Police Commissioners Office Miscellaneous - Various Dates

  Police Department, Commissioner's Office
  Miscellaneous Correspondence and Reports
  Queensland State Archives

  Batch 695M

  Covers supply of opium and chlorodyne to Aborigines

  14. 5.1913  Cairns
  Police versus Toby (Aboriginal)

  20. 8.1920  Police, Cairns
  Half-caste Jimmy Noimby was sold morphine at Atherton

  18. 7.1925  Police, Almaden
  Chlorodyne sold to Aboriginal Willie Maher

  Batch 654M/16

  17. 5.1946
  Lucy Bowman, mentally sick Aborigine. Strayed from home at 
  Sand Hills, Charleville on 23. 4.1946 and was recovered on
  24. 4.1946. Now at Charleville Base Hospital.

  24. 4.1946  Police Charleville
  John Fraser        Half-caste, Charleville
  Lucy Bowman        Lived with him
  Tracker Mack Cook
  Lucy Bowman is a full blood Aborigine aged about 70 years. 
  Her husband was a full blood Aborigine who died at Augathella
  in 1940.

  17. 5.1946  Police, Charleville
  Lucy Bowman was sent to Cherbourg on 16. 5.1946
  She was aged about 74 years
  Her husband Johnny Bowman died in 1940 at Augathella

  Batch 654M/17

  19.11.1948  Police, Cunnamulla
  Connie Sullivan now employed at Sand Hills, Charleville

  Batch 654M/18

  Location of Cliffie Geebung

  26. 5.1949  Police, Augathella
  Cliffie Geebung's father and mother were interviewed.
  Mentions half-caste Jack Fraser of Charleville

   1. 6.1949  Police, Charleville
  Interviewed half-castes
  Jack Fraser
  Victor Johnson of Sand Hills, Charleville
  Mentions half-caste Mrs McCarthy of Cunnamulla

  Batch 654M/13

  Location of Celia Daniels

  28. 4.1944  Native Affairs
  Left a child at Dunwich. Living with a coloured soldier
  at Kingaroy.

   2. 5.1944
  She has been returned at Dunwich.

  Batch 654M/14

  Location of Madge Warnes alias Marjorie Gaynor

   6. 9.1944  Police, Brisbane
  Native Affairs advise Madge Warnes possibly at Wacol with another
  Aboriginal woman named Alice Cameron, also an absconder from

  30. 8.1944  Native Affairs
  Madge Warnes alias Marjorie Gaynor lived at Rockhampton till the
  end of July 1944.

  19.10.1944  Police, Brisbane
  Alice Cameron and Margaret Madge Warnes were sent to Cherbourg
  on the 18 or 19.10.1944

  Batch 654M/11

  Location of Queenie Robinson, Aboriginal child

  10. 8.1943  Valley Police
  Queenie Robinson, quarter caste Aboriginal girl aged 13 years and
  11 months. Also known as Susanne Hainsworth.
  Her sister Melba Robinson mentions
  Mickey Burke, quarter caste
  Nellie Childs, Aboriginal
  May Roberts (Mrs), half-caste

   7. 8.1943  Brisbane, C.I.B.
  Queenie Robinson aged 14 years on  6. 8.1943

  19. 2.1944  Police, Proserpine
  Queenie Roberts, absconder from Palm Island Settlement.
  Absconded with Willie or Walla Wilson on 13. 1.1944
  Wilson returned.

   7. 3.1944  Police, Proserpine
  Re: Queenie Robertson
  Aboriginal woman known as 
  1. Amy Roberts
  2. Amy Wainwright
  3. Amy Long
  Resident of Beaudesert and Woodenbong is the mother of
  Queenie Robertson.

  Batch 654M/10

  About Arthur Bundai.

  26. 7.1943  Police, Moorooka
  Arthur Bundai is living at Moorooka and supporting Gracie Tildora.
  They live as man and wife.

  Batch 654M/9

  About Isabel Muriel Madden Dayman.

  No Number

  16. 2.1911  Police, Beaudesert
  Willie Clark, Aborigine

  Batch 654M/3

  About half-caste Bob Wallace.

  13. 9.1912  Cooktown
  Bob Wallace is O.K.

   5. 9.1912  Cairns
  Bob Wallace is employed at Cashmere Station.

  Batch 654M/4

  About Aboriginal Naghni Levi

   6. 1.1921  Police, Cairns
  Naghni Levi has been employed in Cairns for 4 years.

  Batch 654M/5

  About Kathleen Alexandria

  18.10.1927  Cloncurry
  Kathleen Alexandria is at Quarrley. Enquiry by CPA, Darwin.

  Batch 654M/6

  About Charlie Warnes

  30. 4.1943  Native Affairs
  Re: disappearance of
  1. Charlie Warnes
  2. Horace Reeves
  3. Sam Kanyepan
  They disappeared at Moon Point, Fraser Island in 1939, 19 or 20
  of March while fishing from a boat.

   5. 3.1941  Police, Pialba
  Aborigine Maidie Ross, wife of Freddie Ross, a coloured man
  of Uranga.
  Also mentions Mrs Alma Reeves, a coloured woman.

  13. 3.1941  Police, Pialba
  Ethel Reeves and son Wilfred Reeves
  Her son was Horace Reeves.
  Mentions Bert Towns who lives with a gin Jessie Richards.
  Alma Reeves is the wife of Horace Reeves.

  28. 3.1941  Maryborough, C.I.B.
  Mentions Mrs Olga Miller (nee Reeves), sister of Horace Reeves.

  21. 3.1939  Police, Pialba
  Coloured men
  1. Fred Ross, aged 17 years
  2. Charlie Warnes, aged 28 years
  3. Horace Reeves, aged 27 years
  Sam Canyepan, aged about 65 years

   3. 4.1939  Police, Pialba

  Statement of Madge Margaret Warnes
  Married. Lives with husband and family at Urangan. Four children
  aged 5 years to 5 months. Charlie Warnes was 28 years on 25. 9.1938
  His mother was a white woman and father was Serian.

  Statement of Alma Reeves
  Married to Horace Reeves. Lives with family at Urangan. Four
  children aged 6 years to 15 months.
  Horace Reeves will be 31 years on 22. 4.1939.
  His mother is a white woman Mrs Reeves living on Fraser Island,
  and his father is a coloured man.

  15.12.1942  Police, Pialba
  Charlie Warnes, half-caste
  Also mentions Aborigine Hernie Tanner.

  Batch 654M/8

  About Roy Charleville (Hennessey)

  10. 6.1943  Police, South Coast Office
  Aboriginal Roy Charleville (Hennessey) employed at Longreach.

  No Number

  17. 9.1942  Townsville, Missing Person Report
  Edie Madigan, Aborigine
  Age 37 years
  Height  5 ft 5 in
  Native of Georgetown
  Reported missing 15. 9.1942

  14. 4.1943  Police, South Coast
  Edie Madigan located in South Brisbane

  Batch 654M

   6. 3.1911  Toogoolawah
  Aboriginal Willie Clarke in Beaudesert on 13. 2.1911