Some North Queensland Deaths 1939 - 1988

Some North Queensland Deaths 1939 - 1988
Copyright  Paul Mackett 2021

Format - Name, Date of Death, (Queensland Registration Number), parents (mother, father)
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Olive Pascoe, died  7th April 1939 (1939/C/1549), parents Annie Punda and Johnny
Betty  Tongali, died 2rd May 1939 (1939/C/1552), parents Rosie and Charlie Columba
Nellie Heineman, died 11th May 1939 (1939/C/2912)
Anna Waterbag, died 11th June 1939 (1939/C/2913)
Millicent Poindy, died 28th August 1939 (1939/C/2925), parents Lorope and George
Jack Punda (Temple), died 22nd September 1939 (1939/C/4529), parents Palkalobi and Olmpi
Mary Moreton, died 3rd October 1939 (1939/C/4528)
Jennie Bamboo, died 7th December 1939 (1940/C/363)
Banana, died 20th December 1939 (1940/C/364), parents Nellie Romeo and Charlie
Johnny Andy, died 22nd December 1939 (1940/C/367), parents Rosie and Jimmy One-eye
George Rocky, died 27th February 1940  (1940/C/1666)
Antoni(e), died 27th February 1940 (1940/C/1665), parents Rosie and Mannarro
Mary Omes (Omeo), died 11th September 1940 (1940/C/4269), parents Maggie and Old Charlie
Lucy Pascoe, died 1st April 1941 (1941/C/1510), parents Florence Morton and Walter
Bellevue Batavia, died 14th June 1941 (1941/C/2800), parents Dinah and Hughie
Jenny Coconut, died 24th July 1941 (1941/C/2806)
Charlie Bamboo, died 19th October 1941 (1941/C/4310)
Harry Shepherd, died 8th September 1942 (1942/C/4638)
Jimmy Bezai, died 18th November 1942 (1943/C/358), parents Lily and Charlie
Maggie Waradoo, died 12th January 1945 (1945/C/357), parents Mollie and King Kangaroo
Captain Boatboy, died 27th January 1945 (1945/C/361)
Amelia King, died 29th January 1945 (1945/C/362), parents Nancy and Jimmy Doctor
Richard Butcher, died 10th February 1945 (1945/C/364)
Annie, died 24th March 1945 (1945/C/1640)
Old Wilson Temple, died 4th April 1945 (1945/C/1641)
Polly, died 18th April 1945 (1945/C/1649)
Bellevue Waiadoo, died 23rd April 1945 (1945/C/1650), parents Maggie Kangaroo and Billy
Ned Montara, died 8th May 1945 (1945/C/1677), parents Rosie and Ned Morton
Annie Tarco, died 26th May 1945 (1945/C/1676)
Jack Piper, died 6th June 1945 (1945/C/1684), parents Rosie and Billy Piper
Ida Temple, died 19th July 1945 (1945/C/2907), parents Hanna and Gibson
Beatrice Sandy, died 30th July 1945 (1945/C/4242), parents Lizzie Clermont and Michael
Lena Lancaster, died 14th September 1945 (1945/C/4240), parents Mary Ann King Fred and Johnny Murry
Jimmy Tarco, died 25th September 1945 (1945/C/4252), parents Kitty Tarco and Jimmy Tarco 
Audrey Wilson, died 7th October 1945 (1945/C/4253), parents Annie Wilson and Willie Wilson
Willie Wilson, died 14th October 1945 (1945/C/4258), parents Maggie Wilson and Wilson Wilson
Charlie Lancaster, died 7th November 1945 (1945/C/4266), parents Annie Anderson and Fred
Barney Ebagoola, died 19th November 1945 (1945/C/4268)
Jimmy Sigori, died 19th November 1945 (1945/C/4269)
Henry Batavia, died 5th December 1945 (1945/C/4287), parents Polly and Old Ninta
Lillian Ropeyarn, died 9 January1946 (1946/C/3225), parents Rosie and Old Charlie
Minnie Long, died 30 March 1946 (1946/C/3224), parents Mary Ann and Jimmy Dugnig
Lena Larsen, 26th March 1946 (1946/C/3223), parents Charlotte and Tommy Larsen
Davis (David) Wilson 4th May  1946 (1946/C/1757), parents Maggie and Wilson
Tommy Omagee, died 8th July 1946 (1946/C/3235), father Charlie Waistroat
