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      1. Extract from withdrawl sheets Nos. 162-163
         for the month ended 31.12.1936

      Dick               Toohey            D-134
      Ethel              Perrott           E-62
      Eva                McMillan          E-63
      Jerry              Kidner            J-306
      Jimmy              McMillan          J-308
      Larry              Maunder           L-107
      Mick               Lucy              M-215
      Mutt                                 M-216
      Norman             Doyle             N-108
      Sandy              Deegan            S-65
      Sambo              Gardiner          S-64
      Sandy              Hughes            S-66
      Toby               Bolton            T-171
      Tommy              Smythe            T-175
      George             Kidner            G-95
      Phyllis            McMillan          P-168
      Lizzie             Ross              L-54
      Joe                Mitchell          J-309
      Phildema                             P-180
      Renie                                R-117
      Tom                Cross             T-172
      Tommy              Smyth      )
      Larry              Maunder    )
      Sandy              Hughes     )  Cheque No. 153648
      Eva                McMillan   )
      Joe                Mitchell   )
      Norman             Doyle      )

      2. Analysis of expenditure by the Protector of Aborigines
         for the years 1935/1936.

      Bally                                B-233
      Banjo                                B-111
      Barney                               B-247
      Billy              Gilbert           B-113
      Bobby              Kenny             B-114
      Boxer                                B-237
      Buller                               B-232
      Charlie                              C-182
      Clem                                 C-88
      Climber                              C-179
      Cronjie                              C-89
      Dave               Grogan            D-90
      Dolly              Palmer            D-92
      Echo                                 E-34
      Frank                                F-38
      George One Eye                       G-64
      Geo                Pegus             G-27
      Hector                               H-58
      Jacky              Gordon            J-186
      Jacky              Tracker           J-185
      Jerry              Bob               J-189
      Jerry              Koolburra         J-188
      Jimmy              Woods             J-403
      Johnny             Ahlers            J-97
      Koolburra Bob                        K-21
      Little Charlie     Gibson            L-63
      Lucy                                 L-130
      Maggie             Solomon           M-124
      Maggie                               M-125
      Martin                               M-126
      Mickey                               M-128
      Michael                              M-127
      Molly                                M-129
      Nelson                               N-67
      Nicholas                             N-68
      Peter                                P-82
      Ponto                                P-83
      Sambo                                S-50
      Ted                Palmer            T-113
      Toby               Thompson          T-115
      Tommy              Lilly             T-116
      Tommy              Pelen             T-117
      Topsy              Head              T-218
      Topsy              Tiger             T-118
      Trooper Harry                        T-119
      Walter                               W-66
      Willie             Kenny             W-67
      Charlie            Mountain          C-178
      Norman             Callighan         N-69
      Charlie            Lee Cher          C-177

      3. Letter dated 17. 7.1937. Concerns work carried out by D Vernon,
         an alleged dentist of Cooktown.

      Maggie Solomon      Now resides at Yarrabah. Last year at Laura.
                          Father - Bally
                          Mother - Lucy

      Bally               Father of Maggie Solomon
                          Mentions Tracker Harry

      Lucy                Wife of Bally
                          Step-mother to Maggie Solomon

      Willie Kenny

      Daisy Kenny


      Trooper Harry

      Koolburra Bob       Aboriginal about 40 years old. Also paid for
                          services to Buller, and Mary, wife of Buller.
                          Buller is a cousin.
                          Also mentions Charlie

      George One Eye

      Nellie Charcoal     Son Peter is a half-caste

      Minnie              Now at Palm Island

      Martin              ID Number at Laura is M-126. Now employed at Coen.
                          Half-caste with a lame leg. Aboriginal
                          Martin O'Byrne is registered at Coen as M-62
                          and is the same person.

      Ted Palmer          At Maytown. Aged about 70 years in 1936.

      Frank               Aged 23 years in 1936.

