Police Commissioners Office Miscellaneous - Various Dates

Police Department, Commissioners Office Miscellaneous Correspondence and Reports Item ID 86475 Previous System Location POL/J15; PRV10729/1/32 Access Category 30 years Item ID 86474 Previous System Location POL/J15; PRV10729/1/31 Access Category 30 years Queensland State Archives Copyright Paul Mackett 1995 Batch 389M This section deals with employment of Aborigines. 3. 6.1941 Complaint by A C Evans, Innisfail to Minister of Agricultural Stock re Constable Gerber, Millaa Millaa, re Aboriginal Willie Weare 30.12.1941 Julia Murray, who is enquired for by the Aboriginal Welfare Board, Sydney lives at 14 Explorer St, Toowong 6. 2.1942 Bessie Bradley, an Aboriginal, is believed to be living with a white man named Lester in South Brisbane. Requests assistance to sustain a charge against Lester under the Act. 20. 2.1942 Dave Molloy, Double Island Rd via Cairns, requires 20 pound to be able to visit people at 'Baewarrina' 9. 4.1942 Report about Bessie Bradley, absconder from Cherbourg. She was living with a criminal John Joseph Ledbury at Powers Court, Upper Melbourne St. She has left there and further inquiries are being made. 15. 8.1938 Kathleen Alexandria (Aboriginal) is employed by Ivan Wynne of Tiaro but will be returning to Mr E Zimmerlie, Anakie, who is a fit person for extension of agreement. Inquiry by CPA Darwin. 7.10.1938 Do not recommend that Edward John Ruckingham of Tiaro be granted permission to marry Kathleen Alexandria owing to the latter's loose moral character and recommend that she be returned to the Northern Territory. Ruckingham bears an excellent character and is a white person. 29. 5.1940 Whereabouts of Mr John Victor Taylor and Mrs Winifred Taylor, last heard of in Blackall, who are in debted to the Board for the Protection of Aborigines, Sydney, for wages due to Aboriginal girl Isabel Stanford. 8. 9.1926 Re : Aboriginal apprentice Henry Peters employed by S E Hammond. .1927 Letter from the Secretary, Aboriginal Protection Board, Sydney, stating that an Aboriginal named Billy Hooper from Sydney is at present in the employ of Mrs McMickling at Dirranbandi. .1927 Secretary for the Aboriginal Protection Board writes about a man named Frank -----, residing at the corner of Moray and Liver Streets, New Farm who is the father of Julia Colletts illegitimate child. 11. 7.1927 Application by Harry Peter Pacey, Roma St, Morven for money held by the Aboriginal Protection Board. 1924/1924 Moutrell, married, was employed by a man named Sterrard in 1917 7. 2.1924 NSW Police advise about Gilbert King, Aboriginal, applying for money due to him from P of A, Queensland. Now employed at Dunwich. 27. 3.1923 Charleville forward report about Aboriginal Apprentice Carrie Coombs 27. 3.1923 Report about Aboriginal apprentices Gladys Murray and Daisy Warraweena (the latter now said to be in the Salvation Army Home, Brisbane) 4. 4.1923 Report about Aboriginal apprentice Grace Hill who is employed by Mrs Thomas of Booligan 17.10.1918 Sydney forward report that Amy Thomas and her child arrived at Narrabri safely and were sent on to Cryon. 24. 8.1916 Maryborough report about the request if Mr John Fortey of 177 Denison St, Waverley, Sydney, asking for renewal of agreement to keep female half-caste Bessie under his employ. Present agreement expires 28. 2.1916. 18. 1.1923 F W Kingston writes from Lake Nash Station, Northern Territory, to Urandangie that he is desirous of getting a half-caste girl named Molly Nash who belongs to a tribe of NT bush blacks for his wife who lives at Graceville. 5. 2.1923 Conditions of employment for Molly Mason and Mona (?) Waters 28. 