Child Endowment Maryborough District c1941

Administration, Child Endowment, Maryborough District Item ID 504718 Previous System Location SRS505/1/2974 Departmental Numbers 1H/62 Access Category 65 years Queensland State Archives NB Relates to Child Endowment Act of 1941, and often lists Aboriginal families with two children under 16 years of age in various places in 1941. Maryborough District Tinana Nil Biggenden Myrtle May Anderson H/C, Exempt Has two children. Already gets Endowment. Bundaberg and South Bundaberg Thomas Johnson, Exempt Ethel Kathleen Johnson Muriel Johnson, age 15 years Thomas William Johnson, age 13 years Walter James Johnson, age 12 years Audrey Katherine Johnson, age 9 years Hector Raymond Johnson, age 7 years Hazel Johnson, age 5 years Allan James Johnson, age 4 years Burnett Johnson, age 1 year Family reside in West Bundaberg Robert Johnson, Exempt Mabel Johnson Harriett Johnson, age 15 years Dollie Johnson, age 13 years Connie Johnson, age 12 years Robert Johnson, age 10 years Eleanor Johnson, age 8 years Carolle Johnson, age 6 years Cedric Johnson, age 4 years Ethel Johnson, age 3 years Andrew Johnson, age 9 months Family reside in West Bundaberg Reginald Dodd, Exempt Jessie Dodd McLaughlin Dodd, age 11 years Patricia Dodd, age 8 years Marjorie Dodd, age 5 years Joan Dodd, age 1 year Family reside in West Bundaberg Herbert Geary Beatrice Geary Marie Geary, age 9 years Terence Geary, age 6 years Irene Geary, age 5 years Jean Geary, age 4 years Winifred Geary, age 2 years Family reside in West Bundaberg and have never had dealings with the Department of Native Affairs. George Geary Esther Geary Irwin Geary, age 4 years Georgina Geary, aged 6 months Family reside in West Bundaberg and have never had dealings with the Department of Native Affairs. Fred Walker Nellie Walker Fred Walker, age 14 years Ronald Walker, age 10 years Byril (?Cyril) Walker, age 7 years Rebecca Walker, age 4 years Family reside in West Bundaberg and have never had dealings with the Department of Native Affairs. Leslie Rowe Sarah Rowe Allan Rowe, age 4 years Deainna Rowe, age 2 years Family reside in West Bundaberg and have never had dealings with the Department of Native Affairs. These families live on a reserve at West Bundaberg about two miles from the city. North Bundaberg Barbara Trooper F/B, employed at Sharon. No children. James Williams H/C Mabel Williams H/C Fay Williams, age 6 years Iris Williams, age 2 years Reside Tantitha, North Bundaberg Sarah Klotz, widow of South Sea Islander extraction Phyllis Klotz, age 14 years Noel Klotz, age 11 years Sylvia Klotz, age 7 years Reside Paddy's Island, North Bundaberg Sarah's husband died about 2 months ago. Dorothy Blackman, single Daphne Blackman, age 5 years, illegitimate Evan Blackman, age 3 years, illegitimate Reside Tantitha, North Bundaberg. Putative father is Causey Anderson of Avondale. Ivy Esther Broom H/C, single Katherine Faith Broom, age 2 years, illegitimate Brenda Broom, age 4 months, illegitimate Reside Tantitha, North Bundaberg. Putative father is Arnold Geary of Gin Gin. East Bundaberg Nil Childers Frederick Blackman H/C, parents H/C Elsie Maud Blackman H/C, father white & mother H/C Olive Jessie Aust, age 15 years, niece, residing with family Ernest Alfred Blackman, age 14 years Dorothy May Blackman, age 12 years Burnett Kevin Blackman, age 10 years Shirley Rose Blackman, age 4 years Reside at Appletree Creek via Childers. Olive Jessie Aust's mother was H/C and father white. Her mother was Frederick Blackman's sister. Olive's mother died two years ago and since then has been supported by the Blackmans. Father's whereabouts unknown. Cooran Nil Cooroy Nil Cordalba Nil Eidsvold Beirne Pope, F/B Alice Pope H/C Edith Pope, 14 yrs, born 9.11.1926 Herbie Pope, 14 yrs, born 15. 