Police Commissioners Office Miscellaneous - Various Dates

Police Commissioner Miscellaneous Correspondence and Reports Item ID 86491 Previous System Location POL/J19; PRV10729/1/48 Access Category 30 years Queensland State Archives Copyright Paul Mackett 1992 Letter 17743, dated 13.11.1900 Return of Half-caste Children in the Cook Sub-district Name Sex Age Born Resides Paddy M 12 Maytown Maytown, Granite Ck Sandy M 5 Maytown Maytown Jacky M 2 Maytown Maytown Rosey F 9 Maytown Maytown, Granite Ck Dolly F 6 Maytown Maytown Nellie F 1.5 Maytown Maytown Rosie F 5 Laura Fairview Stn Unnamed M 9 Battle Camp Otto M 12 Laura Willie M 14 Rokeby Rokeby Stn Ruby F 3 Coen Police Stn Willie Fox M 15 Palmer Pine Tree Stn Unnamed F 3 Mein Mein Frank M 7 Breeza Breeza Rosey Fox F 6 Palmer Coen John Betteridge M 5 Coen Ebagoolah (With his father J. Betteridge) Susan Betteridge F 3 Rocky R. Ebagoolah (With her father J. Betteridge) 2 Unnamed York Downs York Downs 8. 5.1898 Maryborough. Tracker George, V.D. 3. 1.1898 Torres Strait Hospital. Female child Dolly, V.D. case, arrived from the mainland via Possession Island. 25. 5.1928 Moongabulla. Half-caste Harry Carthy. 11. 7.1927 Gordonvale. Arthur Croydon, Application for Certificate of Exemption. 26. 6.1926 Duaringa. Half-caste Ethel White of Springsure and Exempt half-caste Alf Garret of Wooroong. Permission for marriage sent to Rockhampton. 10.11.1922 Charleville. Half-caste Kate Kooaney. 23.10.1907 Brisbane. Annie Pope and Lizzie Thompson escorted from the Salvation Army Home, Brisbane, to Barambah. 15. 3.1927 Mentions Laura Casino at Irvinebank 17. 6.1898 Rockhampton Charlotte Owens, Aboriginal, and half-caste child sent from Clermont 2. 8.1884 Marlborough Half-caste girl Annie Campbell about 13 years old living with a white man Thomas Kelly. Pregnant to him. 2. 8.1928 Cloncurry, Turn Off Lagoons Station Escort Daisy to Burketown 15.10.1928 Cloncurry Mary Sophie Both of Turn Off Lagoons Station 12. 9.1922 Cooktown Jimmy Woods 3. 8.1918 Cairns Aboriginals at McDonnell Telegraph Station Charlie and his 2 wives Polly and Annie. Married Rosey in 1918. 19.11.1929 Brisbane Sapeeta from Darnley Island admitted to Goodna Asylum 26.11.1929 Burketown Bessie from coast near Westmoreland Bessie from Westmoreland 17. 5.1938 Maryborough Tom Simpson, half-caste Kathleen Black, half-caste Both absconded from Cherbourg Kathleen Black at Aramac 16.12.1930 Brisbane Aboriginal Eliza Lomas delivered to Barambah 4. 6.1925 re: Delta Station and disease. Mentions: Julia aged 6 years. Father George. Mother Annie. Rosalee aged 11 years. ) Father Duncan. Mother Rosy. Melba aged 6 years. ) Father Duncan. Mother Rosy. Arthur aged 5 years. ) Father Ringer. Mother Sally (dead). Archie aged 7 years. ) Father Ringer. Mother Sally (dead). 7. 5.1925. Orders for Constable Brown, at Normanton. Mentions: 1. Take tracker Leo 2. Arrest aboriginals Simon and Leo 3. Interview aboriginals Albert Macaroni Jonney Nassau Gum-hole Henry Pippo Nellie Saltwater Saltwater Jack Kitan Jimmy B. 4. Interview aboriginals Left-hand Jack Brumby