6.1923 Chairman, Aboriginal Protection Board, Sydney asks about an Aboriginal apprentice Gladys Murray, employed by Mrs Stevens of Glenalough via Mungindi. 26. 6.1923 Aboriginal apprentice Harry Sullivan is employed by A C THompson of Darrawong, 80 miles south of Bollon. 29.11.1923 Harry Morsell, Aboriginal, claiming money. 26.10.1925 Chairman of the Aboriginal Protection Board, Sydney, asks that Hebel Police report quarterly about employment of Aboriginal girl Lily Hills by D R S McDougall, Hebel. 19. 8.1927 Roma sent completed form about Billy Hooper in employment of Mrs McMicking of Dirrinbandi 28. 9.1929 Cloncurry forwarded file about Aboriginals Dennis and Archie, brought into Queensland from the Northern Territory by an Indian named Basha Gool 22.11.1932 Roma Police forwarded report by Dirrinbandi Police at request of the Board of the Protection of Aborigines, NSW on Mr J Thompson who has in his employ a boy named Stanley Fernando. 17. 1.1934 Memo about money owed to George Wilson, half-caste. General 1. Correspondence 7.11.1950 to 18.12.1950 about alleged illegal employment of Aboriginals Tommy Banan and Nancy Gostelow by James Albert Ludlow of Blue Mountains, near Coen. Gives details of a small camp of old Aboriginals at a native camp near Ludlow's camp at Blue Mountains. These natives were sent to Coen. Tommy Banan T-271 Aged about 70 years or more Wife is Maggie Banan Sister is the old blind woman Maggie Daughter is Nancy Gostelow Maggie Banan Husband is Tommy Banan Nancy Gostelow N-159 Widow Husband was Jackie Gostelow (tribal marriage) who was bitten by a snake at Blue Mountains about 5 years ago and tribally buried at Blue Mountains. Aged 58 years Father and Auntie reside at Blue Mountains Father is Tommy Banan Father's sister is the old blind woman Maggie Father is 70 years old Youngest of the old Aborigines at Blue Mountains (Statement by Nancy Gostelow on 13.11.1950) Maggie Old blind woman Sister of Tommy Banan Jimmy Gilbert G-537 Letter dated 23.11.1950, Babinda Police Station, gives Jackie Gostelow's death as march or April, 1948. Also mentioned is Tracker Toby Horseboy. 2. Various correspondence 7. 2.1898 Charleville Station Female Aborigine Maggie is in the employ of Sub-Inspector Breens. 13. 9.1899 Rolleston Station Mentions Tom Thumb at Meteor Downs Station 10. 2.1903 Application for permit to employ an Aborigine at Springfield, Blackall, by John Henry Hart, grazier. Name Billy Martin Sex Male Age 22 years Born Charleville Employment Stockman 28. 7.1903 Correspondence by a Mr McNickle concerning complaints about Aborigines. Andy removed to Frasers Island at Police request Bogo too ill to move 22. 3.1912 Oakleigh, Atherton Echo 27. 7.1916 Cardwell Jacob and Charlie Clark-Kennedy, Aborigines. Also mentions Tracker Johnnie 4. 4.1917 Mrs McDonald of Cloncurry employs Bessie and has done so for the past 16 years. 27. 7.1898 Dick employed at Clermont without a permit. 12. 8.1907 Newspaper clipping, Rockhampton. Aboriginal Davy. 21.10.1902 Coen. Tracker Rob 14. 1.1903 Tracker Rob, gin and two children now at Cairns. 3. 24. 5.1903 Letter from the Aboriginal Settlement, Woodford listing Aboriginal men who have left wives in North Queensland. Paddy Wife Kitty at Normanton, taken there by Police from Camooweal. Daughter aged 5 years at Mrs Bowman, Camooweal. I may state this man is really anxious to have his children here. Rob Wife Nana at Cooktown Police Station. Two children aged 12 and 2 years, both girls. Noble Wife Lizzie at Cooktown Black's Camp. Andy Wife Nellie at Cooktown Black's Camp. Daughter aged 6 years. This letter was to the C.P.A., Brisbane. Following this letter is a series of telegrams as follows 8. 