5.1927 Kathleen Pope, 11 yrs, born 8. 9.1930 Ernest Pope, 9 yrs, born 5. 8.1932 Richard Pope, 5 yrs, born 13. 4.1936 Lurline Pope, 3 yrs, born 27. 6.1938 Mavis Clarice Pope, 2 mth, born 5. 7.1941 (dates and ages as above) James Bayles, white Ada Bayles, H/C Eileen Jane Bayles, born 24.10.1929 Harold James Phillip Bayles, born 11. 6.1931 Edna Violet Bayles, born 22. 3.1933 Clare Phoebe Bayles, born 17. 5.1939 William Gordon Bayles, born 28. 5.1942 James Chapman, H/C Agnes Chapman, H/C Doris Chapman, born 27.10.1927 James Chapman, born 24. 9.1929 Dave Chapman, born 21.10.1931 Oscar Chapman, born 28. 9.1935 Frederick Chapman, born 10.12.1938 Mick Chapman, H/C Linda Chapman, H/C Tex Chapman, born 16. 7.1938 Kay Jocelyn Chapman, born 15. 1.1940 Mark Chapman, H/C Beryl Chapman, H/C Beirne Chapman, born 16. 8.1931 Diana Chapman, born 4. 4.1933 Rita Chapman, born 21.11.1934 Mervyn Chapman, born 3. 3.1936 Stella Chapman, born 22.11.1937 Neville Chapman, born 1. 9.1939 Darcy Chapman, born 28. 8.1941 Ida Chapman, H/C, widow Audrey Chapman, born 23. 2.1929 Larry Chapman, born 30. 7.1930 Bunda Collins, H/C Janet Collins, H/C Joe Collins, born 7. 6.1928 Una Collins, born 17.11.1930 Ivan Collins, born 22. 2.1933 Edna Collins, born 21.11.1934 Audett Collins, born 4. 9.1941 Dan Dodd, H/C Fanny Dodd, H/C Allan Clarence Dodd, born 8. 7.1939 Harold Thomas Dodd, born 5. 9.1941 William Heathwood, H/C Cissy Heathwood, H/C Eva Heathwood, born 27. 6.1932 Donald Heathwood, born 5. 3.1935 Muriel Heathwood, born 13. 6.1937 Owen Gregory Heathwood, born 12.10.1939 Douglas Law, H/C Grace Law, H/C Delphi Law, 18 yrs Victor Law, born 16.10.1926 Edgar Law, born 23. 8.1927 Josephine Winifred Law, born 9. 3.1929 Lockwood Law, born 2. 9.1932 Nancy Law, born 9. 6.1934 Monica Law, born 13. 7.1936 Mervyn Law, 12 mths Grace Law (Grace Simpson) has left Douglas Law and now lives with Denny Fuller near Hawkwood. Douglas appears to have a new wife Nita Agnes Couchy William McDermott, H/C Violet McDermott, H/C Joyce McDermott, born 28. 3.1933 Hazel McDermott, born 19. 8.1939 William McDermott, born 2. 7.1941 Percy Saltner, 1/4C Rachael Saltner, H/C Irene Saltner, born 17.10.1928 Norman Saltner, born 1. 6.1930 Howard Saltner, born 12.12.1933 Barbara Saltner, born 7. 6.1935 Betty Saltner, born 30. 9.1937 Ian Saltner, born 6. 5.1940 Roy Smith, H/C Daisy Smith, H/C Gwen Smith, born 15.12.1925 Mervyn Smith, born 16. 8.1926 Maurice Smith, born 8. 2.1928 Valma Smith, born 17. 7.1933 Colin Wagg, H/C Barbara Evelyn Wagg, H/C Rawdon Wagg, born 13. 9.1937 Winifred Wagg, born 10. 8.1939 William Wagg, H/C Doreen Wagg, H/C Mary Wagg, born 18. 1.1927 William Wagg, born 14. 4.1929 Mervyn Wagg, born 4. 5.1931 Glennie Wagg, born 14. 9.1933 Shirley Wagg, born 5. 3.1935 Dan Wagg, born 24. 6.1937 Donald Wagg, born 5/6. 4.1939 Nicholas Wragge, H/C Dulcie Wragge, H/C Vera Wragge, born 21. 8.1925 Charlotte Wragge, born 1. 5.1928 Colin Wragge, born 10.11.1930 Phillip Wragge, born 1. 5.1932 Monica Wragge, born 7. 9.1934 Amy Wragge, born 17. 9.1935 Mona Fuller, H/C, single Norman Fuller, born 24.12.1934 Dorothy Norma Fuller, born 5.10.1940 Mona's mother is Bertha Fuller Gayndah All already receiving Child Endowment Gin Gin Nil Goomeri Jack Anderson 1/4C Doreen Anderson H/C Four children under 16 years. Reside on Theodore's Farm on the Manumbar Road via Goomeri Percy Conlon 1/4C Wife H/C Five children under 16 years. Reside on Barambah Cattle Station via Goomeri Bruce Walker, Exempt 1939 (No 76) Lena Walker Three children under 16 years Reside at Kinkombi Gympie Nil One Mile Nil Howard Charles Richards H/C Konomie Richards H/C Ethel Eva Richards, born 19.12.1912, age 28 years Cyril Lindsay Richards, born 7. 