Willie Ropeyarn, died 24th August 1946 (1946/C/3266)
King Fred, died 3rd September 1946 (1946/C/3265)
Charlie Bono (Boho), died 4th September 1946 (1946/C/3264)
Charlie Yinghi (Yinglee), died 10th September 1946 (1946/C/4857), father Begai
Annie Small died 11th September 1946 (1946/C/4859), parents Jenny and Billy George
Kitty Pluto, died 15th September 1946 (1946/C/4858)
Nancy Garke, died 21st September 1946 (1946/C/4856), parents Rosie and Ned James
Dorothy Batavia, died 27th September 1946 (1946/C/4863), mother Clara
Targie (Targee) Vinegar, died 29th October 1946 (1946/C/4876), parents Lizzie and King Charlie
Walter Pascoe, died 8th November 1946 (1946/C/4888), parents Torgie and Billie
Billie (Billy) Claudie (Snr), died 13th November 1946 (1946/C/4880)
Maggie Chungo, died 24th November 1946 (1946/C/4879)
BangoBunga, died 6th December 1946 (1946/C/4892)
Johnny El-en-ky-a (Elenbya), died 16th January 1947 (1947/C/364)
Polly Claudie, died 24th January 1947 (1947/C/365)
George Claudie, died 29th January 1947 (1947/C/363)
Barney Claudie, died 16th February 1947 (1947/C/371)
Clarence Vincent Chungo, died 29th April 1947 (15/03/1947), mother Nulum Chungo
Emily Mathers, died 20th May 1947 (1947/C/1650), parents Kitty and Toby Accoom
Johnny Woods, died 7th July 1947, parents Polly Morton and Paddy
Kitty Chinaman, died 8th July 1947 (1947/C/2924)
George Brown, died 11th July 1947 (1947/C/2925)
Dennis (Mark) Ropeyarn, died 4th August 1947 (1947/C/2972), parents Nellie and Ropeyarn
Maggie Captain, died 7th August 1947 (1947/C/2963)
Betty Boyle, died 20th August 1947 (1947/C/2976)
Maggie Horseboy, died 1st September 1947 1947/C/2977
Nellie Icrow (Ivion), died 3rd September 1947 (1947/C/2978)
Kitty McAnderson, died 7th September 1947 (1947/C/2979), parents Bangobunga and Charlie Yinglie
Jenny (Florrie) Pascoe, died 16th September 1947 (1947/C/4398)
Tommy Larsen, died 28th September 1947 (1947/C/4396)
Elsie Copo, died 5th October 1947 (1947/C/4397), mother is Emily
Toby Accoom (Snr), died 14th October 1947 (1947/C/4399)
Charlie Silver, died 8th October 1947 (1947/C/4404), parents Mary Johnson and Tommy Silver
Joan Temple, died 4th November 1947 (1947/C/4405), parents Ida Waterbag and Hughie
Charlotte Larsen, died 9th November 1947 (1947/C/4406)
Annie Ropeyarn, died 11th December 1947 (1947/C/4412), parents Ivy Brown and Simon
Old George Morton, died 13th December 1947 (1947/C/4410)
Elsie Doctor, died 28th December 1947 (1948/C/305), parents Dinah and George Mamoose
Billy Chungo, died 10th February 1948 (1948/C/313)
Willie Omee (Omeo), died 22nd June 1948 (1948/C/2851)
Emily James, died 27th June 1948 (1948/C/2850)
Dinah Batavia, died 28th June 1948 (1948/C/2849), parents Nancy and Toby Sunshine
Jacob Accoom, died 26th August 1948 (1948/C/2867), parents Hannah Lancaster and Toby Accoom
Marie Wanoonan (Wandonan), died 28th September 1948 (1948/C/4421)
Jimmy Woods, died 22nd October 1948 (1948/C/4423)
Walpha Yinghi (Welpha Ginghi), died 23rd October 1948 (1948/C/4424), parents Agnes and Monkey
Doreen Waradoo, died 3rd January 1949 (1949/C/346), parents Ivy Ropeyarn and Billy
Ivy Doctor, died 31st January 1949 (1949/C/356), parents Maggie and Billy Chungo
Peter Claudie, died 28th February 1949 (1949/C/354), mother Jennie
Jimmy Hobo (Hobson), died 3rd March 1949 (1949/C/355), parents Agnes and Jimmy
May Pearl Hobo (Hobson), died 13th March 1949 (1949/C/1675), parents Norma Siew and Reuben
