Home Secretary - Aboriginal Correspondence General 1928 - 1940

Home Secretary Register of Letters Received, 1928 HOM /B72 Queensland State Archives Extracts - Aborigines General Name Reason L Brown Enquiry for sons at Barambah Alice Mitchell Recommend removal to a mental hospital Maggie Forsayth. Tracker Burke's gin Victor Horn Fred Cooper Longreach R Dalton Caloundra Lottie Gundy Jericho Alec Collins Cairns. Wishes to marry a Yarrabah girl Paddy ) Recovery of Wages Toby ) Recovery of Wages H Purcell (Mrs) Charleville Jack Wragge Bert Brown Purga. Permission to see mother at Beaudesert Jerry Croydon Wages Lily Warren Mornington Is. Insane, to Brisbane Daisy VD Henry Shepherd Barabala Hospital Alick Riley Wyandra Willie Goochap Barambah. Application to separate from wife ... Piggott Yeronga Home Mary Ross Mentions sons Marjorie Blair Murrurrundi Bella Gordonvale Linda ) Payment of burial expenses Maria ) Payment of burial expenses Andrew Coolwell Permission to marry white woman Margaret Lack Lilly Hurley Charleville Johanna Thargomindah Florrie Kemp Jack ..... Mary ) Turn Off Lagoons Sophie ) Turn Off Lagoons Mick Lynch Talwood Old Man Jack Gordonvale Jerry Herberton. Burial expenses Mick Lynch Cattle theft Connie Tommy Templeton Almaden. Burial Expenses Croaker ) White ) Smith ) Victor Dalton Edith Lawn Confinement expenses. Boulia Hospital Jack Mitchell Jerry Cardwell Topsy Riley Wyandra Dick Chillagoe Tim Southedge. Dead. Transfer account to sister Mick Tonson Transfer account to wife Home Secretary Register of Letters Received, 1929 HOM /B74 Queensland State Archives Extracts - Aborigines General Name Reason Rossip Thursday Is Donald Tier Nebo Ivy Cairns About her children Lester Short A Slade Croydon William Mitchell Alpha Papeeta Darnley Island Edith Lawn Boulia V Mayan South Brisbane Johnny Camooweal Kitty Tunka Cairns Hospital Dalton Family Caloundra Tommy Twaddle Talwood Keri Fortuna Proserpine Edith Lawn Pearl Norton Niece of Dido Norton. Wants to marry a H/C Snowy Alice Springs to Palm Island Paddy Van Rook Frank ) Aged Aboriginal at Gordonvale Molla ) Aged Aboriginal at Gordonvale Brown Jacky ) Aged Aboriginal at Gordonvale etc ) Aged Aboriginal at Gordonvale Fanny } Coolullah Station Kitty } Coolullah Station E Johnson Father of illegitimate child of Eileen Edwards Toby ) Billy ) Mundugan Paddy Munda ) Deserted employment Alex alker ) Deserted employment Dennis } N.T. Aborigine. Wants to return to N.T. Archie } N.T. Aborigine. Wants to return to N.T. F Footscray Ronald Wyman P Shield Sarah Wild Harry Removal Camooweal to Cloncurry Hospital Frank Waching Permission to return to Innisfail with wife Home Secretary Register of Letters Received, 1930 HOM /B76 Queensland State Archives Extracts - Aborigines General Name Reason Jimmy Tibau Bring insane Aboriginal to Brisbane Frank Fisher Barambah Jack Thomas Recommend removal to Yarrabah William Poid Thursday Island Mona Harding Cloncurry. Gave birth to illeg child Scotty Nocundra Dill Tiger Permission to marry H Switzer M Murphy Chillagoe Snowy Fantome Island P Tuffley Recommend send to Dalby Sanatorium Dilly Boy And gin P Shield Toolon Harry Lee Bonal ) Kitty ) C Morton Waiting for son and grandson S Rollands Myora Ted Edwards P Carlo Payment by C Green for upkeep of child Tony Mayboy Leonard Law C Moreton Removal Myora to Barambah Mona Brodie Her child E Anderson Refused admittance to Dalby Sanatorium Home Secretary Register of Letters Received, 1931 A/4736 Queensland State Archives Extracts - Aborigines General Name Reason Snowy Maintenance at Fantome Island Billy Lawton Savings A/C mixed with Billy Brogan Linda Palm Island Percy Shields Owed money Willie Tindall Was there any property left by brother Nancy Claim for treatment at Herberton Hospital Daisy Tare Exemption & marriage to a white man Eddie Gilbert Visit to Townsville to play cricket Joe Murray Permission