Police Commissioners Office Deserters from Employment 1913 - 1940

Police Department, Commissioners Office Miscellaneous Correspondence and Reports POL /J38 Q.S.A. Extracts - Aboriginal Deserters From Employment Batch 1153M, 26. 7.1913 Roma Pilot ) Deserted service at Yeulba and Jimmy Douglas ) are now at Cooktown Jacky ) Batch 1153M/2, 8. 7.1913 Atherton Mentions half-caste aboriginal Lucy aged 14 years. Batch 1153M/4, 13.12.1916 Normanton Mentions aboriginal Lawn Hill deserting service. Batch 1153M/5, 18.11.1914 Cairns Aboriginal Jimmy deserted employment at Wairuna Station on 30. 8.1914. Also aboriginal Gobbler disappeared from Greendale at the same time. It is believed he was murdered by Jimmy. Batch 1153M/5, 3. 2.1915 Cairns Warrants were issued for Alick Hooligan Jack All were employed at Wairuna and absconded on 4.10.1914. Batch 1153M/5, 27. 3.1915 Cairns Alick ) Hooligan ) All arrested by Cardwell Police Jimmy ) Jack ) All bar Jimmy were sentenced to two months gaol at Cairns and then sent to Hull River. Jimmy was sent to Barambah. Batch 1153M/5, 16. 7.1920 Cairns Skeleton believed to be that of aboriginal Tommy Gobbler was found at Wairuna Station. Batch 1153M/5, 19.10.1920 Cairns Wild Jimmy ) Hooligan ) Alick ) In Cardwell area Jack ) Tommy ) Batch 1153M/5, 6. 9.1940 Cairns Expenses in the capture of aboriginals George Togan and Rosie who absconded from their employer at Coen. Batch 1153M/6, 22. 6.1931 Hebel Mentions: Linda Waterloo, half-caste Olga Lonsdale Mary Bilbo, aboriginal Batch 1153M/7, 16. 5.1940 Coen Mentions aboriginals Johnny Ahlers Mickie Ahlers Rosie all absconders. Batch 1153M/8, 15. 7.1940 Coen Expenses about removal to Palm Island of aboriginals Billy Bluegum and his wife Jinny.