Police Commissioners Office Absconders 1911 - 1945

Police Department, Commissioners Office Miscellaneous Reports and Correspondence POL /J30 Q.S.A. 1911 - 1945 Extracts - Absconders Batch 510M 26. 8.1935 Beaudesert Police Re: Aboriginal boy Lonie Fitzgerald who escaped from an aboriginal home at Kyogle, N.S.W.. Aged 15 years Batch 510M/1 18.12.1911 Letter C.P.A. Brisbane to Roma Three Gulf boys absconded from Taroom 5. 2.1912 Roma Police Jimmy Martin re-arrested at Rolleston and returned to Taroom on 28. 1.1912. No information on Paddy and Albert. Batch 510M/2 (Escapees from Barambah) 26. 2.1913 Maryborough Police Gazette 1913 page 12. Bob and George escaped. Police Gazette 1913 page 19. The following three were sent to Barambah during 1911 and escaped 1913. Charlie Malcolm brought from Mitchell River Jimmy Douglas from Ebagoolah Pilot from Weipa, Embly River, Cape York Peninsula 5. 4.1913 Coen Station, Cairns District Bob and George sent from Coen on 3.12.1912. Both dangerous. Jimmy Douglas was sent away for murder of an aboriginal boy named Baker. Poilet was sent from Weipa Mission Station, Cape York, for cattle killing. He had a gin Doris with him, who had a little boy named Stephen with her. The gin and boy belong to Embley River, Weipa. 21. 8.1913 City Watchhouse Brisbane Re: Bob Absconded with George from Barambah on 20.12.1912. Bob was captured at or near Coen and with his gin and child, returned to Barambah. Gin's name is Minnie. Child's name is Bob. 27.10.1913 C.P.A. Brisbane George now of good character and not to be returned. Batch 510M/3 Five aboriginals escaped from Barambah around July to August 1913. Batch 510M/4 ??.10.1913 Fred Murray ) Nelly ) Charlie (Williams) ) Lilly ) All are deserters from Barambah. Batch 510M/5 20. 4.1915 P. of A., Cairns Aboriginal gins from Yarrabah: Wogley Peggy Florrie Alice Sophia Carlyle All sentenced to 7 days in Cairns Gaol for absconding from Yarrabah. They did so with two children and two babes. Batch 510M/6 9. 6.1915 Rockhampton Police Station Ten male aboriginals en route from Yarrabah to Barambah. Escapees: Kangaroo Tommy Tate Tommy Costello Warrigal Tommy Jumbaroo Paddy Cooktown Paddy Mossman Charley Mossman Mungaroo Frank Mitchell Batch 510M/7 21. 9.1915 Rockhampton Police Ada Russell and Harry Wilson, absconders from Barambah, were arrested Batch 510M/8 29. 9.1915 C.P.A. Brisbane On 30. 8.1915 the following escaped from Taroom: Clyde Bombo Percy Gundy Jackey Miles 14.11.1915 Taroom Police Station Clyde Combo and Percy Gundy turned up at Barambah. Batch 510M/10 7. 1.1916 C.P.A. Brisbane Advised to send Malcolm, deserter from Taroom, to Cairns for Yarrabah. He was captured at Percyville 14. 3.1916 Normanton Police Riley, father and son escaped with Malcolm from Taroom. Batch 510M/12 5. 5.1917 Jimmy and Annie Martin, absconders from Taroom are under surveillance by Townsville Police. Batch 510N/13 3. 8.1917 Johnny Quartpot and Brisbane Jack were reported on 10. 7.1917 as absconders from Taroom. Brisbane Jack was arrested on 16. 8.1917 at Hawkwood. 8.11.1917 Johnny Quartpot is living at Murwillimbah, N.S.W.. Batch 510M/14 24. 9.1919 Billy Daylight ) George Cross ) Absconded from Taroom on 31. 5.1919. Roley Armstrong ) 23.10.1919 The above three were arrested by N.S.W. Police. Batch 510M/15 10. 2.1922 The following half-caste aboriginals are absconders from Purga Mission: Mary Colohan Daisy Gogrighty alias Gooringah Diana Davison They were arrested by N.S.W. Police at Kyogle. Batch 510M/16 The following absconded from Barambah on 18. 3.1922 Name Age Note ---- --- ---- Mitchell Kilcoy abt 43 yrs Aboriginal Charlie Morton 26 yrs Half-caste Henry Gilbert abt 25 yrs Arthur Smith abt 36 yrs Aboriginal Alex Gibson abt 30 yrs Aboriginal Percy Queary abt 19-20 yrs Aboriginal Percy Queary was the only one to have been sent to the settlement on a Minister's Order, dated 28. 