to marry gin Clara P Thompson Murder of J Thompson R Dickson Assault of Maggie Free Tommy ) Almaden rations Mickey ) Almaden rations Albert Sandy Ringbarking with P Brennan E B Connolly L Duncan Payment for hospital treatment Brisbane R Sailor Lazaret inmate J Palmer Suspected stealing launch L France And wife. Claim bt W Nott for money Beckett ) Ipswich. Wages owed Anderson ) Ipswich. Wages owed H Hopkins Outstanding wages Edie Croydon Billy Dalton Rations Tommy Cargell Turner ) Absconder from Palm Island Jerome ) Absconder from Palm Island R Dalton Caloundra Arthur Illegal employment Lorna Williams ) Application by John Kropindy of Pialba Leslie Williams ) for return of these children from Barambah Nuggin Myora. Pass to visit Barambah Home Secretary Register of Letters Received, 1932 A/4737 Queensland State Archives Extracts - Aborigines General Name Reason Billie Britcher Exemption Application Snowy Maintenance at Fantome Island Sidney Serico Barambah T Duncan Assault of Toby Evans E Rabbitts Is Mr Colledge father of her child Jessie Winks Babinda M Nuggin Myora. request son be allowed to come here Emily Price Beaudesert. Rations. Mary Bostock VD. Conveyance to Thargomindah Coulson Cherbourg Friday Nerang Joe Monamona Assault on Chinaman William Howes Request not to be removed to settlement J Purcell And son. Request be released from settlement R Richards Fighter. V Weazel Her child. H Georgeson released maintenance Joliffe Offer to pay for illeg child Echo And family C Brunette Quilpie Angasula Boigu Is. Inquiry into death R N Douglas Canobie Stn. Cant marry half-caste S Christian Thursday Is. Permission to visit Darnley Is Home Secretary Register of Letters Received, 1933 A/4738 Queensland State Archives Extracts - Aborigines General Name Reason Snowy Maintenance at Fantome Island A Langlo Re: Constable Dan Doyle of Rewan being father of her child A Albury Children being released from Woorabinda Jessie Walker TB. Treated at Mossman Hospital Donnie Halloran Deceased. Will leaves all to Mrs A M Garbutt Joe Sullivan Send to NSW from Charleville E Davis Requests removal of his daughter from Rocky Point to Palm Island A.G. Beetson Unable to pay account to CPA Tiger II Bank A/C used by another Aborigine Joyce Hopkins Admitted to Epileptic Home, Woorabinda Syd Serrico Cherbourg. Struck matron France Malezer Misconduct Billy Deegan Millaa Millaa. Relief Bob Miller Permission to marry Polly Richards A Langlo Illeg child Oliver children Transfer from Palm Island to Meteor Park Orphanage J Aurukun Rape F Newman Failure to return to employer Edgar Davis Mona Mona. Instruction at blind school Dick Hoolihan Treatment by local Protectors H Dalton Mrs. Caloundra. Request for assistance W Clevin Talwood. Murder Charge D Dalton Caloundra. Assistance to keep family King Peter Mona Mona. Crowned by Home Secretary C Hill Mooloolabar. Complaint Maggie Muckmi Relief Clara ) Rations Larrakin ) Rations J Toorak Assault at Palm Island R McGowan Cherbourg. Not allowed to accept employment Mrs Fennock or Kindarra Myora. Application for admission to Dunwich Ruby Tanna Request to get control of her bank book Chooky Hunt Springsure. Rations Maud Nuggin Myora. Request to see son at Barambah Elsie M Perren Transfer Goodna to Ipswich Archie Hill Purchase of Cornet Mrs Wadsworth A/C owing to Brisbane Hospital Dan Busch Attempt to unlawfully kill Jean Gilbert Const D Doyle Not father of illegitimate child Tina Monamarilla Thursday Island. Epileptic Dick Hoolihan Release of Money Home Secretary's Office Register of General Letters Received Aborigines - General, 1934 A/4739 Queensland State Archives Name Reason Snowy Maintenance at Fantome Is Mrs E Willis Kilcoy. Ill treatment by husband G Harte Ipswich Rd R Dalton Loan for fishing net E Davis Blind boy G Ross Allegation that Douglas Bleakley, the C.P.A.'s son, is the father of this girl's child B