Child Endowment Toowoomba c1941

Administration, Child Endowment, Toowoomba Item ID 504767 Previous System Location SRS505/1/3023 Departmental Numbers 1H/107 Access Category 65 years Queensland State Archives NB Relates to Child Endowment Act of 1941, and often lists Aboriginal families with two children under 16 years of age in various places in 1941. 15. 9.1941 Glenmorgan Stn Mona Weribone (nee Noble)H/C of Coomrith Stn via Meandarra, born 11. 8.1911 Goondiwindi, married 26.12.1931 Goondiwindi to Percival Weribone Josephine Edna Weribone, born 2. 1.1932 Goondiwindi Dorothy Betty Weribone, born 17. 1.1934 Toobah, Goondiwindi Percival John Weribone, born 29. 1.1936 Bungunya Sabina Pearl Weribone, born 15. 9.1938 Meandarra Walter Matthew Weribone, born 10. 5.1941 Meandarra Lexie Weribone (nee Hippi)H/C, of Meandarra, born 3. 6.1912 Mungindi, married 13. 8.1932 Boomi NSW to Norman Jeffrey Weribone Ivy Madge weribone, born 12. 3.1933 Booni NSW Coleen Joyce Weribone, born 17. 3.1934 Toobeah, Goondiwindi Alice Lorna Weribone, born 2. 9.1935 Toobeah, Goondiwindi Norman Jeffrey Weribone, born 16.11.1937 Tara Vera Rose Cleven (nee Fitz) H/C, born 19. 4.1917 Inglewood, married to John Joseph Cleven on 7.10.1937 at Goondiwindi John Joseph Cleven, born 17. 8.1937 Goondiwindi Josephine Vera Cleven, born 26. 2.1939 Mooldan Downs, Meandarra Christine May Cleven, born 11. 5.1941 Meandarra Family resides Murilla Stn via Glenmorgan Lillian Mundy, wife of John Mundy Residing at Coorooah Stn via Meandarra Leo Raveneau Dorothy Norma Reveneau, wife Reside at Meandarra 7.10.1941 Glenmorgan Stn Dorothy Reveneau 1/4C, father Alexander White H/C, mother was Emily Briggs (white) Vera Rose Cleven H/C, mother white woman, father is Billy Fitz, Aborigine Lillian Mundy, sister of Vera Rose Claven 9.10.1941 DSS Brisbane Children of Dorothy Norma Raveneau are Lionel J Raveneau, born 13. 3.1939 Moree NSW Margaret A Raveneau, born 21. 5.1940 Moree NSW ____________________________________________________________