WW1 Aboriginal Census for Home Duties Boulia


Queensland State Archives Item ID ITM2043631 Start Date 01/01/1915 (approximate) End Date 31/12/1916 (exact) Access Status Summary Open Previous System Identifiers A/58922; SRS4354/1/14; A1 Item ID 2043631 "Lists of Aboriginal people living at various settlements to be used for war census purposes. Census purposes refers to using Aboriginal people for home front duties such as, labourers and stockmen." (Full digital copy availavle at Queensland State Archives.) Boulia and Districts Format - Name, Abode, Occupation List of Aboriginals between the ages of 18 and 45 years. Sambo, Springsure, Stockman Cato, Springsure, Stockman Daylight, Springsure, Stockman Mick McCabe H/C, Springsure, Stockman Jacky Beauchamp, Boulia, Horse Boy Joe, Glenormiston, Stockman Belia, Glenormiston, Stockman Charlie Trotman, Glenormiston, Stockman Little Paddy, Glenormiston, Stockman Lion, Glenormiston, Stockman Tiger G., Glenormiston, Stockman Jacob, Marion Downs, Stockman Tommy Foot, Marion Downs, Stockman Billy, Marion Downs, Stockman Mick Denis, Marion Downs, Stockman Lowman, Marion Downs, Stockman Jackey, Marion Downs, Stockman Carbine, Buckingham, Stockman Jimmy Abot, Urandangie, House Boy Tommy Miller, Urandangie, Horse Boy Paddy Jones, Urandangie, Hoyse Boy Arthur, Lucknow, Station Hand Monkira Jack, Lucknow, Station Hand Toby, Roxburgh, Stockman Peter, Coolburra, Stockman Dinga, Coolburra, Stockman Moonlight, Chatsworth, Stockman Frog, Chatsworth, Stockman Paddy, Chatsworth, Stockman Pilot, Chatsworth, Stockman Robin, Chatsworth, Stockman Willie Sullivan H/C, Chatsworth, Stockman Lulu, Glenormiston, Labourer Tahtam, Boulia, Horse Boy Ted, Walgra, Stockman Arty, Walgra, Stockman Jimmy Walgra, Walgra, Stockman George, Walgra, Stockman Deemever, Walgra, Stockman Nipper, Boulia, Horse Boy George Cregie, Springvale, Stockman Mungo, Warenda, Station Hand Tiger Thornton, Warenda, Station Hand Lawn, Warenda, Station Hand Tommy Reardon, Warenda, Station Hand Cluny Bob, Warenda, Station Hand Billy Jasper H/C, Warenda, Station Hand Geo. Speechly H/C, Warenda, Station Hand Billy Thorpe H/C, Buckingham, Station Hand Jimmy Coegie H/C, Mungarereebar, Station Hand Bob H/C, Mungarereebar, Station Hand Fred, Glenormiston, Station Hand Snowy, Wotgra, Station Hand Aldie, Glenormiston, Station Hand Alic, Toko Range, out of work Martin, Toko Range, out of work Archie, Urandangie, Horse Boy George Clayyton, Headingly, Stockman Willie Tie, Headingly, Stockman Female halfcastes and Aboriginals Kitty H/C, Chatsworth, Domestic Maiby H/C, Marion Downs, Comp. Rosie, Marion Downs, Comp. Kitty, Marion Downs, Comp. Nellie, Warenda, Domestic Ivy, Warenda, Domestic Hofly Nellie, Lucknow, Domestic Eva, Springsure, Domestic Rosie, Buckingham, Domestic Nuggett, Buckingham, Domestic, Domestic Mattie Soward H/C, Boulia, Domestic Lively, Noranside, Domestic Polly, Chatsworth, Housework Biddy, Boulia, Housework Maudie Dalton H/C, Buckingham, Housework Signed T Donnelly, Protector Boulia. Aboriginals and halfcastes, Boulia District, with money in credit to Bank and other property. Format - Name, Sex, Adult/Child, Other Property Dolly, F, A Kitty, F, A Fanny, F, A Mabel, F, A Mary, F, A June, F, A Maudie Dalton H/C, F, A Mary, F, A Mary, F, A Eva, F, A Goodwood Mich, M, A Carbine, M, A Topsey, F, A Rosey H/C, F, A Nellie, F, A Jessy H/C, F, A Norah, F, A Ivy, F, A Fanny Roxb., F, A Rosey, F, A Topsey, F, A Mary, F, A Kitty H/C, F, A Demever, M, A Toby, M, A Tracker Bob, M, A Moonlight, M, A, Wagonette & Harness, 2 Horses Harry, M, A Momas, M, A Paddy, M, A Frog, M, A, Wagonette Cluny Bob, M, A, 2 Horses and pack Jimmy Walgra, M, A Joe, M, A Willie, M, C Fred, M, A Snowy, M, A Tully, F, A Paddy Clayton, M, A Alick, M, A Tiger Thornton, M, A, Wagonette and 2 Horses Jimmy Hayward, M, A, Two Horses and Saddles Lawn, M, A, One Horse Noble, M, A Billy, M, A Jacob, M, A, 3 Horses and Saddles Jack Carter, M, A, Grammaphone Toby Toolebuc, M, A, Buggy and 2 Horses Toby. Headingly, M, A Martin, M, A Archie, M, A Jimmy Ferguson, M, A Cato, M, A James Wilson, M, A Jackey, M, A Daylight, M, A Bergin, M, A Sambo, M, A, 3 Horses and Saddles Rosia, F, A Jenny, F, A Long Paddy, M, A Lively, F, A Maity H/C, F, A Tommy Reardon, M, A, 1 Horse Alice Vale, F, A Jackey Beauchamp, M, A Charlie, M, A Dinga, M, A Topsey, F, A Tommy, M, A Paddy Jones, M, A, 1 Horse Mungo, M, A Oscar, M, A Ada, F, A Aida, F, A Pilot, M, A, 2 Horses and Saddles Zulu, M, A King Bob, M, A Tiger C., M, A Belia, M, A Aldie, M, A Little Paddy, M, A Charlie Trotman, M, A Ruby, F, A Willie, M, C Major, M, C Freddy, M, A Peter, M, A Tommy, M, A Bob H/C, M, A George Speechly H/C, M, A, 5 Horses and Saddles Joe, M, A Lion, M, A Toko, M, A Tommy Ferguson H/C, M, C Arthur, M, A Monkira Tom, M, A Jimmy Abot, M, A Ted, M, A Arty, M, A Nancy, F, C Kitty Carter, F, A Sandy, M, A Willie Tie, M, A George Clayton, M, A Paddy W., M, A Ginny, F, A Jacky O'Donnell, M, C Queenie, F, C Tommy Foot, M, A, 2 Horses Temper, M, C Jacky Botkins, M, C Mick Denis, M, A, 1 Horse and Saddle Monkira Jack, M, A, Buggy and 4 Horses and Saddles Hoffy Nellie, F, A Dora H/C, F, C Joe, M, A George, M, A Silva, M, A Rosie Cole, F, A Bowman, M, A Tommy Miller, M, A Robin, M, A Willie Sullivan H/C, Buggy & Harness & Horses Judy H/C, F, C Annie, F, A Kitty, F, A Nuggett, F, A Jinny No 2, F, A Yarry, M, A Cuddy, F, A Larry, M, A George Cregie, M, A, 2 Horses and Saddles Kitty Reynolds (Heybolds) H/C, F, C Billy Jasper, M, A, 5 Horses and 2 Saddles Billy Thorpe, M, A, Buggy, Harnes and 2 Horses Jimmy Cregie, M, A, 20 Horses and 2 Saddles ________________________________________________________