Edward O'Loughlin Mullery (Mullroy), died 19th March 1949, parents John Patrick Mullery and Mary McCoy
Hughie Batavia, died 26th March 1949 (1949/C/1678)
Solomon Short, died 25th May 1949 (1949/C/1581)
Jimmy Copo, died 12th July 1949 (1949/C/3022)
Unnamed Accoom (male), died 23rd August 1949 (1949/C/3024), parents Hannah Lancaster and Toby
Gladys Mary Callope, died 18th January 1950 (1950/C/303), parents Marion Charger and Joseph
Kitty Eutroma, died 15th March 1950 (1950/C/311), mother Mary Ann King
Sarah Short, died 24th April 1950 (1950/C/2400), parents Agnes Hobo and Monkey Waterhole
Fred King (King Fred), died 8th May 1950 (1950/C/1587), parents Rosie and Pompey
Ruby Butcher, died 7th August 1950 (1950/C/3989), parents Maggie and Billy Chungo
Tommy Tin, died 24th August 1950 (1950/C/2973), mother Old Dolly
Roy Ropeyarn, died 4th November 1950 (1950/C/4496), parents Ivy Brown and Simon
Rosie Niger, died 11th November 1950 (1950/C/44)97)
Mary Giblet, died 13th November 1950 (1950/C/4498), mother Mollie Teresa Giblet
Victorene Emily Cocoanut, died 23rd December 1950 (1951/C/355), mother Hilda Cocoanut
Geoffrey James Brown, died 15th January 1951 (1951/C/356), mother Mary Brown
Jack Bessini (Besini), died 2nd March 1951 (1951/C/358)
Johnson, died 8th April 1951 (1951/C/1671)
Matty (Old Matty), died 24th April 1951 (1951/C/3044), mother Queensland
Unnamed Silver, died 1st May 1951 (1951/C/3045), parents Mary Johnson and Tom
Colin Paul Rocky, died 12th July 1951 (1951/C/3046), mother Minnie Rocky
Annie Twelvemonths (Allam), died 4th January 1952 (1952/C/337), parents Jenny and Marmouse
Ned James, died 18th January 1952 (1952/C/339), parents Nellie and Charlie
Maggie Alf Young, died 6th April 1952 (1952/C/1642)
Rosslyn Keith Matthews, died 20th May 1952 (1952/C/3074), parents Anne Elizabeth Jeffrey and Edgar Roy
David Short, died 11th July 1952 (1952/C/3075), mother Charlotte Short
Grace Mary Butcher, died 29th December 1952 (1953/C/1560), parents Maria Captain and William
Mary Ann Pitt, died 18th February 1953 (1953/C/1561), parents Maggie and Jack
Doreen Janet Clarmont, died 10th March 1953 (1953/C/1562), parents Topsy and Billy
Harry Alf Rokeby, 28th April 1953 (1953/C/2438), parenys Cecily Paddy and Harry
Unnamed Sandy, died 15th July 1953 (1953/C/3028), parents Lizzie Clermont and Michael
Billy George, died 17th July 1953 (1953/C/3027), father Billy
Wilson, died 12th September 1953 (1953/C/4572)
Gibson Wilson, died 18th March 1954 (1954/C/1621), parents Ponoengee and Waleby
Rosie Butt (or Claudie), died 29nd October 1954 (1955/C/354), parents Jenny and Dick
Unnamed male Thompson, died 2nd March 1955 (1955/C/356), mother Polly Thompson
Elizabeth Batavia, died 12th March 1955 (1955/C/1171), mother Violet Batavia
Nellie Tucandidgee, died 12th April 1955 (1955/C/1683)
Lizzie McIvor, died 24th April 1955 (955/C/1684)
Kitty Accoom, died 9th May 1955 (1955/C/4651)
Sammy Normanton, died 13th August 1955 (1955/C/4650)
Jenny (Ginny) Giblet, died 26th October 1955 (1955/C/4653)
Toby Accoom, died 7th March 1956 (1956/C/320), parents Kitty and Toby
Charlie Short, died 24th September 1956 (1956/C/5020)
Jimmy Giblet, died November 1956 (1956/C/5023)
John David Giblet, died 5th December 1956 (1957/C/361), parents Nellie and Charlie
Dinah Clarmont, died 19 January 1957 (1957/B/18050), parents Nellie and Ikru
Nellie Pascoe, died 26th January 1957 (1957/C/362)
Dan Dee, died 20th September 1957 (1957/C/4795)
Louis Pascoe, died 4th October 1957 (1957/C/4800)
