WW1 Aboriginal Census for Home Duties Birdsville


Queensland State Archives Item ID ITM2043631 Start Date 01/01/1915 (approximate) End Date 31/12/1916 (exact) Access Status Summary Open Previous System Identifiers A/58922; SRS4354/1/14; A1 Item ID 2043631 "Lists of Aboriginal people living at various settlements to be used for war census purposes. Census purposes refers to using Aboriginal people for home front duties such as, labourers and stockmen." (Full digital copy availavle at Queensland State Archives.) Birdsville List of all aboriginals and halfcastes with money in the Savings Bank and amount on 30th June 1915, P.A. Birdsville. Format - Name, Sex, Adult/Child Annie, F, A Denny, M, A Lizzie, F, A Jack III, M, A Fanny, F, A Diamond, M, A Shanty H/C, F, A Frank, M, A Spoop, M, A Doodlum, M, A Alice, F, A Jimmy of Cluny, M, A Guinea Miller, F, A Clara, F, A Jubilee, M, A Polly, F, A Billy, M, A Mollie, F, A Donald, M, A Paddy, M, A Billy Fleming, M, A Jackey Frew, M, A Hughie, M, A Polly, F, A Moses, M, A Topsy, F, A Carcory Jack, M, A Topsy H/C, F, C Tommy Scarlett, M, C Buller, M, A Joe, M, A Gilbert, M, A Coonchierne, F, A Mick, M, A Merlin, M, A B Kerwin H/C, M, C Topsy Glengyle, F, A Dasey Cusack H/C, F, C Paddy, M, A Combo, M, A ______________________________________________________