Child Endowment Ipswich District - Boonah c1941

Administration, Child Endowment, Ipswich District - Boonah Item ID 504709 Previous System Location SRS505/1/2965 Departmental Numbers 1H/53 Access Category 0 years Queensland State Archives NB Relates to Child Endowment Act of 1941, and often lists Aboriginal families with two children under 16 years of age in various places in 1941. Boonah Annie Thompson H/C, widow, age 38 years Phyllis Thompson, born 28. 9.1927 at Purga, age 14 years Sylvia Thompson, born 10. 6.1931 Ipswich, age 10 years Walter Thompson, born 28. 4.1937 Brisbane, age 4 years Resides at Coulson via Boonah Charlie Thompson H/C, age 28 years Esther Thompson, age 29 years Georgina Margaret Thompson, born 3. 1.1932 Ipswich, age 9 years Merle Muriel Thompson, born 19. 3.1933 Purga, age 8 years June Thompson, born 12.12.1936 Boonah, age 4 years, twin Joy Thompson, born 12.12.1936 Boonah, age 4 years, twin Reside Allendale via Boonah (Charlie Thompson married Esther Quinn 9. 4.1931, Registration Queensland 1931/C/1278) Allan Robert Williams H/C, age 31 years Eva May Williams, 29 years Alwyn Williams, born 20. 2.1933 Beaudesert, age 8 years Gavin John Williams, born 8. 5.1939 Beaudesert, age 2 years Reside Sandy Creek via Boonah (Allan Edward Robert Williams married Eva May Somerset 8. 1.1931, Registration Queensland 1931/B/9971) ____________________________________________________________