Police Commissioners Office Miscellaneous - Various Dates

Police Department, Commissioner's Office Miscellaneous Correspondence and Reports POL /J21 Queensland State Archives Extracts 1898 - 1957 Batch 417M 26. 9.1921 C.P.A., South Brisbane Re: Burial expenses for the following aborigines Maisie Buried on 19. 7.1921. Wife of Albert Wilson, then Police Tracker, Townsville. Isobel Bundy Buried 24. 8.1920. Infant. Willie Buried 30.11.1920 26. 9.1917 Brisbane Police Re: Voucher for the burial of Caroline Walker. 3. 9.1917 Bundaberg Police Caroline Walker was living with her nephew Arthur Rows, half-caste. She died on 28. 8.1917 7. 1.1903 Longreach Police Re: Aboriginal Jacky aged about 75 years who died near Jericho. He died on 5. 1.1903 at 10 Mile Camp. 27. 7.1903 North Rockhampton Police Re: Half-caste girl Eliza Buffham, 14 years old. Came from Longreach to North Rockhampton. 12. 3.1903 Yeppoon Police Re: Death of aboriginal Jimmy Barwell, who died on 9. 3.1903 on the way to Rockhampton Hospital. 16. 4.1946 Mt. Molloy Police Re: Death of aboriginal George Palmer at Mt. Molloy Aboriginal Reserve on 10.11.1945. 17. 9.1946 Dept. Native Affairs Re: Expenses for the burial of aboriginal George Dodd at Mt. Carbine. Batch 419M/13 3. 6.1957 Birdsville Police Re: Despatch of aboriginal Mary Parker, Pandi Pandi Station, South Australia, by air from Birdsville to Leigh Creek, South Australia on 31. 5.1957. 22. 5.1957 Longreach Police Re: Mary Parker. Reason for travel is childbirth. Batch 419M/12 All correspondence is about Gertie Solomon (nee Robinson) 17. 6.1946 Mackay Police Lives with her husband George Solomon on Harrybrandt Station, Nebo. Exempt from Act. 7. 6.1946 Nebo Police George Solomon is a full blood. He lives with his wife and child at Nebo. Thinks he is exempted. 19. 4.1946 Mackay Police Gertie Solomon - Mother was a full blood. Father was a half-caste. Married at Woorabinda about 6 years ago. 11. 4.1946 Pension's Office, Brisbane Gertie Solomon - child born at Mackay District Hospital on 18. 3.1946. Gertie is 34 years old, born at Ipswich, and married George Solomon at Woorabinda on 4. 2.1939. Batch 419M 21. 5.1900 Rockhampton Police Re: Death of an aboriginal infant about 12 days old at the aboriginal camp, Port Curtis. 11.12.1899 Rockhampton Police Re: Death of sick and destitute female aboriginal Norah on 9.12.1899 in the black's camp at North Rockhampton. 9.12.1899 North Rockhampton Police Mentions Tiger, aboriginal at the black's camp, North Rockhampton. 18. 9.1903 Normanton Police Re: Half-caste blind girl Maudie shipped from Normanton on the 'Maranoa'. Aged 10 years. Batch 419M/9 24. 8.1898 Rockhampton Police Mentions aboriginals Sarah and Cissie at Willows Station. Batch 419M/10 (Cover only) 9. 5.1913 Aboriginal Daylight absconded from Ipswich, leaving his children. 20. 5.1913 Daylight's children committed to Deebing Creek Settlement. Batch 413M 4. 9.1930 Home Department, Brisbane Re: Expenses of Aboriginal witnesses. Meals supplied at Townsville Watchhouse to: Clive Beckett Caesar Anning Jimmy Harvey Keith Aubrey Walsh Harold Conway Colin Steven Eli Billy Donaldson 10. 4.1930 Brisbane Police Peter Prior, aboriginal, believed to have taken part in the murder of Robert Henry Curry, Superintendent of Palm Island, on 3. 2.1929.