Nellie Thompson, 31 October 1957 (1957/C/4794)
Mary Ann Small, died 22nd February 1958 (1958/C/368), parents Rosie and King Fred
Mary Romeo, died 1st March 1958 (1958/C/367)
Paddy Kin, died 8th April 1958 (1958/C/1652)
Dick Wonona, died 11th April 1958 (1958/C/1651), father Harry
Toby Dugong, died 7th June 1958 (1958/C/1657), mother Queensland
Emily Matty, died 14th August 1958 (1958/C/2919), mother Kathleen Mattey
Mary Ann James, died 11th January 1959 (1959/C/384)
Toby Densilly, died 27th April 1959 (1959/C/1634)
Rosie Lockhart, died 7th June 1959 (1959/C/1831)
Annie Morton, died 18th June 1959 (1959/C/1832)
Elsie Sandy, died 8th July 1959 (1959/C/3546), parents Rosie and Charlie Oakey
Peter Nightisland, died 27th October 1959 (1959/C/5218), father Peter Creek
Tilly Brown, died 23rd November 1959 (1959/C/5220), parents Maudie Challis and Billy
Florrie Boyd, died 11th December 1959 (1960/C/370)
Annie Mullett, died 3th February 1960 (1960/C/373), born 1898
Celia Pascoe, died 14th April 1960 (1960/C/4960), parents Susie Ropeyarn and Arthur Pascoe
Alick Pitt, died 16th May 1960 (1960/C/4959)
Johnson Moses, died 9th June 1960 (1960/C/4961), father Johnson Morton
Leonard Tony Macumboy, died 10th September 1960 (1960/C/4962), parents Mary Brown and Victor Macumboy
Abraham Walter Omeenyo, died 14th November 1960 (1960/C/5829), mother Rita Edith Omeenyo
Lena Thompson, died 21st November 1960 (1960/C/5831)
Jack Orloo, died 24th November 1960 (1960/C/4963)
Unnamed Female Omeenyo, died 2nd March 1961 (1961/C/395), parents Evelyn Jane Accoom and Mick Connell
Kitty Waisu, died 11th March 1961 (1961/C/397)
Lizzie Sandy, died 12th April 1961 (1961/C/1817), father Albert Claremont
Lillian Temple, died 9th June 1961 (1961/C/2794), parents Ida and Hughie
Eileen Yeila, died 7th August 1961 (1961/C/3417), parents Polly and Sambo Cooktown
Maria Dugong, died 9th August 1961 (1961/C/3425), father Jack Powloo
Kitty Ryder, died 11th September 1961 (1961/C/3426)
Napthali Namok, died 17th December 1961 (1961/C/5025), parents Rasa Sagigi and William
Jack Giblet, died 4th February 1962 (1962/C/439), father Johnny
Andy Small, died 18th February 1962 (1962/C/442), father Billy Winward
Emy Jane Pascoe, died 2nd March 1962 (1962/C/444), parents Olive Platt and Martin Pascoe
Furry Tookita, died 12th March 1962 (1962/C/445)
Ephraim Rocky, died 21st March 1962 (1962/C/451), parents Cissie Coconut Matty and Andrew
Tommy Nebo, died 26th March 1962 (1962/C/1886)
Willie Webb, died 2nd April 1962 (1962/C/1889)
Nancy Claudie, died 10th April 1962 (1962/C/1890)
Tommy Fox, died 19th April 1962 (1962/C/1892), father Alf Romeo
Kitty Frank, died 25th June 1962 (1962/C/3508)
Richard John Hobson, died 30th August 1962 (30/08/1962), parents Teresa O'Brien and David Hobo aka Hobson
Agnes Hobson, died 9th September 1962 (1962/C/5197)
Toby Nightisland, died 2nd October 1962 (1962/C/5200)
Rosemary Yeila, died 21st December 1962 (1962/C/5097), parents Amy Short and Joshua
Clicko Webb, died 29th December 1962 (1963/C/397), parents Lena Borapoint and Old Willie
Roseline Giblet, died 31st December 1962 (1962/C/5211), mother Sylvia Giblet year
Shirley Temple, died 9th January 1963 (1963/C/398), parents Nellie Beazi and Willie
Rosie Besini, died 20th March 1963 (1963/C/410)
Norman Macumboy, died 22nd March 1963 (1963/C/411)
Anthony Mark Clarmont, died 30th March 1963 (1963/C/1640), parents Topsy Ellis and Billy
Ivy Batavia, died 11th April 1963? (1963/C/1640), parents Rosie Morton and Old Billy Morton