5.1914, age 27 years Konomie Jessie Richards, born 10. 7.1915, age 26 years Charles Albert Richards, born 31. 3.1917, age 24 years Frank Cornelius Richards, born 25. 3.1921, age 20 years Evelyn Doreen Richards, born 28. 3.1921, age 18 years John James Richards, born 11.12.1917, age 14 years Percy Edward Richards, born 31. 7.1928, twin, age 12 years Ruth Marian Richards, born 31. 7.1928, twin, age 12 years Heather Bell Richards, born 13.11.1930, age 10 years Konomie Jessie Richards has two illegitimate children namely Kenneth Edward Richards, born 11. 2.1936, age 5 years Susy Joyce Richards, born 19.12.1938, age 2 years These children are cared for by Konomie Richards, their grandmother. Dates above are as in the original document. Imbil Nil Kilkivan Frederick William Langlo Nina Langlo Has five children under 16 years Reside at Running Creek via Boowoogum, 30 miles from Kilkivan William Sandow Martha Sandow Yvonne Sandow, age 13 years Althea Sandow, age 11 years Richard Sandow, age 8 years Tom Sandow, age 6 years Mervyn Sandow, age 2 years Reside at Cinnibar. Martha Sandow has left her husband and was last heard of in Brisbane. Kingaroy Walter Couchy Ruby Couchy Harold David Couchy, born 30. 6.1926, age 15 years Henry Thomas Couchy, born 2.12.1928, age 12 years May Mary Ann Couchy, born 1. 7.1931, age 10 years George Edward Couchy, born 22. 9.1933, age 7 years Kumbia Nil Monto Leonard Law 1/4C, age 38 years Vera Law (nee King) H/C Leonard George Law, born 8.10.1935 Brian Frederick Law, born 7. 6.1937 Olive Kathleen Law, born 7.10.1938 Rhonda Evelyn Law, born 23.12.1939 Leonard and Vera married in 1934 at Cherbourg. John Hansen, white, age 50 years Mabel Hansen (nee Law) 1/4C, age 38 years May Edith Hansen, aged 18 years Kathleen Hansen, born 13. 4.1926 George Eric Hansen, born 10. 8.1927 Leonard Charles Hansen, born 19.11.1928 Phillip John Hansen, born 22.10.1931 Mary Alice Hansen, born 25. 5.1934 John Leslie Hansen, born 3. 1.1939 John and Mabel married in 1925 at Gayndah. May Edith Hansen has a child namely Ronald Kenneth Hansen, born 17. 5.1939 Has been adopted by John and Mabel Hansen. Flossie Perkins 1/4C, widow Pat Perkins, age 15 years Gladys Perkins, born 17. 1.1932, age 9 years Flossie's husband was 1/4C and he died in 1937. Mount Perry Nil Mundubbera Information sent to DNA earlier in 1941. Murgon See Cherbourg Nanango Nil Pialba Fred Ross 3/4C, born 12. 8.1893, age 48 years Maidie Ross 3/4C, born 18.10.1895, age 45 years Joan Ross H/C, born 23. 6.1926, age 15 years Albert Ross H/C, born 6. 9.1929, age 11 yrs Joyce Ross H/C, born 6. 7.1941, age 10 years Fred Ross is a fisherman at Urangan. Ernest Barney, H/C SSI, born 26. 6.1911, age 30 years Lilian Cecilia Barney H/C, born 17. 5.1913, age 28 years Ernest Albert Barney 1/4C, born 24. 3.1932, age 9 years Lilian Bessie Barney 1/4C, born 9. 2.1934, age 7 years William George Barney 1/4C, born 16.12.1936, age 4 years Colin James Barney 1/4C, born 7.10.1939, age 1 year Charlie Darby F/B SSI, born 20. 6.1885, age 56 years May Darby H/C, born 3. 5.1900, age 41 years Tarso Darby 1/4C, born 8. 8.1927, age 14 years Ellen Darby 1/4C, born 4. 8.1928, age 13 years Matilda Darby 1/4C, born 4.12.1929, age 11 years James Darby 1/4C, born 10.11.1933, age 7 years Joan Darby 1/4C, born 4. 2.1935, age 6 years Fred Davis H/C, born 15. 