Aurukun Incidence of Venereal Disease 1944 - 1946

Queensland State Archives Item ID 506360 Previous System Location SRS505/1/4616 Description AURUKUN MISSION - INCIDENCE VENEREAL DISEASE Departmental Numbers 6A/11 Start Date 12/12/1944 End Date 16/5/1946 Access Category 65 years Assorted Correspondence dated 1944 - 1946. Only names and dates given here 1944 Mentions Diamond Alice, his wife They have a baby. From Rokeby Stn 1945 Mentions Nellie Gilbert, Coen Maggie Sandy, Coen maggie Ned, Coen Norman or Parrot, Coen Jenny, wife of Norman, Coen Billy Wildfellow, Aurukun Oothenka, Billy's wife, Aurukun Anjimulkina, Billy's wife, Aurukun Mimunna, Billy's wife, Aurukun Tiger Kendall, Aurukun Tarmoowa, wife of Tiger Kendall, Aurukun Barney Koolatah, NormantoSudy, Mitchell River Mission Armbara, Mitchell River Mission Dick Edwards, Mitchell River Mission Agnes Edwards and child, Mitchell River Mission Sudy, Mitchell River Mission ____________________________________________________________