Barney Small, died 20th June 1963 (1963/C/3466)
Jinney Lakeland, died 30th June 1963 (1963/C/3467)
Fred Lancaster, died 13th August 1963 (1963/C/5260), father Frederick Lancaster
Eliza Morton, died 4th November 1963 (1964/C/414)
Jimmy Lockhart, died 18th December 1963 1964/C/415)
Billy Vinegar, died 26th March 1964 (1964/C/1955), father Jack Powloo
Nellie Abigoola, died 4th April 1964 (1964/C/1956)
Rosie Harvey, died 6th April 1964 (1964/C/1957), father Jimmy
Charlie Claremont, died 16th July 1964 (1964/C/3739)
Percival Macumboy, 22nd July 1964 (1964/C/3740), parents Mary Brown and Victor Macumboy
George Clarmont, died 21st March 1965 (1965/C/1813), parents Rose Clarmont and Charlie Columba
William Batavia, died 23rd March 1965 (1965/C/1814)
Topsy Thompson, died 24th April 1965 (1965/C/3528)
Alec Thompson, died 8th September 1965 (1965/C/3531), parents Maggie and Mamoose
Harry Mathers, died 25th January 1966 (1966/C/1941), parents Lizzie and Tommy
Patricia Ann Claudie, died 20th November 1966 (1966/C/562), parents Jessie Gidlet and Alan Claudie
Charlie Beazi, died 23rd January 1967 (1967/C/459)
Nellie Beazi, died 21st February 1967 (1967/C/462), parents Maggie and Old Gilbert
Willie Alf Young, died 4th March 1967 (1967/C/466)
Monday Lakeland, died 25th March 1967 (1967/C/2035)
Peter Chippendale, died 1st May 1967 (1967/C/2043), parents Rosie and Albert Upton
Polly Cooktown, died 2nd May 1967 (1967/C/2042), parents Mane and Jimmy
Amelia Elma Giblet, died 27th May 1967 (1967/C/3518), parents Nellie Matty and Charlie Giblet
Billy Waradoo, died 13th August 1967 (1967/C/4949), parents Nellie and Charlie Long
Charles Woodward, died 18th August 1967 (1967/C/3746), parents Jemima and Billy Woodward
Ted Thompson, died 15th October 1967 (1967/C/5637), parents Rosie Thompson and Billy Coen
Adrian Yeila, died 26th November 1967 (1967/C/5513), parents Amy Short and Joshua Yeila
Dulcie Jean Fruit (Warradoo), died 11th June 1967 (1967/C/3741), parents Ivy Ropeyarn and Wilson Warradoo
Johnny Wilson Brown, died 15th February 1968 (1968/C/439), father Chuckskin
Nancy Wilson, died 8th March 1968 (1968/C/313), parents Tackinunin and Dick Yennan
Alf Romeo, died 1st April 1968 (1969/C/3979), parents Kitty and Charlie Romeo
Emma Clarmont, died 25th April 1968 (1968/C/2040), parents Maggie and Peter Dinnercreek
Minnie Agnes Sandy, died 22nd May 1968 (1969/C/3980), parents Ellen Claremont and Roy Nelson Sandy
David Toby Marrott, died 22nd May 1968 (1968/C/1906), parents Ellen and Barney Marrott
Willie Temple, died 28th May 1968 (1969/C/3981), parents Rosie Beaini and Tommy Temple
Sandy Captian, died 4th June 1968 (1969/C/3982), parents Mary Anne and Charlie Captain
Samuel Potter, died 4th January 1969 (1969/C/3978)
Victor King, died 7th February 1969 (1969/C/2084), parents Lucy and Pompey King
Elsie Mattisey, died 13th February 1969 (1969/C/2095), parents Lency Thompson and William Mattisey
George Lyons, died 14th February 1969 (1969/C/2085)
Norman King, died 18th February 1969 (1969/C/2086), parents Lucy and Pompey King
Alma Janet Giblet, died 5th July 1969 (969/C/3986), parents Rosina Hector and Timothy Hector Giblet
Ned Punda,died 22nd January 1970 (1970/C/289), parents Annie Pascoe and Ned Punda
Edwin Wellington Kanora, died 12th January 1970 (1970/C/4359)
Jenny Lyons, died 5th January 1970 (1970/C/4358), father George Mailman
Richard Nolan Tucandidgee, died 24th March 1970 (1970/C/1420), parents Rosaleen Giblet and Norman Tucandidgee
