Home Office - Miscellaneous Correspondence 1912

Home Office Bundle HOM /J83 Queensland State Archives Inwards Letters 1912 Correspondence about the application and recommendation by Mr J Ward for 22 Aborigines (15 full-blood and 7 half-caste) to receive Certificates of Exemption. Half-castes Willy McCormick, Devenport Station Johnny McCormick, Devenport Station Mick McCabe, Springvale Station Dan Connors, Mayneside Opal Fields Jimmy Pegler, Thargomindah Thomas Kettle, Langlo Township Richard Fraser, Devenport Station Full Bloods Palpara Paddy, Devenport Station Monkira Jack, Monkira Station Monkira Tommy, Monkira Station Tiger Warpra, Clermont District Snowy Fraser, Winton Flash Jack, Devenport Station Jumbo, Palpara Station Byron Nathan, Springvale Station Jimmy Tyson snr, Mayneside Opal Fields Jimmy Tyson Jnr, Vergemont Station Bob Tyson, Vergemont Station Jimmy Ferguson jnr, Fermay Station Harry Mitchell, Dunham Towers Station Frank Kelly, Stonehenge Jumbo, Springvale Station Letter from Police Station Winton dated 30. 1.1912 1. Aboriginal Snowy Fraser not in area 2. Half-caste Dan Connors of Mayneside Opalfields is a native of NSW, aged about 37 years. Married at Winton in July 1909 to an Aboriginal named Biddy who is about 37 years old and lives with him at Mayneside. 3. No Aboriginal named Harry Mitchell in the area. There is an Aboriginal Harry, better known as Cork Harry aged about 33 years and married to an Aboriginal named Na---- 4. Old Jimmy Tyson of Mayneside is aged about 60 years. Letters from the Court House Boulia dated 7. 2.1912 1. No Aboriginal named Jumbo at Springvale Station. There is an Aboriginal named Sambo about 26 years old and married to an Aboriginal named Alice. 2. There is no Aboriginal named Byron Nathan at Springvale Station. There is in Boulia an Aboriginal Byron Nathan, male, half-caste, native of Springvale Station, aged about 26 years and single. 3. Mick McCabe is a male half-caste Aboriginal at Springvale Station. He is a native of Marion Downs, aged about 35 years, married at Boulia on 11. 3.190? (?1907) to an Aboriginal named Nellie who is about 29 years old. Letters from Protector's Office, Birdsville dated 16. 2.1912 1. Thomas Kettle is a half-caste drover aged about 50 years. He usually resides at Charleville. This is the only one who was recommended as suitable to have an Exemption Certificate. 2. Monkira Jack, Aboriginal, single and aged 28 - 30 years. 3. Monkira Tommy, Aboriginal aged about 35 years and has a gin Letters from the Police Station, Windorah dated 16. 3.1912 1. Willy McCormack, half-caste of Devenport Station 2. Johnny McCormack half-caste of Devenport Station 3. Palparara Paddy, Aboriginal of Devenport Station 4. Flash Jack, Aboriginal of Devenport Station 5. Jumbo, supposed to be at Palparara. Not known there. Letters from the Police Station, Charleville dated 15. 4.1912 1. Jimmy Pegler, half-caste aged about 18 years 2. Thomas Kettle, no record Letters from the Protector, Longreach dated 22. 4.1912 1. James Ferguson, not known 2. James Tyson, full-blood, native of Thompson aged about 30 years 3. Bobby Tyson, full-blood, native of Thompson aged about 25 years and single 4. Frank Kelly, full-blood aged about 30 years, native of Thompson and single 5. Tiger, full-blood, native of Clermont, single, aged about 35 years and recently from Clermont