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      Extracts about Temporary Trackers

      Brisbane District (Batch 340M1) 

       1.10.1912  Esk Station 
      Jack Carbine

       2.12.1916  Rewan Station

      30. 6.1921  Beaudesert Station
      B Brown. Married with two children. Resides at Beaudesert.

      Cairns District (Batch 340M2)

      11.12.1914  Maytown Station
      Billy, Tim and Toby helped to capture Aboriginals Peter and Billy
      who had been charged with theft. Peter and Billy were sentenced
      to one month in Cooktown Gaol.

       6. 2.1915  Maytown Station
      Billy, Tim, Toby and Paddy

      10. 2.1921  Mt Carbine Station

      11. 2.1921  Mt Molloy Stn

      26.10.1923  Cairns Station
      Harry granted leave. Charlie to releive him. Charlie has two children.

       5. 1.1923  Cairns Station

      10. 7.1925  Rockhampton Station
      Leonard at Nebo

       9. 3.1926  Cairns Station
      Leo of Normanton granted leave. Pompey to relieve him

      22. 7.1929  Almaden Station
      Tommy Robinson

      21. 9.1932  Almaden Station
      Tommy Robinson

      17.12.1932  Coen Station
      Enquiries at Port Stewart into the death of Aboriginal Jimmy Breezer
      who was believed to have been eaten by alligators or killed by other
      Trackers Tommy and Mosquito absent.
      Took the following 4 Aboriginals from Coen to Port Stewart to help
      in the investigation
      Tommy Wal Wal
      Tommy Brennand
      Jimmy Culla Culla, King of the Port Stewart Tribe
      Jimmy Corporal

      11.10.1934  Cardwell Station

      13.12.1935  Aboriginal Barry of Aurukun Mission Station was employed
      to search for the Aboriginals responsible for the murder of Paddy.

      Cloncurry District (Batch 340M4)

      19. 4.1911  Cloncurry Station

      31.12.1917  Cloncurry Station
      Henry Brown

       1. 1.1918  Cloncurry Station
      Harry Brown
      Major from Cloncurry

      19. 9.1926  Burketown Station
      Sam and Gilbert

      18. 8.1933  Kajabbi Station
      George Gilbert

      24. 8.1933  Cloncurry
      George Gilbert and Barney

       9. 4.1934  Cloncurry
      Peter and Jerry

      Charleville District (Batch 340M3)

      19. 1.1915  Charleville
      28. 1.1919  Charleville Station

      20. 2.1919  Charleville Station, Adelaide gate
      Miller, tracker at Normanton

      26.11.1928  Thargomindah
      Jimmy Norley

      Rockhampton District (Batch 340M9)

      18.10.1912  Rockhampton
      Fred Black
      George Thompson
      From Barambah Settlement

      14. 4.1916  Duaringa Station

      14. 4.1916  Yaamba Station

      11. 3.1919  Rolleston Station

      19. 5.1922  Rockhampton
      Local Springsure boy Johnny Tyson

      10.12.1929  Rolleston Station
      Cecil Martin

       3. 3.1930  Clermont Station
      Arthur Miles, black boy, unemployed, living at the
      Black's camp, Clermont

      10. 8.1931  Duaringa Station
      Marshall Henry of Duaringa injured falling from a horse.
      Tokio will relieve him.

      28.12.1932  Rockhampton
      Eddie Budby

      13. 2.1932  Rockhampton
      Saddie King to be employed at Emerald

       1. 9.1932 Baralaba Station
      Oscar King  

      22. 7.1937  Jack Mowbray of Woorabinda Aboriginal Settlement injured.

      Normanton District (Batch 340M8)

       3. 8.1907  Normanton District

      18. 4.1908  Normanton District
      Tommy of Croydon

       2. 5.1908  Croydon District
      Tommy and Rob

      18. 5.1908  Normanton District
      Corporal Dave at Normanton
      Corporal Tommy at Birdsville

      21. 6.1917  Normanton District
      Refers to the murder of Aboriginal Mailman

      Maryborough District (Batch 340M7)

      27.10.1905  Nanango District
      Ban Ban Harry
      Billy Lake

      14. 4.1910  Avondale Station
      John Bow
      Colin Campbell
      George Thompson
      All sent from Barambah Settlement to Gympie to help. Since returned.

      12.11.1919  Mundubbera Station
      Billy Button

      10.12.1919  Goomeri Station
      Peter of Barambah Settlement

       1. 6.1921  Mundubbera Station
      Hornet to track half-caste Alex Gunpowder, an absconder
      from Barambah Settlement.

      21. 7.1923  Kingaroy Station

      18.10.1923  Wondai Station
      Tommy Stucket of Barambah Aboriginal Settlement

       8. 4.1924  Gayndah Station
      Billy Malone

      Longreach District (Batch 340M6)

      19.11.1912  Tambo Station

      Roma District (Batch 340M10)

      26.12.1909  St George Station

      10. 7.1911  Thallon Station
      Jack Flick

      10. 6.1926  St George Station
      Lenny Walsh

      31. 5.1926  Thallon Station
      Robert Noble

      General (Batch 340M)

       4. 1.1909  Hughenden Station
      Aboriginal Friday stabbed Fred, 4 miles from Urandangie. Fred 
      died 20 minutes later.

      23. 5.1921  Irvinebank Station
      Willie Moore

      Townsville District (Batch 340M12)

      18.10.1910  Townsville

      31. 1.1912  Proserpine Station
      Billy Emmerson

      13.11.1915  Proserpine Station
      Billy Emmerson

      27. 8.1916  Netherdale

      18.10.1916  Charters Towers
      Tracker Archie
      Aboriginal Jack Crawford

      20.10.1924  Diamantina Station
      Sambo. Came from Springsure to see his father at the old Black's
      Camp, Wongera Waterhole, on the Diamantina River, 3 miles from

      Toowoomba District (Batch 340M11)

      23. 2.1912  Goondiwindi Station
      Sick Aboriginal Billy Combarngo

       3. 2.1915  Goondiwindi Station
      Fred Tommy Tommy
      Bob Tommy Tommy