      Maggie              Wife of Jimmy Walters

      Topsy Head          Wife of Tracker Harry


      Sambo               Has a sister Dolly who lives at Mt Carbine
                          with her husband

      Jimmy               Known as Jimmy Walters. Husband of Maggie No. 125

      Mary                Wife of Jimmy

      Dolly Palmer        Wife of Billy Gilbert

      Topsy Tiger

      Billy Gilbert

      Billy Charcoal      Son Peter. Very old & died today (17. 7.1937)

      Bobby Kenny

      Daisy Kenny



      Tommy Lilly

      Jerry Koolburra     Paid for teeth extracted from Mungan Bally,
                          his brother-in-law

      Mungan Bally


      Mary                Wife of Cronji

      Climber             Cousin of Cronji

      Minnie Climber

      Buller              Brother-in-Law is Jack Burton

      Mary                Wife of Buller.
                          Buller states he does not have a wife

      Jerry King          Father of Jerry Bob

      4. Letter dated 19. 7.1937

      Year         Name                     Relative

      1935/36      Banjo
      1935/36      Bobby Kenny              Bandoolan not Pat Doolan
      1935/36      Cronjie                  Louie, mother
                                            Climber, brother
                                            Climber & Minnie, Climber's gin
      1935/36      Echo
      1935/36      Frank                    Jimmy Creed
      1935/36      George One Eye           Frank, father
                                            Nellie, mother
      1935/36      George Pegus
      1935/36      Jerry Bob                Jerry King
      1935/36      Jackey Lawyer   
      1935/36      Jerry Koolburra          Bally
      1935/36      Koolburra Bob            Buller
                                            Mary, wife of Buller
      1935/36      Little Charlie Gibson    Charlie
      1935/36      Maggie Solomon           Lucy and Bally
      1935/36      Michael
      1935/36      Peter                    Billy and Nellie Charcoal
      1935/36      Ponto
      1935/36      Sambo                    George, Jimmy and Mary
      1935/36      Toby Thompson
      1935         Tommy Lilly              Boxer
      1935/36      Tommy Pelen              Johnny Upton
      1935/36      Trooper Harry
      1935/36      Willie Kenny

      5. Letter dated 29. 7.1937

      Banjo               Husband of Lena. They have several children
                          one of whom is Palmer

      Bobby Kenny         Married to Daisy. Mother in Law is Pandoola.
                          She died about 3 months ago

      Cronji              Married to Mary. Mother was Louie. Climber and
                          his wife Minnie are cousins. Louie has been dead
                          for a long time.

      Echo                Now at Yarrabah. Has a wife & children

      Frank               Father is Jimmy

      George One Eye      Parents are Frank & Nellie, two very old Aborigines

      George Pegus        Wife is Polly

      Jerry Bob           Parents are Jerry King and Nellie

      Jackey Lawyer       Wife is Dolly. Father was Jimmy who died at McLeod
                          River, near Mt Carbine, some years ago. Mother died
                          many years ago

      Jerry Koolburra     Brother in Law is Mungan Bally

      Koolburra Bob

      Little Charlie Gibson Has 2 children Colin and Allan

      Maggie Solomon      Father is Bally. Step-mother is Lucy

      Michael             Wife was Maudie. She is now the wife of Tommy Lilly

      Peter               Half-caste. Parents are Billy and Nellie Charcoal,
                          although both are Aborigines. Billy Charcoal is
                          now dead

      Ponto               Has no wife

      Sambo               Has a half-brother named George

      Toby Thompson       Wife named Minnie who is now at Palm Island

      Tommy Lilly

      Tommy Phelan        Brother is Johnny Upton

      Trooper Harry       Husband of Topsy

      Willie Kenny        Wife is Daisy and they have children


      1. Letter dated 19. 8.1937 about unemployed Aborigines
         in the Georgetown Protectorate.

      Maggie              Old woman. Resides on Dagworth Stn

      Maggie Strathmore   Wife of Jimmy Strathmore. Resides with her 
                          husband on Strathmore Stn, which is in the
                          Croydon Protectorate. Said to be an old woman.

