Auditor Generals Reports Springsure 1938

Auditor General's Department Reports on Northern Trips Report on the Protector of Aboriginals, Springsure 21. 5.1938, AUD /W80 Queensland State Archives Receipted accounts on hand May 1938 Name Ident No. Bertie Bundle B-181 Billy Peter B-182 Claude Solomon C-142 Eddie Bundle E-66 Eddie Hill E-67 Eddie Hill E-68 Ellen Barnes E-105 George Solomon G-100 Gerty Conway G-102 Henry McPherson H-135 Jack Pearce J-322 Jemima Leopold J-323 Kathleen Hill K-36 Lizzie Solomon L-158 Leo Conway L-109 Mavis Richardson M-221 Sandy Solomon S-69 Siddie King S-70 Willie Cubbie W-54