Police Commissioners Office Miscellaneous - 1940s

Police Dept., Commissioner's Office Miscellaneous Reports and Correspondence POL /J32 Queensland State Archives Extracts Batch 610M/62 Inquiry about management of Lockhart River Mission by the present Superintendent Mr H E Johnson 14. 1.1947 Iron Range to Coen Police About a half-caste girl seen at Iron Range Mother called Maudie Maudie's mother is called Annie Maudie is about 14 years old 13. 3.1947 Cape York Peninsula, Portland Roads Statement by Jack Temple, Aboriginal of Lockhart Mission aged 20 years 17. 5.1947 Lockhart River Mission Statement of Maudie Butt, full blooded Aboriginal Single, age unknown. Father Butt is dead Mother is Annie Small, dead Born on Hull River At Sefton River after the war with japan started. Also there was George Wilson, half-caste, married to Georgina, full blood, and their son Georgie, a little older than Maudie. Also there was Aboriginal Margaret Massey and husband Henry Massey. Also mentions stock boy Tommy Nelson Maudie states George Wilson is the father of the baby. 17. 5.1947 Statement of Hans Laurette Carlsen of Iron Range Mentions native Jack Temple Mentions aboriginal girl Maudie Butt, full blood. Came to Sefton River in 1942 with her father Butt, sometimes known as Butt Thompson, deceased. Stayed at George Wilson's camp. George Wilson is a half-caste married to a full blood. Maudie would have been about 13 years. In 1944 she was signed to me (HLC) as long as her mother Annie Small remained with her as a guardian. Georgie Wilson, full blood, is the adopted son of George Wilson. About 1. 8.1945 Maudie appeared pregnant and said George Wilson was the father. Maudie gave birth to a female child on 12.12.1945. She went to Lockhart River Mission about May 1946. Maudie's mother died 11. 9.1946. Mother's last request was that Maudie be handed over to full blood Toby Densley and his wife Annie. On 14. 2.1947 Maudie and her child with Toby Densley and his wife returned to Lockhart River Mission. 13. 3.1947 Portland Roads, Cape York Peninsula Statement by James Butcher, aboriginal of Lockhart River Mission. He is aged 30 years and married with one child. Mentions old man Giblet. About August 1946 this old man was beaten by Mr Johnson and died 2-3 weeks later. Matron, Mrs Johnson, beat a little boy Pedro Pascoe, 5 years old, in 1947 13. 3.1947 Portland Roads, Cape York Peninsula Statement of Willie Kanoora, Aboriginal of Lockhart River Mission. During the war with Japan served 2 years with the Torres Strait Light Infantry and 3 1/2 years with the Water Transport Section, Thursday Island. In April 1946 Mr Johnson beat a sick woman in the Mission Hospital. She was Elda Coconut, aged about 30 years. 13. 3.1947 Portland Roads, Cape York Peninsula Statement by Ben Peters, Aboriginal of Lockhart River Mission. When he was 12 years old his sister, Theresa, was 15 years old. His mother was a nurse in the Mission Hospital. His sister, himself, and two young brothers Jack Temple and Leichhardt Normanton lived in a hut near the hospital. His sister was aged 15 years and pregnant to Mr Johnson. He gave her something to abort. Sister is now married. Batch 610M/61 Inquiry against Alfred Ernest Money, lately Acting Clerk, Palm Island Aboriginal Settlement. He pleaded guilty. 15. 5.1947 Laboratory examination of Palm Island Aboriginal Savings Bank Withdrawl Sheets. Entries Clive Julian Cyril Barney Jack Shepherd Sailor Toik (Tok) Willie New Island Arthur Frackleton George Broncho Friday Larry Paddy Sam Jack Conway 23. 