      Sambo               Resides at Abingdon Stn. Too old to work

      Nancy Dagworth      Wife of Charlie Dagworth. Said to be old

      Topsy               Camped on the reserve at Georgetown. Said to 
                          be the wife of Poddy Strathmore but does not
                          reside with him. Fairly old woman

      Charlie Long        At Dagworth Stn. An old man

      Dolly               Wife of Willie Banjo who is employed on 
                          Abingdon Stn. About 30 years old

      Jack Coxall         Resides in the camp on the reserve at Georgetown.
                          An old man

      Janey               Wife of Iffley Tommy, who is employed on
                          Strathmore Stn. Resides there with him. 
                          Young woman.

      Jimmy Strathmore    Resides on Strathmore Stn

      Judy                Wife of Mick, who is employed on Forest Home Stn.
                          Resides with him. Only a young woman

      Kitty               Resides in the camp on the reserve at Georgetown

      2. Letter dated 14.11.1936. Refers to ages and working abilities
         of certain Aborigines.

      Albert              Id No. 73
                          Now deceased

      Annie Bidgee        Id No. 74
                          About 70 years old. Unable to work on account of
                          age and both hands partly deformed.

      Charlie Long        Id No. 70
                          This old boy is about 70 years of age and is past
                          doing any work. He has resided at Dagworth Stn for
                          a number of years. Dagworth is owned by Mr F Lyons 
                          and he has stated that there is a home for this old
                          boy as long as he lives

      Dolly               Id No. 77
                          This woman is about 35 years of age and is residing
                          with her husband, Willie Bango,  at Abingdon Stn
                          when he is employed

      Jimmy Strathmore    Id No. 152
                          This boy is employed on Strathmore Stn and is under
                          the control of the Croydon Protectorate

      Judy                Id No. 154
                          This woman is about 30 years of age and is residing 
                          at Green Hills with her husband and four children.
                          Her husband Mick is employed by the A/S/B Company
      Kitty               Id No. 17
                          Kitty is the wife of Dan Lacey and is about 60 years
                          of age. She is mostly maintained by her husband's 
                          employer, but it is impossible to keep this woman
                          in any one place, as at times she takes fits into
                          her head and goes away on a walk-about

      Maggie Strathmore   Id No. 107
                          This woman is at present residing with her husband
                          Jimmy Strathmore in the Croydon District

      Maggie              Id No. 105
                          This woman is about 65 years of age and is residing
                          with a relation Nancy Dagworth at Dagworth Stn

      Nancy Dagworth      Id No. 57
                          This woman is over 60 years of age and is residing
                          at Dagworth Stn where her husband Charlie Dagworth
                          is employed

      Sambo               Id No. 43
                          This old boy is about 70 years of age and only has 
                          one eye and is apst any employment, and he has been
                          very sick for some time. He had been employed on
                          Abingdon Stn for a number of years and it was an
                          understood thing with the late Robert McDowall who
                          was part owner and manager of Abingdon that when 
                          Sambo became too old to work that he was to have a 
                          home and be provided for on Abingdon as long as he
                          lives. He visists Georgetown for a holiday at times

      3. Letter dated 10. 3.1937

      Name                    Id      Age   Hus/Wife          Remarks
      Albert                  A-73                            Deceased
      Annie Bidgee            A-74    70                      Dead
      Charlie Long            C-70    70    Single
      Dolly                   D-77    35    Wm Banjo
      Jack Coxall             J-148   80    Single
      Janey                   J-151         Iffley Tommy      Croydon
      Jimmy Strathmore        J-152   66    Maggie Strathmore 
      Judy                    J-154   30    Mick (M-109)      Green Hills
      Kitty                   K-17    60    Dan Lacey         Old
      Maggie                  M-105   60                      Too old to work
      Maggie Strathmore       M-107   60    Jimmy Strathmore
      Nancy Dagworth          N-57    60    Charlie Dagworth
      Sambo                   S-43    70                      Too old to work
      Topsy                   T-92    60    Poddy Strathmore  Fair

      The above table is dated 8. 8.1936 and attached to the letter.


