WW1 Aboriginal Census for Home Duties Hughenden


Queensland State Archives Item ID ITM2043631 Start Date 01/01/1915 (approximate) End Date 31/12/1916 (exact) Access Status Summary Open Previous System Identifiers A/58922; SRS4354/1/14; A1 Item ID 2043631 "Lists of Aboriginal people living at various settlements to be used for war census purposes. Census purposes refers to using Aboriginal people for home front duties such as, labourers and stockmen." (Full digital copy availavle at Queensland State Archives.) Hughenden List of civilised aboriginals in employment between the ages of 18 and 45 years. Format - Name, Town, Occupation Tommy Duncombe, Hughenden, General Useful Charlie Anderson, Hughenden, General Useful Herbert, Hughenden, General Useful Sambo, Hughenden, General Useful Douglas (Scotch), Richmond, General Useful Willie Duke, Hughenden, General Useful Captain Smith, Hughenden, General Useful Fred Bunda, Richmond, General Useful Munday, Hughenden, General Useful Bob Millungera, Richmond, General Useful Jack, Richmond, General Useful Hector McDonald, Hughenden, General Useful Silva, Hughenden, General Useful Sam Woolgar, Richmond, General Useful Tommy Claus, Hughenden, General Useful Tyson Jnr, Richmond, General Useful Billy McCarthy, Richmond, General Useful Adam Hopkins, Richmond, General Useful Johnny Daly, Richmond, General Useful Jimmy Cross, Prairie, General Useful Walter Barney, Hughenden, General Useful George McDonnell, Hughenden, General Useful Charlie McQuaker, Hughenden, General Useful Joe Ellis, Hughenden, General Useful George Davis, Prairie, General Useful Harry, Hughenden, General Useful Billy Neal, Hughenden, General Useful Nimble, Hughenden, General Useful George, Hughenden, General Useful Paddy, Richmond, General Useful Luco, Richmond, General Useful (in prison) Jacob Carr, Richmond, General Useful Jimmy Keyes, Richmond, General Useful Willie Cambridge, Richmond, General Useful Charlie Gordon, Hughenden, General Useful Peter Rosser, Woolgar, Police Tracker Charlie Purner, Richmond, General Useful Fred Lammermoor, Prairie, General Useful Peter Duffy, Prairie, General Useful Quandong, Richmond, General Useful Boxer, Richmond, General Useful Harry No 11, Richmond, General Useful Dick, Richmond, General Useful Andrew, Prairie, General Useful Henry Surgeon, Richmond, General Useful Albert Hippi, Richmond, General Useful Raven, Richmond, General Useful Lawn Hills, Richmond, General Useful (left) Jack Scott (left) Signed S Sutton Sergt., Pro. Protector List of all aboriginals and halfcastes with money to credit in bank or other property. Format - Name, Sex, Adult/Child Fanny, F, A Mary, F, A Tommy Duncombe, M, A Maria Jeffries, F, A Snowy Fraser, M, A Charlie ANderson, M, A Herbert, M, A Jenny Lind, F, A Tony, M, A Winnie, F, A Maria Lovelock, F, A Bob, M, A Sambo, M, A Rosie, F, A Douglas (Scotch), M, A Willie Duke, M, A Capt. Smith, M, A Diamond, M, A Amy H/C, F, A Tommy, M, A Minnie, F, A Charley Thompson, M, A Frank Murray, M, A Fred Bunda, M, A Munday, M, A Bob Millungera, M, A Tommy King, M, A Jack, M, A Paddy Bunda, M, A Jacky, M, A Dan Conway, M, A Printa, F, A Hector McDonald, M, A Silva, M, A Bessie, F, A Sam Woolgar, M, A Tommy Chjue, M, A Tyson Jnr, M, A Lulu, F, A Phillip, M, A Maggie, F, A Billy McCarthy, M, A Lily, F, A Adam Hopkins, M, A Johnny Daly, M, A Jimmy Cross, M, A Walter Barney, M, A Sylvia Barney, F, A Peter, M, A Charley, M, A Sandy Woolgar, M, A George McDonnell, M, A Charlie McQuaker, M, A Joe Ellis, M, A George Davis, M, A Polly, M, A Harry, M, A Billy Neal, M, A Nimble, M, A Toby Woolgar, M, A George, M, A Charlie, M, A Maud, F, A Paddy, M, A Luco, M, A Jacob Carr, M, A Echo, M, A George Dodd, M, A Sharper, M, A Toby perry, M, A Mick, M, A Maggie Woolgar, F, A Billy Campbell, M, A Tommy Sams, M, A Doctor, M, A Rosser, M, A Jimmy Millungera, M, A Sandy, M, A Bob Cambridge, M, A Paddy Campbell, M, A Bob Lovelock, M, A Mickey Free, M, A Tommy Millungera, M, A Munday Smith, M, A Norman, M, A Briner, M, A Dolo, M, A Annie, F, A Charlie Croydon, M, A, M, A Joe, M, A Ted, M, A King, M, A Charlie Jnr, M, A Norman Carter, M, A Kitty, F, A Arthur H/C, M, A Charlie Savannah, M, A Pompey Dodd, M, A Minnie, F, A Kiara, M, A Charcoal, M, A Peter Smith, M, A Wyma, F, A Billy, M, A Jack Cullen, M, A Kitty, F, A Polly Lammermoor, F, A Sandy Martin, M, A Kitty, F, A Paroo, M, A Dick H/C, M, A Cardwell, M, A Tommy, M, A Willie Richmond, M, A Willie Atherton, M, A Gilbert King, M, A Willie Lammermoor, M, A Toby, M, A Jimmy Keyes, M, A Willie Cambridge, M, A Charlie Gordon, M, A Dolly, F, A Peter Rosser, M, A Corporal Nipper, M, A Charlie Turner, M, A Fred (?Ned) Lammermoor, M, A Peter Duffy, M, A Quondong, M, A Boxer, M, A Harry No 2, M, A Dick, M, A Nero, M, A Kitty, F, A Willie Layton, M, A Andrew, M, A Henry Surgeon, M, A Jack Scott, M, A Albert Hippi, M, A Raven, M, A Sidney, M, A Lawn Hills, M, A Daisy, F, C Peter Byers, M, C Major Taylor, M, C Joe Howard, M, C Signed S Sutton Sergt., Pro. 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