6.1893, age 48 years Elizabeth Davis F/B SSI, born 3.11.1891, age 49 years Daphne Elizabeth Davis 1/4C, born 5.12.1925, age 15 years Ruth Wellingart Davis 1/4C, born 27.11.1927, age 13 years Shirley Betty Davis 1/4C, born 27. 7.1929, age 12 years Gloria Dawn Davis 1/4C, born 20. 2.1931, age 10 years Alfred Victor Davis 1/4C, born 5.11.1935, age 5 years Harry Davis H/C, born 4. 3.1903, age 38 years Annie Davis F/B SSI, born 1. 5.1898, age 43 years Delia Louisa Davis 1/4C, born 28. 5.1928, age 13 years Cynthia Dawn Davis 1/4C, born 26. 8.1929, age 12 years Decima Leon Davis 1/4C, born 16. 4.1932, age 9 years Ben Gala H/C, born 29.12.1895, age 45 years Rebecca Gala F/B SSI, born 15. 5.1908, age 33 years Violet Gala 1/4C, born 6. 9.1926, age 15 years Silas Gala 1/4C, born 4.12.1928, age 12 years Nellie Gala 1/4C, born 24. 6.1931, age 10 years Philip Gala 1/4C, born 1. 9.1936, age 5 years John Gala 1/4C, born 7. 3.1937, age 4 years Mabel Gala 1/4C, born 28.12.1938, age 2 years Gordon Finley Peters H/C, born 31.12.1910, age 30 years Una Peters (Eurasian), born 16. 6.1913, age 28 years David Peters 1/4C, born 18. 6.1931, age 10 years Bessie Peters 1/4C, born 6. 9.1935, age 6 years Gordon Finley Peters 1/4C, born 6.11.1937, age 3 years Lilian Rose Peters 1/4C, born 17. 2.1939, age 2 years Una Peters 1/4C, born 18. 4.1941, age 4 months Horace Reeves H/C, deceased Alma Reeves 1/4C, born 10. 6.1911, age 30 years, widow Nola Olga Reeves 3/8C, born 11.12.1932, age 8 years Horace Gribble Reeves 3/8C, born 13. 4.1934, age 7 years Coigne Ethel Reeves 3/8C, born 28.12.1935, age 5 years Shirley Jane Reeves 3/8C, born 7.12.1937, age 3 years Herbert Tanna 1/4C, born 10. 5.1911, age 30 years Evelyn Tanna 1/4C, born 10. 9.1917, age 24 years Herbert Tanna 1/4C, born 17. 3.1939, age 2 years George Tanna 1/4C, born 14. 4.1941, age 5 months Pomona Harry Brunette 1/4C, Exempt Edith Brunette H/C Henry William Brunette, born 31.12.1931 Ruth Jane Brunette, born 25.12.1933 Ronald Paul Brunette, born 4.11.1936 Rachel Maud Brunette, born 14. 6.1939 Hazel Dawn Brunette, born 14. 4.1941 Proston Dick Cobbo Sarah Cobbo H/C Rae Cobbo, born 27. 9.1929, age 11 years John William Cobbo, born 7. 6.1931, age 10 years Duncan Thomas Cobbo, born 25. 9.1933, age 7 years Burnett Norman Cobbo, born 21. 6.1935, aged 6 years Resides Waringa Stn via Proston. Eldest three children at Cherbourg. Burnett with her. Sarah and Dick Cobbo have been living apart for about 10 years. Dick Cobbo lives at Cherbourg. Sarah lives with Joe Weazel F/B and he is the father of the three youngest children. Rosedale Innis Alfred Singo Bertha Singo Ethel Singo, born 4.12.1934 Kevin Charles Singo, born 7. 4.1938 Gordon Donald Singo, born 6. 8.1941 Reside at Avondale. Andrew Broom Alice Broom Evelyn Broom, born 1. 5.1931 Thomas Broom, born 11. 8.1938 Alice Broom also cares for two children of her sister-in-law Ester Broom who is now an inmate of Goodna Asylum. These children are Grace Broom, born 16.11.1937 John Broom, born 5. 8.1940 Reside at Avondale. Kate Broom, single Leonard Broom, born 25. 3.1932 Noel Broom, born 22.12.1936 Shirley Broom, born 19. 8.1940 Reside at Avondale. Stephen Broom Elsie Broom Mervyn Broom, born 13.12.1934 Eric Broom, born 22.11.1937 Barbara Broom, born 20. 7.1941 Reside at Avondale. George E Johsnon Cecilia Margaret Johnson Colin Johnson, born 14. 9.1934 Mervyn Johnson, born 24. 3.1937 Barry Johnson, born 14. 6.1939 Clifford Johnson, born August 1940 Reside at Lowmead. South Kolan Nil Tewantin Nil Tiaro Nil Wallaville Nil Wondai Nil ____________________________________________________________