Annie Fruit, died 15th May 1970 (1970/C/2207), parents Maggie and Charlie Short
David Richard Hobson, died 25th June 1970 (1970/C/3996), mother Christine Hobson
David Allan Claudie, died 17th July 1970 (1970/C/4062), parents Winnie Giblet and Allan William Claudie
Isaac Ingui, died 24th August 1970 (1970/C/4166), parents Dadid Gania and Abia Ingui
Jack Patterson, died 13th September 1970 (1970/C/6711), parents Maggie and Old Jack Patterson
Lottie Temple, died 17th September 1970 (1970/C/4211), parents Daisy Gordon and Jack Temple
Ruby Gail Butcher, died 19th September 1970 (1970/C/4218), parents Louisa Sarah Hobson and Patrick James Butcher
Matthew Ropeyarn, died 20th January 1971 (1971/C/2388), parents Beryl May Wymarra and Maxwell Jackson
Annie Densilly, died 18th March 1971 (1971/C/2386), parents Rosie and Charlie
Anthony Morris Claudie, died 26th May 1971 (1971/C/2222), parents Beatrice Rocky and Morrison Claudie
Donald Geoffrey Hobson, died 12th July 1971 (1971/C/4387), parents Beatrice Nightisland and Donald Hobson
Nancy Daniels, died 14th August 1971 (1971/C/4175), parents Maggie Pascoe and Charlie Claudie
Maria Clarmont, died 19th September 1971 (1971/C/4395)
Annie Pascoe, died 27th December 1971 (1972/C/485), father Billy Punda
Emma Woodward, died 27th December 1971 (1972/C/486), father Rocky
George Morton, died 8th January 1972 (1972/C/488)
Johnny Morton, died 9th May 1972 (1972/C/2264)
Gilbert Chinaman, died 11th May 1972 (1972/C/2265), father Johnny
Nelson King, died 1st June 1972 (1972/C/2270)
Janey NightIsland, died 4th June 1972 (1972/C/2269)
Nellie Sieu, died 7th September 1972 (1972/C/4224), parents Annie Happy and Matty
Gregory Gabriel Hobson, died 13th September 1972 (1972/C/4221), mother Christina Susanna Hobson
Nancy Judy Mimi, died 28th January 1973 (1973/C/348)
Ruby Clarmont, died 7th March 1973 (1973/C/2449), parents Kitty and Jack Musgrave
Annie Butche, died 18th April 1973 (1973/C/2447), parents Kitty Westcott and Charlie Westcot
Alexandra Balla Moses, died 9th May 1973 (1973/C/4334), parents Lucy and Bob Moses
Hughie Temple, died 15th May 1973 (1973/C/4335), parents Rosie and Ned Morton
Polly Patterson, died 25th September 1973 (1973/C/6396), parents Maggie and Jack Patterson
Annie Matty, died 15th September 1973 (1973/C/6394), parents Mary Ann Happy and Alby Clarmont
Anna Rene Hobson, died 18th September 1973 (1973/C/6395), parents Beatrice Nightisland and Donald Simeon Hobson
Matty Young, died 16th January 1974 (1974/C/547), parents Annie and Old Matty
Nancy Gostelow, died 20th January 1974 (1974/C/548), parents Maggie and Tommy Billnal
Norah Kanora, died 29th January 1974 (1974/C/550), parents Kitty and Toby Accoom
Charlie Giblet, died 30th January 1974 (1974/C/549), parents Rosie and Old Charlie Claudie
Peter Pascoe, died 14th July 1974 (1974/C/4588)
Furry Short, died 30th October 1974 (1974/C/7032), parents Sarah and Charlie Short
Nellie Platt, died 24th November 1974 (1975/C/512), parents Nellie Ireland and Charles Kanora
Raymond Rokeby, died 25th December 1974 (1975/C/514), parents Cecily Marsey and Harry Rokeby
Rhonda Joanne Giblet, died 3rd April 1975 (1975/C/2331), mother Patricia Alma Giblet
Lionel Keith Claudie, died 19th April 1975 (1975/C/2092), parents Vera Mary Bassini and Wilfred John Claudie
Conrad William Giblet, died 16th May 1975 (1975/C/2130), parents Angel Hazel Claudie and Robert Judson Giblet
