Child Endowment Bowen c1941

Administration, Child Endowment, Bowen Item ID 504657 Previous System Location SRS505/1/2913 Departmental Numbers 1H/12 Access Category 65 years Queensland State Archives NB Relates to Child Endowment Act of 1941, and often lists Aboriginal families with two children under 16 years of age in various places in 1941. Duke Howard H/C, Exempt Daisy Howard H/C Ethel Isabel Howard, born 6. 4.1926 Muriel Florence Howard, born 21.12.1929 Ronald Alfred Howard, born 13. 4.1930 Ellen Margaret Howard, born 6. 9.1932 John Valentine Howard, born 20. 3.1933 Clifford Arnold Howard, born 16.10.1934 Walter Francis Howard, born 28. 8.1938 David Gregory Howard, born 1.11.1940 Reside Euri Creek about 9 miles from Bowen Daisy, aged 40 years, father H/C Singalese/Aboriginal & mother F/B Daisy married a South Sea Islander in 1913. His name is Jimmy Halliday and he is now deceased. Daisy lived with him for a few years then left and went to live with George No 2 G-6 also known as George Wake. She still lives with him. George's father was a South Sea Islander and his mother a H/C Aboriginal / South Sea Islander. Daisy is known as Daisy Wake. Daisy's children under 16 years of age are Kira Daisy Wake, born 9. 9.1925 Essie Tottie Wake, born 5. 4.1930 Frank Atto, white Alice Atto A-37 H/C Ruby Teair, born 5.10.1928 Ray Barker, born 12.12.1929 Frank Allan Atto, born 8. 1.1932 Donald Atto, born 22. 8.1933 Reside at Miowera about 13 miles from Bowen. Alice is also known as Alice of Beresford A-37. Frank Atto is the father of the two younger children. (Frank Atto married Alice Teare aka Beresford 11.10.1929, Registration Queensland 1929/C/3008) ____________________________________________________________