Child Endowment Longreach c1941

Administration, Child Endowment, Longreach Item ID 504713 Previous System Location SRS505/1/2969 Departmental Numbers 1H/57 Access Category 65 years Queensland State Archives NB Relates to Child Endowment Act of 1941, and often lists Aboriginal families with two children under 16 years of age in various places in 1941. Thomas Henry Morris 1/4C, Exempt Margaret Elizabeth Morris 1/4C, pregnant, Exempt Have 2 children 1-2 years old John Monaghan, brother of Mrs Morris The following H/C families have already applied for Child Endowment Henry Fuller H/C Clara Fuller, wife Doris May Fuller, 13 years Thomas Henry Fuller, 12 years Mildred Helen Fuller, 9 years Mavis Clara Fuller, 5 years Reside at Raphoe Stn, Longreach. Family Exempt. Mrs Maria White H/C Joyce Darle White, 17 years Robert Burney White, 14 years David Frederick White, 13 years Frederick Reuben White, 12 years John Alfred White, 10 years Lorraine Elizabeth White, 8 years Edward Arthur White, 6 years Reside at Blackall. Exempt. ____________________________________________________________