      1. Letter dated 31.10.1945 giving a list of short payments.

      Name                    Id      Date

      Young Peter             Y-19    1943
      Joe Fisher              J-239   1942, 1945
      Monday                  M-148   1942, 1943
      Charlie Redheart        C-99    1943, 1944
      Ben                     B-276   1943
      Yanbun                  Y-9     1943, 1944, 1945
      Corporal Fat            C-51    1943
      Jacky                   J-444   1944, 1945
      Jack Kooka              J-489   1944, 1945
      Jimmie                  J-435   1945
      Willie Crosseye         W-84    1945
      Arthur Diamond          A-226   1945
      John Diamond            J-668   1945
      Robert Baird            R-239   1945
      Young Monday            Y-12    1945
      Frank Toby              F-142   1945
      Bob Yanbun              B-373   1944
      Corporal Curley         C-52    1943, 1944
      Diamond                 D-98    1944
      Doboy                   D-196   1944, 1945
      Eileen Crowley          E-245   1945
      Frank                   F-142   1944, 1945
      Jerry (female)          J-474   1943
      Johnny                  J-430   1945
      Johnny Ogilvie          J-129   1945
      Lucy                    L-128   1943
      Mabel Morse             M-144   1945
      Monday Shaun            M-545   1945
      2. Letter dated 7.12.1945 about short payments and outstanding wages.

      Arthur Diamond
      Bob Yanbun
      Charlie Redheart
      Corporal Curly
      Eileen Crowley
      Jack Kooka
      Jerry (female)
      Johnny Ogilvie
      Mabel Morse
      Young Peter
      Joe Fisher
      Corporal Fat
      Willie Crosseye
      John Diamond
      Robert Baird
      Young Monday
      Frank Toby

      3. Letter dated 15.11.1946 about some child endowment accounts

      Dolly Anderson
      Edie Lammermoor
      Florrie Cobb
      Katie Bamboo
      Lily Denman
      Lily Diamond
      Nancy Baird
      Nellie Mossman
      Pelicia Barney
      Rosie Redheart
      Short Wallaby
      Topsy Kokoe

      4. Letter dated 27. 8.1947. Child endowment Register

      Name                    Id      

      Alice Shaun             A-401
      Dolly Anderson          D-100
      Elsie Ogilvie           E-281
      Edie Lammermoor         E-55
      Florrie Cobb            F-149
      Katie Bamboo            K-73
      Lily Denamn             L-207
      Lily Diamond            L-210
      May Gibson              M-417
      Molly Spider            M-558
      Nancy Baird             N-230
      Paddy Mossman           P-199
      Pelicia Barney          P-99
      Thelma Pierce           T-401
      Topsy Olvar?            T-322

      5. Letter dated 23. 2.1948 about outstanding wages

      Name                    Id      Date

      Billy Gibson            B-79    1947
      Bob Yanbun              B-373   1946
      Charlie Redheart        C-99    1945, 1947
      Charlie Bloomfield      C-246   1947
      Harry Sieu              H-197   1947
      Jack Kooka              J-489   1947
      Jack Pierce             J-493   1946
      Jerry                   J-456   1946
      Jimmy Winkle            J-242   1947
      Joe Fisher              J-239   1946
      Lorleen Doboy           L-324   1947
      Luke Tucandigee         L-262   1947 
      Oscar Olbar             O-4     1946
      Paddy Davis             P-97    1946
      Paddy Henderson         P-95    1946, 1947
      Paddy Mossman           P-199   1947
      Robert Baird            R-239   1947
      Spider                  S-37    1947
      Willie Lee Cheu         W-89    1946
      Yanbun                  Y-9     1947
      Young Diamond           Y-20    1946, 1947
      Young Monday            Y-12    1947
      Young Peter             Y-19    1947