6.1947 Townsville CID Natives who would understand the position and be capable of giving evidence against A E Money King Armstrong Alex Doyle Roy Casey Frank Sibley Jack Conway Clive Julian Cyril Barney Jack Shepherd Willie New Island George Bronco Arthur Frackleton Paddy Sam Thomas Prior jnr Friday Larry David Barlow Bessie Lymburner All are residents of Palm Island. Most can read or write. Armstrong, Casey, Bronco and Barlow cannot read or write but can count money. The following entries refer basically to mismatching thumb prints on accounts. Batch 610M/60 24.10.1946 Cairns Police, Cooktown Station Monty Mt Amos M-540 of Cooktown Batch 610M/59 17.11.1943 Cairns Police, Laura Station Bob Ross B-86 employed at Laura Batch 610M/57 20.10.1942 Roma Police Inquiries about Wally Collis at the request of the Aborigine Welfare Board, Sydney, NSW. Not located to date. Batch 610M/56 4. 5.1942 Cairns Police Re : Chillagoe Accounts Albert A-97 Silver S-91 Robbie or Robert Miller R-171 Batch 610M/55 . 4.1942 Johnny Maurice Dallachy Heading John Dallachy, Townsville area. Batch 610M/54 . 2.1942 - . 3.1942 Mt Garnet area Jemima Ross Dick Toohey Batch 610M/53 .12.1941 - . 1.1942 Cairns Charlie Broad Batch 610M/52 .12.1941 - . 1.1942 Cairns Norah Smallwood Batch 610M/51 .12.1941 - . 1.1942 Cairns Norman N-58 Batch 610M/50 16.12.1941 Cairns Police, Cooktown Station Re: Maggie, wife of Sambo Maggie is old and infirm. Unable to walk from the Aboriginal camp to town. Also mentions Alick Jenny Maggie, mother of Charlie Denman Maggie, mother of Sambo Rosie, wife of Old Mickey Batch 610M/49 .11.1941 - .12.1941 Cairns Charlie Broad Batch 610M/48 12.12.1941, 13.12.1941 Ingham Station Peter Roach Jack Roach Batch 610M/47 .11.1941 - . 3.1942 Cloncurry Pedro Jack Douglas Batch 610M/46 15.12.1941 Cloncurry District, Boulia Bessie Dennis B-263 Jumbo Frog J-497 Both at Cazna Downs Station Jumbo Frog is an Aboriginal boy about 14 years old. His parents are Walter Frog (W-121) and Biddy Lawn Batch 610M/45 15. 1.1942 Cloncurry Ned N-25 Batch 610M/44 Jacky Upton J-89 of Coen Batch 610M/43 Left Hand Charlie, Aboriginal working 55 miles from Croydon at Charleville. Batch 610M/42 23. 6.1941 Sandy MacKenzie Lizzie Rosy Both of Barwon Park, via Dingo Batch 610M/37 15. 1.1939 C.P.A. Brisbane Butcher B-146, Nebo The following refer to Mossman Accounts Batch 610M/34 31.10.1947 Cairns Police Withdrawl Sheets for Aborigines at Mossman Norman Walker May Gibson Lizzie O'Donnell Jackie Friday J-472 Lilly Diamond L-210 Lizzie O'Donnell L-317 Luke Tuncandigee L-262 Kooka K-24 Pelicia P-99 Harry Sieu H-197 Charlie Bloomfield C-246 Charlie Redheart C-99 12.11.1947 Mossman Accounts of the Protector of Aborigines, Mossman Lily Denman L-207 Katie Bamboo K-73 Alice Shuan A-401 May Gibson M-417 Lizzie O'Donnell L-317 Jackie Friday J-472 Lilly Diamond L-210 Lizzie O'Donnell L-317 Luke Tuncandigee L-262 Kooka K-24 Pelecia P-99 Harry Seiu H-197 Charlie Bloomfield C-246 Lizzie O'Donnell L-317 Lilly Diamond Pelecia Jimmy Winkle J-242 Diamond D-98 Arthur Diamond A-226 Stumpy S-62 Joe Fisher J-239 Pelecia P-99 Barney B-125 Young Yougie Y-18 Jerry J-559 Lilly Tiger L-61 Tiger T-112 Young Peter Y-19 Paddy Buchanan P-296 Walker Murphy W-79 Maria M-457 Paddy Davis P-97 Yambun Y-9 Bamboo B-73 Billy Gibson B-79 Robert Baird R-239 Nandy N-43 Paddy Buchanan P-296 Charlie Bloomfield C-246 Paddy Davis P-97 Joe Fisher J-239 Jimmy Winkle J-242 Diamond D-98 Nandy N-43 Yanbun Y-9 Norman Mitchell N-79 Young Peter Y-19 Friday F-127 Maggie Queen M-282 Pinkie P-56 Pelecia P-99 Polly P-105 Jacky J-444 Charlie Redheart C-99 7. 6.1947 - 29. 7.1947 Some supply requisitions, Mossman Charlie Commity Bob Gabun Charlie Bloomfield Harry Sieu 20.11.1947 Police Station, Mossman Norman Walker states I am an Aboriginal and reside at Daintree Mission. Married and wife's name is Wilma 23.10.1946 Harry H-136 28.10.1946 Corporal Curley C-52 27. 9.1946 D.N.A. Doboy D-196 Jack Pierce J-493 Harry H-136 9. 4.1946 Doboy D-196 Harry H-136 Arthur Diamond A-226 Corporal Curley C-52 Yanbun Y-9 Young Peter Y-19 Ben B-276 Yanbun Y-9 Jimmie J-435 John Diamond J-668 Young Monday Y-12 Frank Toby F-142 4. 2.1946 Cairns Police, Mossman Jack Pierce J-493 Yanbun Y-9 Monday M-148 Willie Crosseye W-84 Corporal Fat C-51 Penny Jackie Friday J-472