Auditor Generals Reports Camooweal 1949

Auditor General's Department Reports on Northern Trips Wages Collected by the Protector of Aboriginals, Camooweal 1949, AUD /W176 Queensland State Archives Wages collected for the period 1. 1.1949 - 30. 3.1949 Name ID No. Employer Leichhardt Toby L-141 More Stone Station Molly M-230 More Stone Station Betty Loyd B-35 More Stone Station Paddy Loyd P-111 More Stone Station Peter Archie P-219 More Stone Station Dingeroo Jack D-34 Rocklands Station Johnnie J-529 Rocklands Station Maulen M-486 Rocklands Station Mick Charlie M-232 Rocklands Station Doolan Sam D-224 Yelvertoft Station Mick Kennedy M-33 Yelvertoft Station Sally S-245 Yelvertoft Station Tim T-25 Yelvertoft Station Bob Nemo B-36 Barclay Station Fred Noble F-15 Barclay Station Harry Sam H-18 Barclay Station Herbert Magor H-19 Barclay Station Kathleen Wilson K-41 Barclay Station Nimble N-29 Barclay Station Sam Toby S-11 Barclay Station Topsy Harry T-30 Barclay Station Wild Harry W-13 Barclay Station Harry H-184 Barclay Station Walter Harry W-256 Barclay Station Lena Saville L-343 Barclay Station Billy B-193 Carlton Hills Georgina G-20 Carlton Hills Paddy Dohuty P-210 Carlton Hills Queenie Q-2 Carlton Hills Percy P-223 Thorntona Station Maisie M-740 (?140) Thorntona Station Reg Gilbert R-131 Undilla Station Amy Howlett A-170 Undilla Station Ned George N-25 Police Department Bango Sam B-282 Austral Downs Alice Bertie A-20 (?2x0) Austral Downs Dorothy Sam D-431 Austral Downs Tommy Saville T-258 (>268) Austral Downs ____________________________________________________________________