Child Endowment Ayr c1941

Administration, Child Endowment, Ayr Item ID 504664 Previous System Location SRS505/1/2920 Departmental Numbers 1H/5 Access Category 0 Years Queensland State Archives NB Relates to Child Endowment Act of 1941, and often lists Aboriginal families with two children under 16 years of age in various places in 1941. Vera Baker aka Vera Tanner, SSI descent, exempt Lives with John Baker H/C. Hasnt lived with husband Bob Tanner for years. Alice Puller, SSI woman, exempt Has children Arthur Lampton A-4 Eileen Lampton, exempt Have children (Arthur Lampton married Eileen Allen 8. 7.1929, Registration Queensland 1929/C/2718) Willie Lightning W-127, H/C Janey Lightning, F/B Paddy Lightning R-23 H/C, child Gracie Lightning G-16 F/B, child Willie Lightning Gertie Lightning (Willie Lightning married Jane Blanco 15.12.1927, Registration Queensland 1927/C/3001) ____________________________________________________________