Elma Rose King, died 28th August 1975 (1975/C/4235), mother Isabel King
Neira Namok, died 15th October 1975 (1975/C/6229), parents Rasa Sagigi and William Namok
Nellie Giblet, died 10th December 1975 (1976/C/558), parents Annie and Matty Clarmont
Annie King, died 24th May 1976 (1976/C/6760), parents Mary and Yapal Monkey
Leichardt Normanton, died 14th April 1976 (1976/C/2098), parents Norma and Peter Normanton
Jackie Temple, died 17th July 1976 (1976/C/4355), parents Margaret King and Jack Temple
Francis Accoom, died 10th November 1976 (1977/C/513), parents Hannah Lancaster and Toby Accoom
Innis Pascoe, died 25th December 1976 (1976/C/6651)
Peter Matty Clarmont, died 1st August 1977 (1977/C/4277), parents Topsy Jealous and Billy Clarmont
Joseph Barry Clarmont, died 9th January 1978 (1978/C/2306), parents Ruth Maria Clarmont and Dennis Benjamin Pascoe
Jane King, died 27th March 1978 (1978/C/395), parents Nancy and Billie Claudie
Unnamed (baby) Hobson, died 15th May 1978 (1978/C/2133), mother Dorothy Molly Hobson
Noel Toby Accoom, died 20th August 1978 (1978/C/4085), parents Hannah Lancaster and Toby Accoom
Simon Ropeyarn, died 3rd December 1978 (1979/C/538), parents Kitty Wasiu and Ropeyarn
William Daniels, died 22nd November 1978 (1978/C/7621), father Daniels
William Namok, died 17th December 1978 (1979/C/535), parents Baiti and Tom Dick
George Rocky, died 1st February 1979 (1979/C/53), parents Maggie and Jack Rocky
Elaine Rita Moses, died 5th February 1979 (1979/C/354), parents Molly Theresa Giblet and George Rex Moses
Hilda Butcher, died 17th August 1979 (1979/C/4151), parents Annie and Edwin Kanora 
Eileen Hobson, died 4th March 1980 (1980/55798), mother Bessie Charlotte Hobson
James Butcher, died 23rd May 1980 (1980/54137), born 1918, parents Maria Waikankangu and Johnny LLnkai (IInkai)
Susie Morton, died 6th August 1980 (1980/54882), born 1910, parents Topsy Dorman and Jack Dorman
Alex Niger, died 12th September 1980 (1981/50681), born 1895, parents Rosie Coconut and Jimmy Takatar
Maudie Brown, died 15th September 1980 (1981/50682), born 1922, parents Kitty and Jimmy Jealous
Pedro Pascoe, died 8th November 1980 (1980/57107), born 1936, parents Annie Punda and Johnny Pascoe
Pagai Omeenyo, died 16th April 1980 (1980/55255), born 1916, parents Annie Sailor and Josiah Sailor
Mary Silver, died 8th April 1980 (1980/54275), born 1905, parents Emily and Johnson Morton
Johnny Butcher, died 25th December 1980 (1981/50710), born 1924, parents Annie Westcot and Johnson Butcher
Gloria Myrtle Omeenyo, died 1st February 1981 (1981/54611), born 1948, parents Ida Temple and Jack Piper
Charlie Omeenyo, died 8th February 1981 (1981/54354), born 1916, parents Alice and Charlie Beazi
Margaret Temple, died 19th March 1981 (1981/52151), born 1901, parents Lizzie and Charlie King
William Doctor, died 12th May 1981 (1981/53554), born 1923, parents Nancy Claudie and John Doctor
Colin Rokeby, died 18th May 1981 (1981/54707), born 1946, parents Cecily Ross and Harry Rokeby
Ruby Creek, died 18th August 1981 (1981/55567), born 1929, parents Nellie Ogilvie and Mundy Nunn
Roy Larson, died 21st January 1982 (1982/51404), born 1940, parents Charlotte Larsen and Tommy Larsen
Minnie King, died 5th May 1982 (1982/54305), born 1902, parents Nancy and Johnny Doctor
Maudie Sandy, died 3rd July 1982 (1982/54888), born 1930, parents Annie Small and Jack Butt
Smith Davis Hobson, died 16th July 1982 (1982/55355), born 1960, parents Phyllis Mary Mathers and Isaac Geoffrey Hobson
