey and his wife Jinny Tommy Tin Henry Batavia Bob Robertson and his wife Minnie Maggie Horseboy Charlie Boko Polly, very old Annie, very old, cripple Sam Boyd Florrie Boyd, his wife Edna Higgins H/C