7.1910. They are reported to have crossed the border at Goondiwindi on 31. 3.1922. 1. 5.1922 Toowoomba Police Mitchell Kilcoy was located by the Dalby Police at Halliford Station, Dalby. Batch 510M/17 29. 1.1923 Maryborough Police Aborigines Donny Moss and Albert Mummin absconded from Barambah Aboriginal Settlement on 5.11.1922. Moss was arrested on 12.11.1922 at Gayndah. Batch 510M/18 3. 5.1923 Maryborough Police Notified that Aborigines Thomas J. Bunda and Garry Diamond had left Barambah Aboriginal Settlement. Thomas J. Bunda was located by Bundaberg Police. 27. 9.1923 Removal order for Garry Diamond from Murray's Creek, Maryborough to Barambah. 18. 2.1924 Maryborough Police Garry Diamond arrested at Joseph Dixon's farm, Currajong Creek near Gin Gin on the 8th. Batch 510M/19 28. 9.1924 Criminal Offence Sheet, Cairns Bendigo ) Bob Patterson ) Brumby ) Left Hand Jack ) 2 Unnamed others ) All the above absconded from Palm Island Settlement on 22. 9.1924. It is suspected they would return to Normanton, their native land. 27.10.1924 Missing Friends Sheet, Cairns Paddy, aboriginal, 30 - 35 years old, absconded from Lock Hospital on 19.10.1924. He arrived at Cairns from Normanton en route to Palm Island on a Removal Order. He was detained at Cairns for medical treatment. Absconded. 17.12.1924 Normanton Police Peter Bendigo ) Bob Patterson ) Left Hand Jack ) Brimby ) Simon ) Rio ) Bighand ) Paddy ) All the above absconded from either Palm Island or Lock Hospital. All except Paddy are at Mitchell River. 19. 2.1925 C.P.A. Brisbane Only Simon and Rio, proven man-killers are to be returned. 2. 6.1925 Normanton Police Report on capture of Simon and Rio at Mitchell River Mission. Mentions Simon's gin, Biddy. Batch 510M/20 12.11.1925 Telegram Send Boomera Bob and Amy Hyde to Cairns. Male to Palm Island, female to Yarrabah. 21.11.1925 Removal Order for Amy Hyde from Normanton to Yarrabah. 21.11.1925 Removal Order for Boomera Bob from Normanton to Palm Island. 30.11.1925 Cairns Police Amy Hyde, escapee from Yarrabah. Batch 510M/21 8.10.1925 Brisbane Police Donald Moss, aboriginal, absconder from Barambah, was arrested by St. George Police on 30. 9.1925. 13.10.1925 Roma St. Police Station, Brisbane On 12.10.1925 Moss was sentenced to 6 weeks prison in Brisbane Gaol for absconding. Sentenced at Murgon Court. Batch 510M/22 Phone message from Ipswich Police to Brisbane Police on 2.10.1926. Re: Absconders from Purga Settlement on 1.10.1926 Douglas Thompson - male, 18 years, returned to Purga. Remainder supposedly going to Charleville. Esther Blair alias Quinn - 16 years, half-caste, came from Barambah about 2 years age Totsa Williams - 13 or 14 years, came from Charleville Eliza Lomas - 12 or 13 years, came from Curomban or Berleigh Heads George Daylight - 16 years, full blood Herbert Dunn - 14 years, half-caste, from Barambah 7.10.1926 Harrisville Station, Brisbane District Esther Blair has a child 2 years old. All returned. Batch 510M/23 25. 7.1927 Purga, Salvation Army Mission Re: Bob Anderson, half-caste Toby Andrews Batch 510M/24 3.10.1927 Female aboriginal Mabel Reed arrested at Banana for absconding from Taroom. 8.12.1927 Re: Sicy Kadel, half-caste absconder from Taroom Batch 510M/25 26. 4.1929 Telegram from Rockhampton Police Re: Malcolm Brown and another aboriginal, escapees from Palm Island. 29. 4.1929 Rockhampton Police Malcolm Brown absconded from Palm Island on 18.11.1928. Being returned on 27. 4.1929. Batch 510M/26 14. 2.1930 To Roma Police Remove Sandow and Jack Davidson from Taroom to Barambah. Batch 510M/27 2. 