Billy Boyle, died 3rd January 1983 (1983/53264), born 1895, parents Rosey Thompson and Billy Barebum
Charlotte Maria Butcher, died 22nd March 1983 (1983/53121), born 1935, parents Sarah Hobo and Charlie Short
William Butcher, died 18th October 1983 (1984/50478), born 1931, parents Annie Westcot and Johnson Butcher
Ada Lancaster, died 19th October 1983 (1984/50475), born 1900, parents Alwarra Pascoe and Billy Quantasie Contasey
Geoffrey Nolan Hobson, died 19th December 1983 (1984/50616), born 1978, mother Lillian Bella Hobson
Billy Clarmont, died 2nd January 1984 (1987/51338), born 1920, parents Maria Clarmont and Big Johnny Lakeland
Neville Hobson, died 30th January 1984 (1984/52659), born 1978, parents Christina Sussana Hobson and Gabriel John Butcher
Joseph Alfred Hobson, died 6th February 1984 1984/55130), born 1949, parents Norma Sieu and Rueben Hobson
Arthur douglas Pascoe, died 3rd March 1984, born 1930, parents Annie Punda and Johnny Pascoe
Nellie Temple, died 20th March 1984 (1984/52479), born 1926, parents Nellie Giblet and Charlie Bezai
Andrew Rocky, died 23rd May 1984 (1984/57113), born 1929, parents Emma Woodward and Jack Rocky
Edward Ropeyarn, died 1st June 1984 (1984/54249), born 1973, parents Magdeline Jenkins and Alfred Ropeyarn
Isabel Miriam King, died 9th June 1984 (1984/55301), born 1954, parents Minnie Claudie and Norman King
Charlie Kulla Kulla, died 12th August 1984 (1984/56429), born 1944, father Jimmy Kulla Kulla
Joseph Cooper, died 21st December 1984 (1985/51912), born 1945, parents Elsie and Jimmy Cooper
Harold Bally, died 1st January 1985 (1985/51839), born 1954, parents Daisy Creek and Peter Bally
William Thomas Mattisey, died 15th January 1985 (1985/51955), born 1937, parents Elsie Cooktown and Willie Mattisey
William George Accoom, died 9th March 1985 (1985/54877), mother Marjorie Accoom
Andrew Smithey Moses, died 10th March 1985 (1985/52286), born 1955, parents Molly Theresa Giblet and George Rex Moses
Rebecca Kay Liddy, died 21st May 1985 (1986/50479), born 1984, mother Rhonda Mary Liddy
Emma Pascoe, died 28th May 1985 (1985/53849), born 1985, mother Dulcie Marline Pascoe
Cynthia Suzanne Hobson, died 7th June 1985 (1985/54756), born 1982, mother Dora Agnes Hobson
Alick Richard Sandy, died 11th July 1985 (1985/55095), born 1922, parents Alice Sandy and Sandy Pascoe
Matty Ropeyarn, died 2nd September 1985 (1986/55382), born 1913, parents Rosie Claudie and Old Matty
Irene R Giblet, died 3rd October 1985 (1985/57427), born 1944, parents Rasa Irene Sagigi and William Namok
Mabel Mamoose, died 23rd October 1985 (1985/57829), born 1930, parents Grace Andrews and Toby
Maggie Boyle, died 27th January 1986 (1986/51119), born 1929, parents Nellie Bezai and Charlie Bezai
Maxwell Jackson Ropeyarn, died 17th March 1986 (1986/52420), born 1947, parents Lizzie Claudie and Matty Ropeyarn
Stephen Richard Giblet, died 2nd August 1986 (1986/55717), born 1940, parents Nellie Matty and Charlie Giblet
Hazel Mary Pascoe, died 12th October 1986 (1986/57279), born 1938, parents Rosie and Dick Butt
Billy Landis, died approximately 30th January 1987 (1987/52168), parents Lily Chookie and Billy Landis
Sandy Yeila, died 19th June 1987 (1987/56019), born 1900, parents Rosie and Jack Yeila
Rita Rokeby, died 30th October 1987 (1987/58276), born 1970, parents Jennifer Clarmont and Ray Rockeby
Topsy Gordon, died 25th July 1988 (1988/56985), born 1929, parents Miriam and Tommy Nebo