Child Endowment Theodore c1941

Administration, Child Endowment, Theodore Item ID 504761 Previous System Location SRS505/1/3017 Departmental Numbers 1H/97 Access Category 0 years Queensland State Archives NB Relates to Child Endowment Act of 1941, and often lists Aboriginal families with two children under 16 years of age in various places in 1941. 17. 9.1941 Theodore Claim made for Frances Hill H/C, married, living apart from husband who was John Hill H/C. They married on 27. 3.1937 at Rockhampton. They had one child named Ronald Gordon Hill born 13. 1.1937 at Rockhampton (John Hill is the father). Both were exempt. Frances left John Hill about 3 years ago and went to live with Frederick Little H/C about 2 1/2 years ago. Frederick and Frances had a child named Frederick Mervyn Little born 7. 9.1940 at Blackall. Frederick Little supports Ronald Gordon Hill. 17. 91.941 Theodore Claim made for Thomas Fuller H/C Ethel Fuller H/C, wife Married about 1914 at Piggott via Mundubbera. Ethel practically reared at Glencoe Stn in the Eidsvold district. Children are Doris Fuller, born 18. 1.1927 Camboon Nancy Fuller, born 19.12.1933 Piggott via Mundubbera Irrwin John Fuller, born 1. 1.1941 Eidsvold Family is exempt. Have relations named Haydon at Murgon. ____________________________________________________________