Blantyre Hughenden. Recommend rations J Crawford Hughenden. Recommend rations P Jackson Recommend rations Tumia Death from loss of blood from native treatment of snake bite. Saibai Is Gladys Examination by G.M.O. T Mitchell Cunnamulla Maggie Fisher Cherbourg. Place under control of State Children Jack Toorak Dangerous. Not fit to remove to a reserve Jack Albro Mt Coolon. Rations Mary Albro Mt Coolon. Rations M Angus Deceased, Nebo C Langlo Deceased Ivy Booter Her child Lexie Brown Cairns. Request removal to Palm Island Jack Bennett Deceased Little Family. Eidsvold. Danger of leprosy contagion from children attending school. Byno Rocklea Stn R Wyman Wyandra L M Johnson Illegitimate child Banjo Kennif Estate of Harry Being speared E Davis Blind. Pass to return to Mona Mona Jack Toorak W Sefton J Wallis Admission as State Child R Wallis Admission as State Child A MacGregor Quilpie. Request to travel with father when going to settlement Wally Coleman ) Want to Irene Fisher ) marry Ivy Cairns Desires holiday with Mrs Bill McGrath Jacob Murder of Alick Brown. Not Guilty Charlie Too old to work Willie Fox Sale of gold claim Paddy Hay v Sgt F Geise Charlie Lumpy Townsville Roderick Clarke Will in favour of cousin Mrs Lily Kerr Dick Dalton Mrs A Brown Home Secretary's Office Register of Letters Received, Aboriginal General Aborigines General 1935 A/4740 Queensland State Archives Extracts Name Reason Myrtle Maintenance for illegitimate child Eddie Gilbert Expenses Billy Cockran Sam Rigby (Rokeby) Contracted TB Willie Jahl Application for transfer Woorabinda to Townsville Snowy Inmate of Fantome Island Maudie Return from Mornington Is Leslie I C Owen Can she be discharged from settlement Fitztom Charged with murder Ron Richards Application that be placed under control of Dept Ben Gala Application for removal Cherbourg to Pialba Mary Cavanagh Consorting with Arthur Bowyer (white) Jack Toorak Becoming a nuisance on Eclipse Is Mrs Eva Exton Mrs Wallace Thursday Is Thomas Johnson Application for discharge from Woorabinda C Blackman Grace Bradley v Jimmy Saunders - Maintenance Myrtle v F S McLelland - Maintenance E McLennon Old & nearly blind May Illegitimate child. M Molloy supposed to be father Louisa Pitt Illegitimate child Eva R Coleman Appln to visit g'mother Lizzie Bulsey D Law Appln for release from settlement Rosie Ah Sack Sambo Objection to trial & removal to Palm Is Sailor Thaiday ) Recmd removal from Palm Is George ) to home at Darnley Is J Law Appln for release from settlement J Willogram ) Permission to marry R Jumbo ) Jack Maloney C Beckett Appln to have him released from Cherbourg T Johnson Woorabinda. Appln for release & return to Miriam Vale Mr & Mrs L A Kina Appln to leave Cherbourg Charlie Mrs Serico ) Return of railway rations Willie Dog ) James McEvoy C Mighell Appln to return to employment from Fantome Nellie Spears Illegitimate child, maintenance E G Lange Elsie Removal to Yarrabah. Objection to exemption Home Secretary's Office Register of Letters Received, Aboriginal General Aborigines General 1935 Supplement A/4741 Queensland State Archives Extracts Name Reason Mary and Hazel Destitute children, Cooktown & Laura Mary Johnson Health and Home Affairs Department Register of General Letters received 1936 A/4742 Queensland State Archives Ruby Moore Snowy, maintenance at Fantome Is D Hodges A Willoughby, application for release from Cherbourg William Skeene, app. for self & family to be released from Mission F Hudson, app. for his children to be released from Mona Mona C E Roe, casket winner Jessie and Herbert Tanna, app. for release from Cherbourg J Alberts, Cherbourg, permission to marry C Burke, Thursday Island W Sterling Jupiter Mossman, Charters Towers S Griffiths, M Grose Sam Rollands, deceased, Mabel Brown Mrs E Exton Willie Jackson & family, escort expenses Mornington Is to Palm Island Mrs J H Harlow (nee Bell) D