Colonial Secretary - Blanket Distribution at Warwick 1864

Colonial Secretary Col/A55 1864 / 1589 Queensland State Archives Blanket Distribution at Warwick, 1864 Native Name English Name Wife's Name -------goo ? Tommy Chichiuback Charley Wuigen Tebbool Tuituinoon Boney Merrigan Dick Maryanne and 1 child Corrooban Carlo Jurunaine Boney Gulla Dick Marianne Paratop Possum Egeri Bower Davey Maggie Warsoop Jerry Betty Wyall Tommy Polly Duncan Peter Kitty Woolooborohan Billy Kitty and 3 children Cooyiolbyae Mr. Dalley Mollycoogry Molly Old woman Cherum Johnny Trutu Wollugor Paddy Fanny _____________________________________________________________________________