2.1937 Court Sunlight Evans - sentenced to 2 months Dan Turner - Returned to Palm Island Batch 510M/28 26. 2.1937 Telegram from Palm Island Nandy and George Tippo absconded from Palm Island. 27. 4.1937 C.P.A. Brisbane Nandy apprehended and returned to Palm Island. George Tippo formerly belonged to the settlement at Taroom and later at Woorabinda before removal to Palm Island. 7. 5.1937 Duaringa Police George Tippo aged about 35 years. 15. 7.1937 C.I.B. Brisbane George Tippo, 31 years. Photo. 20. 8.1940 Mentions removal of George Tippo from Stewart's Creek Gaol to Palm Island. 2. 2.1950 Beaudesert Police George Tippo, absconder from Cherbourg. 7. 3.1950 Teneriffe Police Mentions Elliot Bennett, a coloured person of No. 46 Doggett St., Teneriffe. 2. 4.1951 Brisbane Police, Modus Operandi Section Re: George Tippo Removal order dated 30.12.1949 to Palm Island. Discharged Brisbane Gaol on 23.12.1949 Escaped from Cherbourg on 26.12.1949 Arrested by Goondiwindi Police for theft on 12. 3.1951 Appeared in Court on 21. 3.1951 Sentenced to 6 months in Brisbane Prison 1. 8.1951 Alias Paddy Ryan and Johnny Thompson Released from Brisbane Gaol on 19. 1.1952 Re-arrested 19. 1.1952 Appeared in Moree Court on 23. 1.1952 Batch 510M/29 6.12.1937 Cairns Police Report Jack Bruno ) Tommy Pitcombe ) Coglan ) Billy Flower ) All absconded from Palm Island and are heading for the Mitchell River. 17. 8.1938 Cairns Police Report Re: Removal order for aboriginal David Wombie from Normanton to Palm Isalnd. Also mentions expenses incurred in the removal of the following: David Wombie ) Fitztom ) Jack Bruno ) Black Dog ) Duck ) Mitchell River to Palm Island 13. 7.1938 Cairns Police Jack Bruno and Fitztom arrested at Mitchell River Mission on 14. 6.1938. Fitztom appears to be Tommy Pitcombe. Batch 510M/30 10. 5.1939 Cairns Police Report Roy Tippo ) Jerry Dolo ) Jimmy Julian ) Mitchell Robert ) Percy Babinda (or Fourmile) ) All absconded from Palm Island on 11.11.1938. 26. 3.1940 Innisfail Police Half-castes Jock Anderson and Carl Wyles absconded from Palm Island on 14. 1.1940. 30. 9.1940 Mackay Police Jerome and Leslie, aboriginals are absconders from Fantome Island. 26. 9.1945 Townsville Watchhouse Mentions Native Escort Isaac Gundy Batch 510M/31 Johnny Platt ) George Blair ) Kennie West ) Stanley Tureen ) Herbie Dunne ) Tommy Twaddle ) Claudie Twaddle ) Bill Twaddle ) All are absconders from Cherbourg. Left Murgon by train on 12. 2.1940. Batch 510M/32 18.12.1940 Cherbourg Settlement Desima Chapman ) Doris Fuller (H/C) ) Both returned. Batch 510M/33 2.11.1942 Re: Absconders Rachel Fraser and Lois Muchan. Batch 510M/34 3. 6.1943 Gympie Police Re: Arrest of absconders from Cherbourg, namely Edward William Breckenridge Roy Cyril Roberts Kenneth Donald Sickett Batch 510M/35 23. 7.1945 Edmonton Police Mackie Simpson also known as Max Simpson. Half-caste aboriginal, missing person, sought by the Superintendent of Cherbourg Mission. Mentions half-caste Percy Smith. 2. 1.1945 Smith in Rockhampton 25.10.1944 Missing Persons Reports (a) Mackie Simpson or Max Simpson 19 years, native of Palm Island (b) Percy Smith 30 years, half-caste 22. 1.1945 Kelvin Grove Police Station Re: Mackie Simpson Discharged from Military Forces on 1. 1.1944 Born at Hughenden on 1. 6.1922 Enlisted at Townsville Number Q269891 Has a sister Mrs. Ethel Andy who lives in Innisfail. 20. 7.1945 Edmonton Police Mentions coloured man Norman Riley Also mentions Mackie Simpson has a tattoo IDA MURGHA (She is a coloured girl now living at Whiterock) Batch 510M/36 6. 2.1945 South Coast District Police Report Nellie McGowan, aboriginal, absconded from Cherbourg on 12. 1.1945. 28. 2.1945 Moorooka Police Mentions Harry Brunette and Lily Kina.