Child Endowment Augathella c1941

Administration, Child Endowment, Augathella Item ID 504663 Previous System Location SRS505/1/2919 Departmental Numbers 1H/4 Access Category 0 Years Queensland State Archives NB Relates to Child Endowment Act of 1941, and often lists Aboriginal families with two children under 16 years of age in various places in 1941. Full Bloods Willie Geebung, father Nelly Geebung, mother Lily Geebung, born 8. 5.1928 Augathella Josie Geebung, born 22.12.1934 Augathella Norman Geebung, putative father is Charlie Park, born 5. 8.1930 Babbiloora Augathella, mother is Binnie Geebung deceased, grandchild Florence Geebung, putative father is Archie Roberts, born 2. 8.1934 Augathella, mother is Binnie Geebung deceased, grandchild Florence and Norman are defined as grandchildren of Nelly and Willie. Family reside on Warrego River Half-Caste Victor Johnson Annie Turner Ronnie Turner, born 1. 9.1926 Augathella Jean Johnson, born 3. 8.1929 Augathella Reenie Johnson, born 15. 9.1931 Augathella Ronald Johnson, born 21.10.1934 Augathella Elsie Johnson, born 9. 1.1936 Augathella Joyce Johnson, born 15. 8.1938 Augathella Dan Johnson, born 29. 9.1940 Augathella Family reside on Warrego River Dan Mailman Cissie Mailman, exempt Ernie Geebung, born 9. 2.1934 Augathella, father Dan mailman Jane Mailman, born 28. 5.1939 Augathella Betty Mailman, born 16. 7.1941 Augathella Family reside at Babbiloora, Augathella (Daniel Mailman married Sissy Geebung 25. 4.1934, Registration Queensland 1934/C/1437) John Fraser Ada Lang Archie Lang, born 10. 1.1930 Augathella Bruce Lang, born 27. 2.1934 Augathella Family live on bank of the Warrego River Harry Mailman Maud Mailman Ruby Mailman, born 25.11.1925 Augathella Lemey Mailman, born 5. 2.1928 Augathella Eileen Mailman, born 14. 2.1937 Augathella Reside at Babbiloora Stn (Harry Mailman married Maud Victor 2.11.1933, Registration Queensland 1933/C/3163)