WW1 Aboriginal Census for Home Duties Herberton


Queensland State Archives Item ID ITM2043631 Start Date 01/01/1915 (approximate) End Date 31/12/1916 (exact) Access Status Summary Open Previous System Identifiers A/58922; SRS4354/1/14; A1 Item ID 2043631 "Lists of Aboriginal people living at various settlements to be used for war census purposes. Census purposes refers to using Aboriginal people for home front duties such as, labourers and stockmen." (Full digital copy availavle at Queensland State Archives.) Herberton List of Civilised Aboriginals (Male) between the ages of 18 and 45 years. Format - Name, Town, Occupation Willie Sam, Herberton, House Boy Micky, Ravenshoe, House Boy Sambo Gardiner, Tumoulin, House Boy Bob Keogh, Evelyn, Scrub Felling Sandy Major, Evelyn, House Boy Willie Hann, Ravenshoe, Labourer Toby Keogh, Ravenshoe, Scrub Felling Jack Pope, Mount Garnet, Stockman Tommy, Evelyn Scrub, General Useful Buncanoo Atkinson, Mount Garnet, Stockman Joe Haines, Herberton, House Boy Charlie Fox, Mount Garnet, Drover Charlie Reid, Mount Garnet, Tracker Tom Cross, Evelyn, House Boy Toby, Evelyn, Scrub Felling Willie Waddle, Evelyn, House Boy Sambo Robinson, Wooroora Stn, Stockman Tommy Minchin, Evelyn, House Boy Joe Woodleigh, Ravenshoe, Labourer Larry Hann, Evelyn, House Boy Willie Weare, Evelyn, House Boy Toby McMillan, Evelyn, Labourer Harry, Cashmere Stn, Stockman Charlie, Cashmere Stn, Stockman Kruger, Sundown Stn, Stockman Charlie Camp, Herberton, House Boy Willie Adam, Evelyn, Labourer Dick Shae, Valley of Lagoons, Stockman Jack Shaw, Valley of Lagoons, Stockman Larry Fanning, Evelyn, Unemployed Jack Ezzy, Evelyn, Unemployed Sandy Hughes, Tumoulin, House Boy Ivo McKenzie, Herberton, Yardman Toby, Herberton, Tracker Tommy Smyth, Herberton, Unemployed Charlie Broad, Herberton, House Boy Billy King, Herberton, Unemployed Dick Gordon, Herberton, Unemployed Norman Keogh, Herberton, House Boy Percy Campbell, Mount Garnet, Yardman Beadle, Mount Garnet, Stockman Sambo, Gunnawarra Stn, Stockman Mick, Gunnawarra Stn, Stockman Charlie, Gunnawarra Stn, Stockman Dick Doyle, Evelyn, Labourer Jack Robinson, Evelyn, Labourer Charlie Perrott, Evelyn, House Boy Mutt, Evelyn, House Boy Ted Shaw, Wairuna Stn, Stockman Friday, Woodleigh Stn, Stockman Caesar, Valley of Lagoons, Stockman Toby, Woodleigh Stn, Stockman Paddy Davidson, Herberton, Labourer Tommy McKenzie, Keirima Stn, Stockman Francis Pickering, Keirima Stn, Stockman Paddy Robinson, Wooroora Stn, Stockman Jubilee, Wooroora Stn, Stockman Charlie Emmerson, Gunnawarra Stn, Stockman Tommy, Cashmere Stn, Stockman Jerry Shaw, Valley of Lagoons Stn, Stockman Tommy Wairuna, Valley of Lagoons Stn, Stockman Willie Short, Tumoulin, House Boy Willie Weiss, Tumoulin, House Boy Tommy Cardwell, Herberton, House Boy Signed E Marshall, Acting Sergt. and Protector of Aboriginals Herberton. List of all aboriginals and half-castes with money to credit in bank or other property October 27, 1915. Format - Name, Sex, Adult/Child Willie Sam, M, A Micky, M, A Paddy Weir, M, A Sambo Gardiner, M, A Kitty, F, C Sandy & Nellie, M & F, A Bob Keogh, M, A Sandy Major, M, A Willie Hann, M, A Toby Keogh, M, A Ranji Pope, M, C Jack Pope, M, A Tommy & Polly, M & F, A Peter Fagan, M, A Buncanoo Atkinson, M, A Polly Robinson, F, A Joe Haines, M, A Charlie Fox, M, A Douglass, M, A Hooligan, M, A Jimmy, M, A Charlie Reid, M, A Eric Rosendale, M, A May, F, A Tom Cross, M, A Toby, M, A Willie Waddle, M, A Charlie Anderson, M, A Sambo Robinson, M, A Billy Magno, M, A Tommy Minchin, M, A Alick, M, A Jack, M, A Willie Jacobs, M, A Floe Uren H/C, F, A Joe Woodleigh, M, A Fanny, F, A Jemima H/C, F, A Jack Munro, M, A Maudie H/C, M, A Larry Hann, M, A Willie Weare, M, A Smoker McMillan, M, A Toby McMillan, M, A Jimmy Airey, M, A Jimmy, M, A Harry, M, A Charlie, M, A Dinah, F, A Paddy Robinson, M, A Willie Hull, M, A Kruger, M, A Beattie, M, A Tommy Caringo, M, A Charlie Camp, M, A Logan, M, C Tiger Shaw, M, C Polly Major, F, A Maggie Major, F, A Nellie Munro, F, A Sandy Morgan, M, A George Williams, M, A Jacky Major, M, A Willie Adam, M, A Toby Cobbler, M, A Boss, M, A Harry Shaw, M, A Fed Shaw, M, A Dick Shaw, M, C Jack Shaw, M, A Nora Shaw, F, A Nancy Shaw, F, A Carrie Shaw, F, A Ada H/C, F, C Willie & Nellie, M & F, A Larry Fanning, M, A Jack Ezzy, M, A Sandy Hughes, M, A Caesar, M, A Joe Mitchell, M, A Jerry Shaw, M, A Tommy Wairuna, M, A Norman Keogh, M, A Bella, F, A Johnny Cotter, M, A Jack Robinson, M, A Tommy Martin, M, A Una, F, A Lizzie, F, A Herbert, F, C Trilby, F, A Topsy, F, A Minnie Tiger, F, A Minnie Wairuna, F, A Tommy McKenzie, M, A Francis Pickering, M, A Tommy, M, A Jack, M, A Paddy, M, A Dick, M, A Jack, M, A Paddy Davidson, M, A Tommy Davidson, M, A Mick, M, A Minerva, F, A Lucy, F, A Bob, M, A King Billy, M, A Topsy, F, A Alf, M, A Sambo, M, A Tommy Blackmore, M, A Nellie, F, A Mutt, M, A Cardwell (dead) Broaker, M, A Friday, M, A Paddy Malone, M, A Bessie, F, A Tiger, M, A Simon, M, A Tommy Adair, M, A Willie, M, A Combo (dead) Lucy, F, A Charlie Miamo, M, A Tilly, F, A Dick, M, A Joe, M, A Trickett (dead) Tim, M, A Charlie, M, A Readle (Beadle?), M, A Waif, M, A Jack Lacey, M, A Charlie, M, A Ethel, F, A Percy Campbell, M, A Toby, M, A Bendie, M, A Minnie Bolton, F, A Willie Short, M, A Willie Weiss, M, A Alby Jerrold, M, A Dick Doyle, M, A Jubilee Robinson, M, A Signed E Marshall, Acting Sergt. and Protector of Aboriginals Herberton. ______________________________________________________