Child Endowment Mossman c1941

Administration, Child Endowment, Gorge Mission, Mossman Item ID 504768 Previous System Location SRS505/1/3024 Departmental Numbers 1H/108 Access Category 0 Years Queensland State Archives 18. 3.1942 Mossman Child endowment paid at Mossman for Charlie Maria M-457 Charles, born 1. 7.1938 Thomas, born 18. 9.1941 24. 3.1942 Mossman Miss Hetherington of Gorge Mission Stn collecting child endowment for Sam Brown, child of Sam Brown (deceased) and Mary Brown Doris Brown, child of Sam Brown (deceased) and Mary Brown Doreen, child of Young Peter and Babsy (deceased) Mary Brown died about 10 years ago Sam Brown was sent to Palm Island and died there about 2 years ago. Young Peter said to be in the Bloomfield area Cooktown. 29. 5.1942 Mossman Claim for Pelecia, resides at The Gorge Camp Tribally married first to Frank Missionary who died at Mossman on 10. 7.1938. They had three children. Pelecia then tribally married Barney of Mossman and they live at The Gorge Camp. 4. 9.1942 Brisbane Short Wallaby. Overpaid for Florrie, identical with Dorothy, Edna and Laurie, who died 6. 7.1942. 3. 9.1942 Mossman Short Wallaby is grand father of Florrie, also known as Edna. Florrie's father is Young Peter.