Yarrabah News - Some Extracts from Issues 1908 - 1909

Aboriginal News - Yarrabah State Library of Queensland Fiche/S 266.3 ABO Assorted issues Issue 15. 1.1908 19.11.1907 Son born to the wife of Charlie 4.12.1907 Janie Brown and Willie Clarke married at St Albans Best Man Horace Reid Bridesmaids Minnie May Ada Lyell Rosie Northedge N.B. Many readers will know Janie as Jinny Forbes and Willie Clarke as Willie Doctor. They will live in the house formerly occupied by Douglas Pitt. Issue Vol 3, No 15 15. 2.1908 Births 12. 1.1908 Matthew, son of Ernest and Elsie Bungee 18. 1.1908 Livingstone, daughter of Charlie and Nancy Chambers Other Mattilda, a little girl, was sent to Cairns with Blight's disease Issue Vol 3, No 16 15. 3.1908 Death of Minnie Obah, wife of Andrew Obah, after a long illness. Minnie was a native of Yarrabah. She married Andrew in 1896. They had four children, three of whom survive Minnie. They youngest is three years old. Issue Vol 3, No 17 15. 4.1908 Engagements Billy Brown and Jinny Katchowan Johnnie Murray and Ada Pickles Weddings on Easter Monday Andrew Obah and Rosie McCarthy Jack Baker and Ada Lyall Weddings for the Wednesday after Easter Week Karchie and Lena Norman and Barbara Denis and Lucy Dick and Ruby Deaths Maggie Short died in Cairns Hospital Issue Vol 3, No 18 15. 5.1908 Births 30. 3.1908 Daughter to Mabel, wife of Charlie 8. 4.1908 Son to Grace, wife of Andrew Dabah Baptisms on Easter Day Muriel Harriet Margaret, infant daughter of Mabel Stephen Vivian Eddie, infant son of Grace Lena, adult Rubina, adult Issue Vol 3, No 20 15. 7.1908 The King's eldest daughter Ballawoorba was accidentally burnt and died in Cairns Hospital. The King's (King of Yarrabah) wife's name was Maggie. Ballawoorba was about 12 years old and was born at Yarrabah. Adeliade, a half-caste girl, arrived on 30. 6.1908 from Ingham. A letter dated 7. 6.1908 states that George MacDonald, a white man, lives with an Aboriginal gin at Goondi Plantation. They are not married. Issue Vol 3, No 21 21. 8.1908 Deaths 2. 8.1908 Kenneth, 9 month old son of Frank and Julia Strongwarra 4. 8.1908 Polly Campbell died of consumption. Her husband was Amos. 8. 9.1908 Births 12. 8.1908 A son was born to the wife of George Underwood Baptisms 19. 7.1908 Infant daughter of Sydney and Rosie 19. 7.1908 Infant son of Hector and Dinah Marriages 26. 8.1908 Albert Maywe, eldest surviving son and heir of King John of Yarrabah, to Lottie. (Maggie is the wife of King John) Issue Vol 3, No 22 30. 9.1908 Angelina Noble is the wife of James Noble Marriages 11. 9.1908 John Cowmi, lately of Murray Island and now Chief of Girragah, to Mary Pentecost, widow of Stephen. 11. 9.1908 Otto, of Girragah, and May Bignell Death 26. 8.1908 Gilbert died at Karpa Ck. He lived by himself in a humpy. Issue Vol 3, No 22 27.12.1908 New Arrivals Henry, Mimo, Willie and Lulu, witnesses in a Mareeba horse stealing case. Charlie and his wife and three little boys, witnesses in a murder case. Toby and Maudie, witnesses in a murder case. Annie Weazel and Nellie Douglas were sent by Police in October. Tessa from Chillagoe. Ted, brother of Percy. Baptism 8.11.1908 Claridge, first born of Clement and Mary was baptised at St Albans. Marriages Dennis and Lucy Gonora Jack Morgan and Rosie Naicen Moses and Mary Day Issue Vol 5, No 25 27. 3.1909 Marriage 3. 2.1909 Mimo and Annie Reid Departures Charles and Maggie and three boys, witnesses in a murder case. Toby and Maudie, witnesses in a murder case. Willie and Lulu, 2 young boys, witnesses in a cattle stealing case Issue Vol 5, No 25 27. 4.1909 Death 13. 3.1909 Henry died, a famous cricketer Births 13. 3.1909 Elaine Girda, daughter of Andrew Obah and his wife Rosie. Baptised 28. 3.1909 at St Albans. 30. 3.1909 A son to Richard and Ruby Yimbungi in Cairns Hospital Marriage Marriage on Easter Monday of Jack Palmer and Fanny. Bridesmaids Jessie Keppel Jeanie Maytown Best man Peter Issue Vol 5, No 26 27. 5.1909 Births 26. 3.1909 Daughter to wife of James Noble at Roper River Mission 12. 4.1909 Daughter to the wife of Ned Choikee at Yarrabah Baptisms on St Mark's Day Michael Richard, infant son of Richard Yimbungni Gwendoline, infant daughter of Ned Choikee Ernest Mervyn Mark, infant son of Nellie Douglas Death 23. 4.1909 Nellie. Leaves an infant son. Nellie had been at Yarrabah for only six months. Marriage 30. 4.1909 Herbert Monday and Tessa (Tessa recently arrived from Chillagoe) Births (Late News) 12. 5.1909 A son to Jack and Ada Baker 12. 5.1909 A son to Frank and Julie 13. 5.1909 A child to Billy Brown and Jeanie