Colonial Secretary - Half-caste Children in the Cook Sub-district 1900

Police Commissioner Miscellaneous Correspondence and Reports POL /J19 Queensland State Archives Extracts Letter 17743, dated 13.11.1900 Return of Half-caste Children in the Cook Sub-district Name Sex Age Born Resides Paddy M 12 Maytown Maytown, Granite Ck Sandy M 5 Maytown Maytown Jacky M 2 Maytown Maytown Rosey F 9 Maytown Maytown, Granite Ck Dolly F 6 Maytown Maytown Nellie F 1.5 Maytown Maytown Rosie F 5 Laura Fairview Stn Unnamed M 9 Battle Camp Otto M 12 Laura Willie M 14 Rokeby Rokeby Stn Ruby F 3 Coen Police Stn Willie Fox M 15 Palmer Pine Tree Stn Unnamed F 3 Mein Mein Frank M 7 Breeza Breeza Rosey Fox F 6 Palmer Coen John Betteridge M 5 Coen Ebagoolah (With his father J. Betteridge) Susan Betteridge F 3 Rocky R. Ebagoolah (With her father J. Betteridge) 2 Unnamed York Downs York Downs