Murphy Sammy O'Brien, Innisfail Mrs L R Brown Peter Prior, recommend removal to Palm Island Mrs Kina & children, app. release from Cherbourg A G White, Murgon Sarah Motlop, Lockhart River, transfer to Palm Island Elsie Patterson Mrs Kina, recommend removal back to Cherbourg William & Nellie Skeen, do not want to go to Mission Fred Martin, Gympie W Naumann, Duchess, permission to marry Biddie Frog Paddy or Illijee, report about going to Hollywood Mervyn Douglas Tommy Lynch, unable to draw money at Cherbourg Betty W Mills & family, pass from Mareeba to Longreach R Beckett, Mt Oxide, permission to marry Mrs M Kenny Miss D Watson, app. release from Woorabinda Harry Holt Health and Home Affairs Department Register of General Letters received 1937 A/4743 Queensland State Archives B McGowan A Mitchell, Cherbourg Snowy, maintenance at Fantome Island Nellie Hetherington Ida James, Weipa Mission, birth of twins 16. 3.1937 Alec Colin, Woorabinda Robert M, Absconder from Palm Island Alby Gia, Absconder from Palm Island Mrs Nellie Shakespeare A Little, Cracow, children not being allowed to attend school Maidie Ross, maternity allowance P Stanley, Hamilton Island L Mummins, complaint about taking of her 2 sons M WIlson L & M Christopher, Dalby A Wilson A Little and family George Saunders (Hill), release from Palm Island H Thompson, release from Purga Skeen family, Cairns R Saunders, Longreach J Williams, Palm Island Guzi, Darnley Island Lottie Henry and Tom Weazel, permission to marry H J Thompson, Coen Edie Gilbert Nellie Skeen Rosina, Toowoomba Cranky Albert, transfer Goodna to Ipswich Estate of K Shillingsworth Kaim Matasia, suspected leper Health and Home Affairs Department Register of General Letters received 1938 A/4744 Queensland State Archives Elsie Freeman, Yeppoon Roy Charleville, application for Exemption Lennie Jerome, application for exemption Edward Mi Mi Ernie Fuller, putative father of a child at Woorabinda W Little, Cracow Brigid Thompson, Barcaldine E Turkey, request for release to father Sam Cheeks Esrom Auda, deceased Ellen Mothe, burial at Deeral Aboriginal Camp McGilvary, charges of murder P Newman C Burbank, admission to Dunwich Snowy, maintenance at Fantome Island R Wyman Roger Bennett Walter Couchie Aurukun Joe, wages Eva Clarke Dan Dodd Rosie, deceased Doris Parker, deceased at Dajarra Gertrude Lenoy, Palm Island Norah, Boulia J Doyle, liability for child of Nancy Hopkins Brownie Warner Mataika Maza, return to Thursday Island Health and Home Affairs Department Register of General Letters received 1939 A/4745 Queensland State Archives D Connelly, permit to see brothers and sisters A Sherrin, Normanton E D Sore and 3 children, Yarrabah Snowy, maintenance at Fantome Island J Bradley, daughter at Cherbourg T Dodd, application for release from Cherbourg R Charleville, application for release from Cherbourg Doris Gee F Fisher King, owed wages M Ross, wants sister to stay with her Walter Cummins Wagon Maza E G Lange, maintenance for Nellie Spier's child F Dodd, daughter Agnes at Cherbourg Lena Rolf Willie Sandow A Sore, Yarrabah, has daughter with children Mrs W Sandow Nea Mi Mi, money due to him Health and Home Affairs Department Register of General Letters received 1940 B/561 Queensland State Archives Snowy, maintenance at Fantome Island W J Fay, Dirranbandi Dick Maunder alias Dick Watson Tommy Bunting Val Fuller, Roma Mrs Rosie Congoo, application for release from Palm Island Ivy Booter's child, maintenance Yanbun A Sore, application for exemption Mrs A Combo Mrs L Law, Janbin Steve Hart and wife, want to return to Cherbourg Eric Blair Allendale Johnny, deceased Infant Alfred Timms died in Mount Isa Hospital Hector Lilly and Tommy Lilly Mrs G Serico, Palm Island Jimmy O'Keefe Lizzie Abraham, Yarrabah Jacky, Dinah Murder of Mick Bull Bull Johnny Murray Kenneth Stewart, application for exemption H G Williams W Nicholls