5.1903 Kitty is now in Camp at Normanton. Paddy's child is at Avon Downs. 9. 5.1903 Andy's gin Nellie is camped with blacks at Piebald Mountain, Endeavour River. 18. 5.1903 Lizzie is camped at Musgrave. 26. 5.1903 Table titled " Aboriginal Males at Durundur, whose gins, etc are up North" Paddy Gin Kitty at Normanton Child at Avon Downs Rob Gin and two children at Coen Andy Gin Nellie is camped with blacks at Piebald Mountain, Endeavour River, Cooktown Noble Gin Lizzie is not at Cooktown. Camped about Musgrave 11. 6.1903 Nana and two children left this morning, per Maranoa, for Brisbane. 15. 6.1903 Brisbane, East Moreton Police District Nana and two children conveyed to the Aboriginal Home, West End. 4. 21. 8.1916 Half-caste girl Bessie employed by Mr J G Fortey of 177 Denison St, Waverley, Sydney 8.10.1918 Toowoomba Female Amy Thomas and child left for Cyron, N.S.W.. Employer of her husband knows she is coming. 24. 3.1920 Prairie, North Queensland Mr Chisholm would like to keep child Bob. Not allowed. Bob's parents and brothers and sisters have already been sent to Yarrabah. 7. 6.1920 Burketown Alleged illegal employment of Johnnie and Minnie 7. 2.1922 Urandangie / Lake Nash, Northern Territory Half-caste child Mollie Nash. Belongs to a tribe from the Lake Nash area, N.T. Aged about 10 years. Temporarily at Urandangie. 3. 2.1923 Babinda Barney and Tommy 30. 8.1923 About Aboriginal apprentice Gladys Murray, in the employment of Mrs Stevens, Glendalough, via Mungindi. 5. Series of letters about alleged complaints of misbehaviour of Constable Zahn of Jandowae. 27. 9.1923 Names of five Aboriginal girls previously in the employ of Mrs Haselwood of Maroona, Tuckerang. Jessie Winks Fanny Carbo Both now in the employ of Mrs W H G Robinson, Hayfield, Dalby Elsie Myers Tottie, half-caste, previously employed by Mr E Webster of Sarum via Kingaroy Ruby, half-caste, supposed to be sent to a settlement near Ipswich 6. 13. 3.1924 Maryborough Half-caste Aboriginal Alick Little exempted from the Act. 11. 4.1924 Herbert River, North Queensland About the employment of Aboriginal Annie Sullivan by Mrs W McDonagh 18. 9.1926 Normanton Station Re: Patrol to Inveneta Station Half-caste Sid Alpin Tracker Leo Aboriginal Kitchener Aboriginal Norman Jackson 17. 2.1927 Aboriginal Billy Hooper from N.S.W. is in the employment of Mrs McMicking, Dirranbandi 7. 29. 8.1928 Duaringa. About illegal employment of Aboriginals. Series of letters. Employment of Aborigines at Barwon Park without agreements. Cotterson (Cotherstone) Mick Sandy Both scalpers. No exemption certificates. Bertie Cameron Charlie Ross Both scalpers. Both have exemptions. Bertie Cameron lost his in a drunken bout at Bluff 13.10.1928 About a patrol to Barwon Park Sandy Aged Aborigine Lizzie Sandy's gin A Smith Exempt quarter-caste. Married with wife and children. Lives at Barwon Park Cotherstone Mick His gin is Ada. They left Barwon park last April for Bombardy Station about 60 miles away. Bertie Cameron ) Both half-castes at Mt Stuart, about 40 Charlie Ross ) miles from Barwon Park 8. 1. 2.1934 Coen Half-caste George Wilson 26. 1.1936 Gordonvale Aboriginal Christy Mighell. 29. 5.1940 Brisbane About money owing to a N.S.W. Aborigine Isabel Stanford. People who owe the money now live at Blackall. 24. 7.1941 Cairns Millaa Millaa. Report about Willie Weare 10. 6.1942 Bessie Bradley, escapee from Cherbourg 4. 6.1924 re: alleged illegal employment and harbouring of aboriginals at Delta Downs Station about 60 miles from Normanton. Mentioned in report are: George Duncan Charlie Pompey Billy Kettle Nimble Walker Baramundie Charlie Narrow Johnny Paddy E. Robert Colonel Buckland - a half-caste aboriginal employed at the station.